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Frobisher's voyages

  • TNA SP 12/119, 29. Narrative of the doings of Michael Lok in the voyage to Kathai
  • TNA SP 12/119, 30. Mr. Lok's private memorial of expenses for the first and second voyages
  • TNA SP 12/119, 31. Frobisher's request to be High Admiral for life, and to his heirs, of all the countries he discovers
  • TNA SP 12/119, 32. Note, charges of the Gabriel and Michael, the first voyage to Cathay
  • TNA SP 12/119, 33. Note, charges of the three ships for the second voyage for Cathai
  • TNA SP 12/119, 34. Note, charges for the second voyage and names of the adventurers in both voyages, who have not paid
  • TNA SP 12/119, 35. List, venturers of both the voyages made by Martin Frobisher to the North-west
  • TNA SP 12/119, 36. List, names of the venturers in Frobisher's voyages, distinguishing those of the first and second venture
  • TNA SP 12/119, 37. List, names of the venturers in the first and second voyages for the North-west parts
  • TNA SP 12/119, 38. List of names of venturers in both voyages
  • TNA SP 12/119, 39. List of names of venturers in both voyages
  • TNA SP 12/119, 40. List, names of the venturers in the second voyage for Cathai, besides their venture in the first voyage
  • TNA SP 12/119, 41. List, similar to TNA SP 12/119, 40, with the sums attached
  • TNA SP 12/119, 42. List, names of the venturers in the first and second voyage for Cathai, which have paid.
  • TNA SP 12/119, 43. List, those who desire to be venturers now, to supply money for wages
  • TNA SP 12/119, 44. List, those who desire to be venturers in the goods now brought home
  • TNA SP 12/119, 45. List, those who have subscribed, but not performed; and of those who were named but not subscribed
  • TNA SP 12/119, 46. Memoranda by Burghley of materials, workmen, and officers necessary for the North-west voyage.

Undated 1577, 19 & 20 Eliz

  • TNA SP 12/119, 47. Note, cloths passed to Hamburg in one year, besides such as passed by the Merchants Adventurers
  • TNA SP 12/119, 48. Note of the matters objected against Steven de Brisa, alias Captain Nepyvila, a Frenchman
  • TNA SP 12/119, 49. Note of the clear yearly value of bishoprics, deaneries, and archdeaconries, in the both provinces
  • TNA SP 12/119, 50. Particular of the licence granted to Hull for the transportation of 20,000 quarters of grain

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 120 here [4]

  • TNA SP 12/120, 1. Certificate of ships and vessels in the ports and towns of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, and Sussex
  • TNA SP 12/120, 2. William Garnett's request for delivery of a bond for certain money in the hands of the Earl of Essex's executors
  • TNA SP 12/120, 3. Cobham to the Queen, to know if a book should be suppressed, French ambassador sent two copies to France
  • TNA SP 12/120, 4. Notes in Burghley's hand of the money derived from the sale of the Lord Viscount (Bindon's) lands
  • TNA SP 12/120, 5. Petition of merchants trading to Spain, that the Spanish goods might be detained till they receive satisfaction
  • TNA SP 12/120, 6. Petition of Foxall and Feld that Spanish goods may be stayed to recompense the spoil of their ship at Cadiz

Council for the Marches in Wales

  • TNA SP 12/120, 7. List, Council for the Marches in Wales, as named in the instructions anno 19 Eliz

The following papers seem alterations of former instructions for the Council of Wales, drafts of clauses, &c.

  • TNA SP 12/120, 8. Order, Council of Wales for regulation of the business in the law courts there, practice of attornies, fines, records, &c.
  • TNA SP 12/120, 9. Observations on the preceding order, and the effect of its various articles, with the reasons for the same
  • TNA SP 12/120, 10. Notes by Mr. Grevil, for easing the Queen's charges in the Presidentship of Wales
  • TNA SP 12/120, 11. Draft and alterations in the 3rd and 4th articles of former instructions for Wales.
  • TNA SP 12/120, 12. Fair copy of the above and other articles, with further corrections by Burghley, for reformation of former instructions.
  • TNA SP 12/120, 13. Fair copies of various articles of former instructions, probably those of June 1576.
  • TNA SP 12/120, 14. Notes of articles from the 19th to the 49th of former instructions, to be reformed and altered.

