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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1596 26 Jan 38 Robert Townesend of Cassington, Oxon., yeo. v Walter Payne and Thomas Seale. Collusive lease of a tenement and yardland in Cassington made to the dfts by a former owner of the freehold for his own use. C78/91, no. 3 [2]
1596 30 Jan 38 Thomas Parker of Northleach, Glos., gent. and Sibyl his wife, wid. of Jerome Barnard decd v John Fettiplace esq. Possession of leases of the site and demesnes of the manor of Coln St Aldwyns and a pasture called Newleeze, Glos., which Barnard granted in trust for the use of plt as her jointure. C78/115, no. 5 [3]
1596 3 Feb 38 John Towneshend esq., son of Sir Roger Towneshend decd, Thomas Appleton esq., Robert Underwood, John Mendham, Thomas Colman, Henry Broune, John Wynterflood v William Rookes and Agnes his wife. Execution of a scire facias against the lands of Robert Gale of Little Waldingfield, Suff., clothier, decd, which are now in the hands of the plt, for debts of Gale's to dft. C78/105, no. 10 [4]
1596 4 Feb 38 Thomas Downer and Humphrey Foxall, administrators of the estate of Robert Aspinall alias Britten on behalf of Katherine Aspinall alias Britten, infant and dau. of Thomas Aspinall alias Britten decd v William Whitehand and Katherine his wife, widow of Thomas Aspinall alias Britten, decd. Estate of Thomas Aspinall including a messuage in Golding Lane, psh St Giles Cripplegate called `The Three Arrows', disinheritance of Katherine Aspinall alias Brytten. C78/91, no. 4 [5]
1596 9 Feb 38 Robert Pilkington of Gray's Inn, Midd., gent., and Elizabeth his wife, dau. and sole heir of John Preston, decd, and Margaret Hall now wife of Thomas Hall of London, Doctor of Physic and widow of John Preston v Thomas Thomlynson and Margaret his wife, widow of Lawrence Green decd, who was uncle to Margaret Hall the plt., and Lawrence Green, eldest son of Margaret and Lawrence. Refusal by the dfts to assure lands and tenements in Lothebury, London, to Elizabeth Pilkington: claim that these were purchased by Green with Preston's money for the use of Preston's wife and daughter. C78/120, no. 5 [6]
1596 9 Feb 38 Thomas Hewar v Francis Parlett and John Bartholomew. Mortgage of lands in Wisbiche [Wisbech], Isle of Ely, Cambs. C78/232, no. 6 [7]
1596 10 Feb 38 Edward Montague of Hemington, Northants., esq., son and heir apparent of Sir Edward Montague and Elizabeth his wife (dau. and heir of Sir John Jeffrey, decd, late Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer) v Richard Jeffrey gent., uncle to Elizabeth. Possession of lands in Hellingley, Sussex, called Cromers alias Cane Lands purchased by Sir John Jeffrey. C78/89, no. 1 [8]
1596 10 Feb 38 Robert Usherwood alias Thurston of Ipswich, Suff., infant aged 10, by Edward Gooding of Ipswich, gent., his guardian v John Morgan gent., Agnes his wife, widow of John Usherwood, plt's uncle, Francis Gyrling, Edward Gyrling (brothers of Agnes) and John Dryver of Framlingham, Suff., yeo. Possession of a tenement called Pyttis and 300ac in Weekes Ufforde, psh St Clements, Ipswich, which dft claims by inheritance from John Usherwood, plt's uncle. C78/92, no. 4 [9]
1596 12 Feb 38 Robert Greysbroke gent. v William Ridgeley esq. of Shenstone, Staffs. Diversion of a watercourse through meadows of the plt's called Broad Meadow and Polebridge to the dft's mill in Shenstone. C78/92, no. 15 [10]
1596 12 Feb 38 John Baker alias Heathe of Wrotham, Kent, yeo. v William Leaver of Wrotham, yeo. Relief from an action on an obligation whereby the parties bound in £100 to keep the terms of an arbitration by Henry Stacye, citizen and clothworker of London and Silvester Page of Shipbourne, Kent. C78/111, no. 3 [11]
1596 12 Feb 38 Roger Preston of London, scrivener and Richard Thompson of London, cook v Thomas Dawson and Nicholas Dawson, citizen and brownbaker of London. Release from penalties incurred by the default of Nicholas Berden decd in making payments to Nicholas Dawson, for which the plt bound as suerty. C78/117, no. 14 [12]
