SP 1568 October

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October 1568, Anno 10 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 48 are here [1]

Oct 1

  • TNA SP 12/48, 1. Substance of Mr. Ulstetts letter from Keswick, concerning mining affairs, fuel for smelting

Oct 2

  • TNA SP 12/48, 2. Letter, Kyngesmyll to Cecil, Cardinal Chastillon will proceed to the Court on Wednesday by way of Hounslow
  • TNA SP 12/48, 3. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, more news and fugetives from France

Oct 3

  • TNA SP 12/48, 4. Letter from the PC, unreasonable leases by the Dean and Chapter of Carlisle
  • TNA SP 12/48, 5. Letter from the PC, unreasonable leases by the Dean and Chapter of Carlisle, the bearer is a Prebendaries

Oct 5

  • TNA SP 12/48, 6. Letter, Archbishop Parker to Cecil, the new Bible is bound for the Queen, Jugge should be sole publisher
  • TNA SP 12/48, 6. 1. Letter, Archbishop Parker to the Queen to accept favourably the new edition of the Bible
  • TNA SP 12/48, 6. 2. List, translators of the Bible, with the books assigned to each, and the rules observed by them
  • TNA SP 12/48, 7. Notes relative to the translation of the Bible, in Sir Jos. Williamson's hand
  • TNA SP 12/48, 8. Letter, William Maister to Cecil, Returns him thanks for favours received
  • TNA SP 12/48, 9. Letter, Kyngesmyll to Cecil, to know Cecill's pleasure as to taking Cardinal Chastillon to Windsor.

Oct 7

  • TNA SP 12/48, 10. Letter, Sir Arthur Champernowne to Cecil, intelligence received from France
  • TNA SP 12/48, 11. Letter, Bishop of Gloucester to Cecil, erroneous doctrines preached by Norbrook

Oct 9

  • TNA SP 12/48, 12. Letter, Thurland to Cecil, great charges for mining operations, wishes for money or to go abroad

Oct 12

  • TNA SP 12/48, 13. Minutes, Nedham's discussion with Curwen for ground for a wharf, difficulty of procuring coal

Oct 13

  • TNA SP 12/48, 14. Letter, Nedham to Duckett, to know the Queen's pleasure, search for gold on Crawford Muir, in Scotland

Oct 15

  • TNA SP 12/48, 15. Letter, Kyngesmyll to Cecil, the house at Shene is ready for Cardinal Chastillon
  • TNA SP 12/48, 16. Letter, Bishop of Gloucester, to Cecil, trouble at Bristol, his opinions on Free Will
  • TNA SP 12/48, 17. Letter, Lord Mayor of London to Cecil, John Alday, printer, and two Dutchmen imprisoned for a book, Duke of Alva
  • TNA SP 12/48, 17. i. Tirannies cruautes du Duc d'Alba

Oct 17

  • TNA SP 12/48, 18. Note, the mines, bargain with Mr. Curwen for the ground at Workington

Oct 19

  • TNA SP 12/48, 19. Letter, Winchester to Cecil, the vintage fleet being expected, the noblemen want warrants for their wines
  • TNA SP 12/48, 20. Letter, Earl of Northumberland to Cecil, for a final answer on his composition for the mines

Oct 20

  • TNA SP 12/48, 21. Letter, Sir Roger Martyn to Cecil, restraint of resort of foreigners and strangers to London, on account of infection
  • TNA SP 12/48, 22. Letter, Citizens of Bristol to Cecil, Complain of the Bishop of Gloucester
  • TNA SP 12/48, 22. 1. Articles, of erroneous doctrines published by the Bishop of Gloucester

Oct 21

  • TNA SP 12/48, 23. Letter, Walsyngham to Cecil, Intelligence of galleys at Marseilles for transporting soldiers into the north

Oct 23

  • TNA SP 12/48, 24. Letter, Henry Cheke to Cecil, Returns thanks for the many and great favours received from him

Oct 25

  • TNA SP 12/48, 25. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, the Prince of Condé. the Duke will not fight. the King of Denmark to marry
  • TNA SP 12/48, 26. Letter, Grindall to Cecil, Explains the occurrence at the house of the Portuguese Ambassador, English Papists
  • TNA SP 12/48, 26. 1. Deposition, what passed at the Portuguese Ambassador's house at Hoxton, on Sunday the 24th October.

Oct 26

  • TNA SP 12/48, 27. Letter, Thomas Keys to Cecil, begs him to intercede with the Queen, Lady Mary Grey's husband
  • TNA SP 12/48, 28. Letter, William Maister to Cecil, previous grant proved void, asks for another

Oct 27

  • TNA SP 12/48, 29. Letter, Sir Henry Gate to Cecil, survey of the decays at Scarborough Castle wants not be Sheriff of Yorkshire

Oct 30

  • TNA SP 12/48, 30. Letter, Isaac Barro, of Trinity College, Cambridge to Cecil, solicits licence to travel abroad

Oct 31

  • TNA SP 12/48, 31. Letter, Sir Henry Percy to Cecil, for the bearer, Master Raphael, for the office of Post Master to the foreigners
  • TNA SP 12/48, 32. Petition of Raphael Van de Putte to Cecil, solicits to be appointed to the office of foreign Post Master
  • TNA SP 12/48, 33. Letter, Sir Arthur Champernowne to Lord Clynton, doubtful nature of the times for merchant voyage to Bordeaux

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