  • TNA SP 12/120, 15. Petition of Roger Wyndham of Norfolk, re the wreck of a Scottish vessel at Runton
  • TNA SP 12/120, 16. Petition of Edmund Windham, re the goods of the Scotch ship wrecked at Runton on the coast of Norfolk
  • TNA SP 12/120, 17. Petition of Richard Wilkinson for payment for apparel sent by him into Ireland for the soldiers there
  • TNA SP 12/120, 18. M. Giovanni Jacopo Scaramuzza's proposal to the Queen, a new plan for the discharge of Her Majesty's debts
  • TNA SP 12/120, 19. Effect of TNA SP 12/120, 18 in English
  • TNA SP 12/120, 20. Petition of George Gilpin to Burghley, requests him to present his suit to the Queen
  • TNA SP 12/120, 20. i. His suit to Her Majesty for the grant of the arrearages of certain concealed lands
  • TNA SP 12/120, 21. Note of the imperfections of the present state of government in Lancashire
  • TNA SP 12/120, 22. Petition of the Dutch of Halstead Essex to Walsingham. to dwell in Halstead, and quietly follow their trades
  • TNA SP 12/120, 23. Petition of Errington and Sedgwicke of Southampton for payment for hire of their ship in the Portugal voyage
  • TNA SP 12/120, 24. Mayor of Dover to PC, for funds for the repair of Dover harbour
  • TNA SP 12/120, 24. 1. Estimate of expenses for the repair of Dover harbour
  • TNA SP 12/120, 24. 2. Plan of Dover harbour, by P. Symans, on a scale of "20 rodes to one ynch."
  • TNA SP 12/120, 24. 3. Small sketch of Dover harbour
  • TNA SP 12/120, 25. List of ships, and estimate of the whole charge of the Vanguard and Rainbow
  • TNA SP 12/120, 26. Informations against Mrs. Awdley, widow, wealthy and dangerous, Colchester papists, Essex
  • TNA SP 12/120, 27. Copy of TNA SP 12/120, 26
  • TNA SP 12/120, 28. Notes touching the watercourse to be made from Mayton ferry, Kent, to the sea, Rye harbour
  • TNA SP 12/120, 29. Memorandum, purveyance of wheat, fwith the capacity of the garners at Whitehall and at the Mews
  • TNA SP 12/120, 30. List of the messengers in ordinary and extraordinary. of the Chamber and of the Receipt of the Exchequer
  • TNA SP 12/120, 31. The clause in the warrant for the allowance of the accompt of the Treasurer of the Chamber
  • TNA SP 12/120, 32. Names of officers most meet to be placed at the Greencloth and in other offices of the household
  • TNA SP 12/120, 33. Memorandum, delivery of oxen and sheep purveyance, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire
  • TNA SP 12/120, 34. Statement of duties to be performed by Robert Ardern as assistant to the Clerk of the Accatery.
  • TNA SP 12/120, 35. Proposal for composition of provisions for the household
  • TNA SP 12/120, 36. James Syde's charges for a ship of 100 tons, a bark of 30 tons, and a pinnace with 70 men, for two months
  • TNA SP 12/120, 37. Plan of the portion of Portsmouth adjoining to the Camber, with a view to the improvements to be undertaken there
  • TNA SP 12/120, 38. A copy of the statute of Trinity College, Cambridge, for letting leases
  • TNA SP 12/120, 39. Extract from a statute of (Cambridge) University, touching the referring of disputes to the decision of the Chancellor
  • TNA SP 12/120, 40. Statement, Jacques Jellaie of Roan and Richard Lee of London, ship detained in Rye by the Lord Warden
  • TNA SP 12/120, 41. Petition of George Thorneton, great need of a harbour at Winchelsea
  • TNA SP 12/120, 42. Survey and report on the site for the new haven at Winchelsea
  • TNA SP 12/120, 43. Notes, relative to the shipping of undressed cloths by the Merchants Adventurers
  • TNA SP 12/120, 44. Notes, officers ought to be appointed for the reforming of abuses in measuring linen cloths
  • TNA SP 12/120, 45. Note of gentlemen residing within the County of Huntingdon, with the value of their lands and goods [?recusants]
  • TNA SP 12/120, 46. Petition of Wm. Spender, ships spoiled in Brittany
  • TNA SP 12/120, 47. The names of the proprietaries of the West Country and the several towns wherein they dwell.
  • TNA SP 12/120, 48. Hunte, Beynham, and Cowell to Burghley, vexatious suits of Mr. Lane, Exchequer clerk, re church of Bromyarde
  • TNA SP 12/120, 49. Proofs against the declaration of Mr. John Lane, that the church of Bromyarde was a college
  • TNA SP 12/120, 50. Abstract of a discourse for the city of London for the relief of their poor, so as they shall not need to beg
  • TNA SP 12/120, 51. Petition of Merchants of Bristol for the same aid as merchants of London, in losses they have sustained by Spain
  • TNA SP 12/120, 52. Petition of Gabryell Cornewall, molested in the living of Somerby, in Lincolnshire, by Thomas Beverley
  • TNA SP 12/120, 53. Information against Silvester Bellowe, crosses brought over by Bellowe and given to his daughter
  • TNA SP 12/120, 54. Petition of Tyndall, Frampton, and Ellize, merchants, tormented by the inquisitors in Spain, for redress
  • TNA SP 12/120, 55. Petition of Edward Burnell dispossessed of his property by his younger brother William Burnell
  • TNA SP 12/120, 56. Reasons for Mr. Stanhope's suit, for the grant of a parcel of the Honor of Tudbery
  • TNA SP 12/120, 57. Petition of Aldborough, Suffolk, to the Council. For licence to buy corn in Norfolk for the sustenance of their town
  • TNA SP 12/120, 58. Petition of Edward Morrisfor a lease of a house, fallen by attainder of the Duke of Norfolk
  • TNA SP 12/120, 59. Note concerning Thomas Morris' cause against the Company of Merchants trading to Spain
  • TNA SP 12/120, 60. Extracts from the Rolls of 11 Edw. I and 50 Edw. III touching the King's supremacy
  • TNA SP 12/120, 61. Arguments against the supremacy of the Pope
  • TNA SP 12/120, 62. [Wm. Engelbert's?] estimate of charges for the making of engines and bullets and setting up forges
  • TNA SP 12/120, 63. H. Maynard to. the estimate sent with his former letter was missing, and therefore desires him to send another
  • TNA SP 12/120, 64. Articles of accusation against Morrall, Catline, and Sharpe, for hearing of mass and keeping Popish books
  • TNA SP 12/120, 65. Petition of Richard Cliborne, from the Clink, to spend six months at the Bath for the recovery of his health
  • TNA SP 12/120, 66. Petition of Yonges and Boale wardens of the cordwainers of Norwich, to be released from the Marshalsea
  • TNA SP 12/120, 67. Merchant Adventurers to Burghley, against trade between English coast and the revolted Netherlands
  • TNA SP 12/120, 68. Memorial of Thomas Conyngesbye to Walsingham against William Rudhall unfit to be sheriff of Herefordshire
  • TNA SP 12/120, 69. Notes, the sea-walls of Romney Marsh
  • TNA SP 12/120, 70. to Burghley. Details the abuses in the offices of Alnage and Subsidy of Woollen Cloths, in the City of London,
  • TNA SP 12/120, 71. A list of the sureties of John Swynnerton the younger, with a brief note showing their sufficiency
  • TNA SP 12/120, 72. The clause in the statutes of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, "De contentionibus evitandis."
  • TNA SP 12/120, 73. Mrs. Pilkington's answer to the demands made by the Bishop of Durham, for dilapidations
  • TNA SP 12/120, 74. Information, negligence of Berkshire in training and exercising the militia and deficiency of arms and furniture


