SP 1577 December

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Dec 1577, Anno 20 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 119 here [1]

Dec 1

  • TNA SP 12/119, 1. Justices of Rutland to PC, certificate of alehouses

Dec 3

  • TNA SP 12/119, 2. Certificate of alehouses, Penwith and Kerryer in Cornwall
  • TNA SP 12/119, 3. Certificate of alehouses, Powder and Pyder in Cornwall
  • TNA SP 12/119, 4. Justices of Middlesex to the Council, certificate of alehouses
  • TNA SP 12/119, 5. Dr. Westfaling to Archbishop Grindal, recusants within the diocese of Oxford
  • TNA SP 12/119, 5. 1. Certificate of recusants within the diocese of Oxford, with the yearly value of their lands and goods
  • TNA SP 12/119, 6. Commissioners for piracy in Suffolk to PC
  • TNA SP 12/119, 6. 1. Certificate of creeks and havens in Suffolk, and of the names of pirates, and aiders of pirates

Dec 6

  • TNA SP 12/119, 7. Certificate of alehouses, Chelmsford, Rochford, Dengy, Barstaple, Chafford, and Maldon, in Essex
  • TNA SP 12/119, 8. Sir William. Wynter and Michael Lok to Walsingham, the second proof of Frobisher's ore
  • TNA SP 12/119, 9. Four proofs of assays of the ore brought home by Capt. Furbisher

Dec 8

  • TNA SP 12/119, 10. Note, charges for smelting one ton of the ore brought by Martin Frobisher, from the North-west voyage

Dec 9

  • TNA SP 12/119, 11. The names of such as were fined for dealing with pirates in the County of Monmouth.

Dec 13

  • TNA SP 12/119, 12. Michael Lok to Walsingham. Dartford mills best suited for working Frobisher's ore
  • TNA SP 12/119, 12. 1. Note of conference with Dr. Burcot as to terms and conditions to be made with him for melting the ore
  • TNA SP 12/119, 12. 2. Articles and conditions proposed by Dr. Burcot [Raurych], for smelting and refining the ore
  • TNA SP 12/119, 13. Mayor of Ipswich to PC, certifying their doings in the matter of pirates
  • TNA SP 12/119, 13. 1. Certificate for the town of Ipswich, relative to matters of piracy

Dec 20

  • TNA SP 12/119, 14. Claim of William Vaughan for compensation for mills at Dartford, used for melting Frobisher's ore
  • TNA SP 12/119, 15. Giovanni Baptista Agnello to Walsingham, report on the amount of gold contained in Frobisher's ore

Dec 22

  • TNA SP 12/119, 16. Commissioners for piracy for Gloucestershire to PC, for the inclusion of Bristol and Gloucester

Dec 23

  • TNA SP 12/119, 17. Commissioners for piracy for Norfolk to PC
  • TNA SP 12/119, 17. 1. Certificate of the offences and names of the pirates, and aiders of pirates, within Norfolk

Dec 27

  • TNA SP 12/119, 18. PC to the Council of Wales, factious complaints against the Queen's officers in Carnarvon, conventicles

Dec 29

  • TNA SP 12/119, 19. Lord Thomas Howard and Sir Harry Asheley to PC, mayor of Poole refuses to act in the matters of piracy

Dec 30

  • TNA SP 12/119, 20. A table of recusants in the several dioceses, counties, towns, and colleges

December untitled

  • TNA SP 12/119, 21. General certificates of the number of taverns, inns, and alehouses, Berkshire, in five separate returns
  • TNA SP 12/119, 22. Muster Certificate, Gloucestershire
  • TNA SP 12/119, 23. Depositions for matters of piracy in Cornwall, particularly as to sale of goods taken out of the Flying Hart
  • TNA SP 12/119, 24. Abstract of the number of able men, trained and untrained, certified by the counties of England and Wales. musters
  • TNA SP 12/119, 25 Abstract of the number of horsemen, lances, certified by the several counties of England and Wales musters
  • TNA SP 12/119, 26. A levy of lances and light horse upon sundry as well pluralists as recusants, musters
  • TNA SP 12/119, 27. Muster Certificate, Rutland
  • TNA SP 12/119, 28. Muster Certificate, Denbigh

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