SP 1568 September

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September 1568, Anno 10 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 47 are here [1]

Sep 2

  • TNA SP 12/47, 52. Note, Nedham's letter, a wharf at Workington, progress of the mining operations
  • TNA SP 12/47, 53. Letter, Throckmorton to Cecil, his illness, the Regent of Scotland has received a great overthrow.

Sep 4

  • TNA SP 12/47, 54. Letter, Stephen Fulwell (of the Jewel House) to Cecil, plate has been set out for the Spanish Ambassador

Sep 6

  • TNA SP 12/47, 55. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, exportation of Kentish cloths, French news, Spanish Ambassador landed at Dover
  • TNA SP 12/47, 55. 1. Letter, Jourdain to his brother. warlike movements daily take place in France, Dieppe
  • TNA SP 12/47, 56. Letter, glass makers, to Cecil, for permission to cut wood, make charcoal in Windsor Great Park

Sep 7

  • TNA SP 12/47, 57. Letter, Walsyngham to Cecil, a Frenchman and an Italian secretly lodged in London
  • TNA SP 12/47, 58. Letter, Peter Osborne to Cecil, unpopularity of the tenders to increase the Queen's customs
  • TNA SP 12/47, 59. Letter, Winchester to Cecil, the Customs patent of Harry Ravenscroft, George Alkynton, and Robert Wiltshier
  • TNA SP 12/47, 59. 1. Commission for surveyors of Customs, on all goods brought into the port of London, wines excepted

Sep 8

  • TNA SP 12/47, 60. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, arrival of Cardinal Chastillon from France
  • TNA SP 12/47, 60. i. Letter, from Rowland Mekley, Chastillon has fled on account of the troubles in France
  • TNA SP 12/47, 61. Letter, Mr. Morley (Surveyor of Customs) to Cecil, the affairs of the ports now in good order
  • TNA SP 12/47, 62. Letter, Grindall to Cecil, sends him some grapes, to the vicarage of Catterick, a letter from Mr. Bullinger

Sep 9

  • TNA SP 12/47, 63. Letter, Duckett to Cecil, the English ships still stayed at Dantzic. the delay will occasion great loss

Sep 10

  • TNA SP 12/47, 64. Letter, Champernowne to Cecil, the Queen of Scots has given her interest in England and Scotland to Anjou
  • TNA SP 12/47, 65. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, Cardinal Chastillon is on his way to London, and hopes to see the Queen

Sep 11

  • TNA SP 12/47, 66. Letter, Kyngesmyll to Leicester and Cecil, Cardinal Chastillon at Canterbury
  • TNA SP 12/47, 67. Letter, Gresham to Cecil, Bishop of London can receive Cardinal Chastillon in his own house
  • TNA SP 12/47, 67. 1. Kyngesmyll to Gresham. Cardinal Chastillon towards Gravesend, and then to London
  • TNA SP 12/47, 68. Letter, Rowland Hayward and John Tamworth to Cecil, the Primrose is best to carry the Queen's letter to Muscovia

Sep 12

  • TNA SP 12/47, 69. Letter, Richard Bertie to Cecil, dangerous illness of the Duchess [of Suffolk], she is recovering

Sep 13

  • TNA SP 12/47, 70. Letter, Gresham to Cecil, Cardinal Chastillon has arrived in London, also building supplies for Cecil

Sep 15

  • TNA SP 12/47, 71. Letter, Winchester to PC, payments arranged for Berwick, he will return to London within twenty days
  • TNA SP 12/47, 72. Letter, Walsyngham to Cecil, strangers in London, infected with diseases, secret agents of the Cardinal Lorraine
  • TNA SP 12/47, 73. Letter, Grindall to Cecil, Mr. Parkinson fit for the East Riding, Cardinal Chastillon did not lodge with him
  • TNA SP 12/47, 74. Letter, Kyngesmyll to Cecil, Cardinal Chastillon entertained by Gresham

Sep 19

  • TNA SP 12/47, 75. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, arrival of the Bishop of Rennes, war proclaimed at Calais against Condé
  • TNA SP 12/47, 76. Note, capture of a ship of 90 tons belonging to John Mychell of Truro, by French pirates
  • TNA SP 12/47, 77. Letter, Mershe to Cecil, French army in the Netherlands, Papists want Godfrey Mareschall as foreign Post Master

Sep 22

  • TNA SP 12/47, 78. Letter, Archbishop Parker to Cecil, English Bible has been completed, some ornaments thereof still wanting

Sep 23

  • TNA SP 12/47, 79. Memorandum, of commissions, warrants, and letters to be issued, preservation of the Queen's game in Essex

Sep 24

  • TNA SP 12/47, 80. Letter, Winchester to Cecil, payments for Berwick, Privy Seal for the 500l. for Mr. Vice-Chamberlain

Sep 25

  • TNA SP 12/47, 81. Letter, Dr. Lewes to PC, English ships arrested at Dantzic

Sep 26

  • TNA SP 12/47, 82. The Queen to Henry Smith and James Morley, suspends their commission for the survey of the customs on wines

Sep 27

  • TNA SP 12/47, 83. Letter, Italian Musicians of the Queen to Cecil, received a pension without sufficient warrant, now in debt

Sep 29

  • TNA SP 12/47, 84. Letter, Kyngesmyll to Leicester and Cecil, the house for Cardinal Chastillon in disrepair, another is needed
  • TNA SP 12/47, 85. Account, the impost on wines, from Michaelmas 1567 to Michaelmas 1568, by the farmers thereof
  • TNA SP 12/47, 86. Account, revenue of the Earl of Oxford, wardship
  • TNA SP 12/47, 87. Letter, Lord Buckhurst to PC, his entertainment of Cardinal Chastillon at Shene disliked by the Queen

Sep 30

  • TNA SP 12/47, 88. Note, Mr. Nedham's letter from Keswick respecting various mining operations

September undated

  • TNA SP 12/47, 89. List, Commissioners for visitation of Norwich Cathedral
  • TNA SP 12/47, 90. Account, of customs and subsidies for merchandize shipped in England for Portugal and Barbary
  • TNA SP 12/47, 91. Letters of protection, for Sir Edward Rousse of Dunwich, Suffolk, from arrest or seizure of his goods, for one year
  • TNA SP 12/47, 92. Notes, by Cecil, loans and gifts, Rochelle, Queen of Scot's titles resigned to the Duke of Anjou

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