  • TNA SP 12/120, 75. Note, Davy Atkinson, the pursuivant, secretly procuring warrants for arrests for piracy
  • TNA SP 12/120, 76. Note, considerations in punishing the inferior sort of those who have been abettors of pirates
  • TNA SP 12/120, 77. Certificate from Pembroke, persons as were known to have traded with Hicks the pirate
  • TNA SP 12/120, 78. Note, matters against various persons concerning piracies within the County of Pembroke
  • TNA SP 12/120, 79. List, persons certified by the Commissioners as abettors of pirates, with Burghley's notes
  • TNA SP 12/120, 80. Same as TNA SP 12/120, 79 but with a few variations
  • TNA SP 12/120, 81. Note of fines received for Piracy; with the sums remaining in Mr. Henry Morgan's hands
  • TNA SP 12/120, 82. List, those appointed to inquire into matters of piracy within certain Rapes in the County of Sussex
  • TNA SP 12/120, 83. List, persons as have been fined for matters of piracy, and the money from thence due
  • TNA SP 12/120, 84. Edict in Latin and English for the restraint of piracies. [The English portion wanting.]

Undated 1577, 19 & 20 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 121 here [5]

  • TNA SP 12/121 Manuscript book, entitled, "Liber Pacis de Anno XIX° Elizabeth, Reginæ." Containing: A list of the Council of the North; names of the Commissioners of Oyer and Terminer for causes in the North; names of the Council of the Marches of Wales, teste 24 Nov., XVII Eliz.; names of the Justices of Assize; list of Sheriffs in England and Wales; names of the Justices of Peace in the several shires; and names of the Commissioners for Musters in the County of Lancaster.
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