1596 28 April 38 Johan Suckling widow & executrix of Robert Suckling citizen & alderman of Norwich decd on behalf of herself and her infant sons Thomas & Christopher Suckling v Thomas Gleame, Thomas Laier, John Suckling the elder and John Suckling the younger. Title to lease of part of the manor of Neweton besides Norwich and rectories of Neweton, Trowse and Eaton, Norfolk. C78/232, no. 4 [13]
1596 12 May 38 Edward Gryffyn of Dingley, Northants., esq. v Richard Sayer gent. Relief from a bond made to John Buck of Grey's Inn, Midd., gent., with the dft as surety for £120 borrowed by dft from Buck. C78/102, no. 8 [14]
1596 18 May 38 George Prestwood of the county of the city of Exeter, gent, son of Thomas Prestwood of Heale, Devon, gent. v William Parker of Heale, esq., John Parker gent., his son, Thomas Banks of Exeter, scrivener and John Reilf, of Exeter, bookbinder. Possession of a messuage, a shop with solar and gardens in the parish of All Saints Goldsmith St., Exeter, in the occupation of the dfts and payment of rent of 29s yearly. C78/92, no. 13 [15]
1596 21 May 38 Richard Weller of Mayfield, Sussex, yeo., husband of Margaret, widow and executrix of John Weston v Thomas Holney, Thomas Baker, Abraham Langham, Richard Tichborne, Thomas Ainscombe, Thomas Leyme and John Morteys. Validity of a lease of the manor of Sharnden, Sussex, held of the Principal and vicars of Holy Trinity, Chichester. Cf C78/109 no. 3. C78/91, no. 5 [16]
1596 21 May 38 William Edward, citizen and dyer of London, son of Edward ap David Lloyd decd v Gwen verch Roger Robert, widow of Edward ap David Lloyd decd. Estate of Edward ap David Lloyd including a barn and 16ac in psh St Asaph, Flint [and described by the plt as a tenement and 14ac in psh Botevarry, Flint]. C78/102, no. 9 [17]
1596 14 June 38 Roger Harlackenden of Earl's Colne, Essex, esq. v John Bowser, son of Richard Bowser decd. Possession of a parcel of ground called Gall or Gawle claimed by the plt as part of the site of the manor of Colne Priory. C78/89, no. 5 [18]
1596 18 June 38 Batholomew Thorne of Upcott, Devon, gent., grandson of Edward Thorne esq., decd v John Bordfield of Bridgerule, Devon, gent. Possession of a close of land called Condon in psh Holsworthy, Devon, parcel of the barton and demesnes of Thorne, late the plt's grandfather's and leased to dft for 20 years; frauds by the plt in having the lease drawn. C78/89, no. 4 [19]
1596 22 June 38 William Whitacres, DD, master of St John's College, Cambridge v Thomas Colville, son of Thomas Colville and brother of Robert Colville, servant of Katherine, late Duchess of Suffolk. Arrears of a rent of £6 13s 4d payable to the college by the gift of the Duchess of Suff. for the relief of four poor scholars from a messuage called Saxmondhams in Glemham, Suffolk. C78/97, no. 1 [20]
1596 23 June 38 Nicholas Manley of London, draper v Walter Bloys and John Hudson. Debt of £72 owed by Hudson to John Deathe of London which the plt claims in settlement of Deathe's debt to plt. C78/89, no. 6 [21]
1596 26 June 38 Philip Bridges and Grace his wife, widow of Walter Forde decd, John Forde and Thomas Forde her children v John Addams esq., lord of the manor of Stone Easton, Som. Possession of a copyhold messuage in Stone Easton called Norton's. C78/97, no. 2 [22]
1596 29 June 38 John Freman of Ecton, Northants., gent. v Andrew Ogarde, gent. Possession of diverse `upgrounds' or marshes called the Abbottes Marsh, Upground, Upgrasse and Cowfield in Holbeach, Lincs., formerly the possession of Croyland Abbey. C78/89, no. 3 [23]
1596 30 June 38 Robert Clopton, Samuel Croftes, John Best and Roger Lyndesley v Sir Richard Dyer, lord of the manor of Eynesbury Berkeley, Hunts., and Theophilus Montogomerye, steward of the manor. Refusal to admit plts to their copyholds: claim of the plt to a custom of certain fines. C78/86, no. 7 [24]
1596 30 June 38 Thomas Hemynge, Richard Sellwyn, Bryan Gyllmyn, William Hannys, John Taylor, Edward Tomlinson and Anthony Wyllyams for themselves & others the tenants of the Lordship of Barkley v Sir Henry Wynston, Sir John Paynez, Edward Trotman, John Bower, John Pegler, John Tyler and John White. Concerning the waste grounds of Shymbridge, Frampton Upon Severn and the Lordship of Barkley, Gloucestershire. The use of common pastures. Ref also to Bill exhibited by Thomas Woodward & other inhabitants in 31 Hen VIII. C78/138, no. 3 [25]
1596 30 June 38 Ursula Arden of London widow and Humfrey Stafford of London v Raphe Bott and Edward Heming. Financial trusts set up by will of Mary Aishfield. C78/232, no. 3 [26]
1596 21 Oct 38 Robert Bekinsawe of Highclere, Hants v Richard Bekinsawe. Surrender of customary lands in Heighclere, Hants. C78/232, no. 16 [27]
1596 3 Nov 38 John Colley of Betley, Staffs., yeo. v Ellen his wife, widow of Robert Lownes of Betley decd v John Yonge of Charnes, Staffs., gent. and Ellen Lownes wid., mother of Robert. Possession of a lease of a tenement in Betley. C78/92, no. 16 [28]
1596 4 Nov 38 John Conway, citizen and skinner of London and `near cousin' to Edward Williams, late of the Inner Temple, esq., decd v Thomas Hughes, executor of Williams' will. Breach of trust: conveyance of all the plt's lands in the city of London and goods by deed of gift to Williams in 10 Eliz. for the settlement of plt's debts. C78/89, no. 7 [29]
1596 11 Nov 38 Edward earl of Worcester, owner of the lordship of Gower v Sir William Herbert; Hopkyn David; George Francklin; John ap Evan; Robert Smythe; Jenkyn Mansfelde; Rowland Dawkyn; Jenkyn Francklyn; Mathew Danyell; Hugh Griffith; Owen Penrye; Phillip John ap Rees; John William; David Prichiard; Phillip William; John Rees ap Richard; Morgan Griffith ap Rees, and all the tenants of the lordship of Gower and Kilbey. Custom of mises due to the plt on entry into the lordship. C78/104, no. 5 [30]
1596 13 Nov 38 Richard Leeche gent, lord of the manor of Plumpton, Sussex v (i) Thomas Homewood; Gregory Perdon; John Maskall; Roger Homewood; Richard Homewood; (ii) Thomas Button, John Homewood, Richard Homewood; John Maskall; Dionisius Bartlett; John Barnden Dispute following an agreement to enclose waste grounds called Plumpton Common. C78/92, no. 14 [31]
1596 16 Nov 38 William Lawton of [Church] Lawton, Ches., esq. v Lawrence Loggyn, William Loggyn and John Lovatt. Sale of a messuage and 2 cottages and 42ac of copyhold land in hamlets of Oldcott or Brieryhurst in manor of Tunstall, Staffs. C78/92, no. 5 [32]
1596 16 Nov 38 John Mascall, son and heir of Thomas Mascall and great-great grandson to Richard Michelborne alias Mascall v Nicholas Newton, son of William Mascall, decd and John Nutfield. Possession of messuages and lands in Lindfield, Sussex, all formerly the possession of plt's great-great grandfather. C78/97, no. 3 [33]
1596 20 Nov 39 Thomas Brooke of No...., Cheshire v Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford by the names of WilliamJames; Raphe Pickover; Arthur Wake; Thomas Thorneton; Martin Heaton; Richard Edes; John Purefey; John Weston; Thomas White, And against John Danyell of Dayresburye, Cheshire. Lease of parts of rectory and tithes of Runcorne, Chester. C78/232, no. 2 [34]
1596 20 Nov 39 George Wyott of the Inner Temple, London, decd, Arden Waferer, Edmund Standen, Valentyne Saunders, all of London and John Wrighte of Kelwedon [Kelvedon], Essex and others (not named) v Thomas Rowe, Thomas Adam, William Budder and Mary his wife, Suzan Rowe now the wife of Nicholas Clayton, Elizabeth Rowe now the wife of John Flemynge, Judith Rowe now the wife of Anthony Wetherheade, Sara Rowe, Robert Kaye now decd & Rebecca his wife and others (not named). Title to and incumbrances on manors of Clapham and Okeleye, Beds. Note previously dismissed from Court of Requests - see REQ 1/18. C78/232, no. 20 [35]
1596 20 Nov 39 Richard Wilkinson of Frindsbury, Kent, gent. v John, bishop of Rochester, Thomas Wardegar, John Younge gent. and John Herne. Lease of the parsonage of Frindsbury and Strood, Kent, made by the bishop of Rochester to the other dfts after the plt's lease declared to be forfeited. C78/90, no. 7 [36]