REQ 1/18. List, Michaelmas Term 37/38 Eliz I (1595) - Part3

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages 721 - 770 of orders, decrees & memoranda from Volume REQ 1/18 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests).

For further details of the whole volume and conventions used, see REQ 1/18.


Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
721 [1][2] 15-Oct John Hewett John Eyre & others Claim to hold lands etc by lease for 3 lives in Orchestone St Mary, Wilts by virtue of grant from John Thorneboroughe, Esqr. Deft was licensed to proceed at Common Law, where verdict was given for the now complt. Refs a release claimed to be from the complts sister Ursula.
722 [3] 15-Oct Magdalen Hill, executrix of William Hill her father Michael Hill Deft is complts brother. Obligations, bills etc due to the late father which have come to the deft. Mention of further brothers & sisters still infants. Ordered & decreed that all writings etc., also all outstanding debts, shall be paid to the Chamberlain of London "as the goodes of Orpantes.."
723 [4] 15-Oct Thomas Barnes John Bulman & Martin Jurden
723 [5] 16-Oct Harman Duman & others Roger James & Elizabeth late wife of Henry James decd Notes deft Elizabeth has now married Francis Harvie, Esqr. Ordered that defts shall deliver to Simon Gardiner of Thames Street, London, Fishmonger the decds ledger books for the towne & watersyde since a little before the death of Roger Derrickson. Further ordered that Nicholas Weblin, Brewer; William Chamberlaine, Scryvener; Alexander Beale, Brewer & Henry Fleming, Clothyer shall peruse & view the complts books of debt.
723 [6][7] 16-Oct John Lackfurth Edmond Patrick & John Moore Messuage & 80 acres of land called Ollettes, a pietle called Pies, 2 1/2 acres lying in St James netherclose, a close called Petittes Close, 1 1/2 acres lying in Middlesties Close, all in Parish of Castleacre, Norfolk, and other messuages etc in Castleacre, Sowthacre & Pagrak in Norfolk. Ref to previous dismission of 26 Jan 28 Eliz., and ordered that the present bill is the self same issue of title, hence dismissed
724 [8] 17-Oct William Mighill Andrew Rogers, Esqr & Richard Rogers, Gent Complt became bound with deft Andrew Rogers (his master) for the debts of Andrew Rogers to Richard Rogers, his natural brother, in the sum of £60 for payment of £30. Ordered that Richard Rogers shall stay proceedings at Common Law
725 [9] 17-Oct Arthur Danndy Thomas Needham Goods etc of the complt distrained by the deft for rent of house & 2 gardens in St Gyles without Creplegate, London, which he alleges was devised to him by defts word of mouth, but complt has not provided evidence, hence dismissed.
725 [10] 17-Oct Edward Toller of Barking in the County of Essex, Shoemaker John Wybard Ordered that deft shall pay to complt £3, and complt shall deliver to deft a general release
725 [11][12] 21-Oct Henry Lewes, Gent Mayor & Burgesses of City of Gloucester & Roger Prichard Obligation wherein Bridgett Kirby, Widow, decd (whose executrix the said complt is) 12 years ago stood bond for 200 marks to the City & Burgesses, which bond was later delivered to the deft Roger Pritchard. Order of 4 July last past that Roger Pritchard should deliver the bond into court to be cancelled cannot be complied with as Roger Pricharde delivered it to Walter Nurse, Gent about 3 years ago. Ordered that Mayor & Burgesses of Gloucester shall discharge the complt of the obligation.
726 [13][14] 21-Oct Henry Arrowsmith & Johan his wife Henry Head, Thomas Head, James Head & Henry Hatt Title to one messuage & one yardland together with one tofte held of Her Majesty's Manor of Donington & Wynterburne Davers, Berks. Dismissed, as having been previously resolved.
727 [15] 22-Oct John Mattock Richard Cole Plts challenge of a way or passage over the grounds and lands of the deft in the Parish of Nailesey, Somerset. Commission to be directed to Samuel Norton, William Clarke, Anthonie Haulse, Esqr & Edwarde Bosden, Gent.
727 [16][17] 22-Oct Richard Hamonde, Gent, executor of John Hamond, Gent, his father decd William Pickering, Gent, Thomas Dye, William Stanoe & Robert Palmer Gent Claim of £55, moiety of £110. Also refers to debts of 'one Candler..' and lands & marshes which were conveyed to Pickering by the said Candler.
728 [18] 22-Oct William Alston Thomas Alston Manor of Soymehall
728 [19] 23-Oct Bridgett Markendale, Widow Eustace Moone, Gent One barn, 11 acres of arable land and 1/2 acre and a rood or butt of meadow and one close of pasture, and one stable and shop and an acre of land in the Parish of Christchurche, Hants. Referred to commission of Sir Thomas West, Knight, Henry Hastinges, Esqr, John Ludlowe & Edward Paryant, gent.
729 [20][21] 23-Oct Elias Jerman of the City of London, Carpenter Stephen Edgrave Agreement made between the plt & deft for obtaining a lease from Richard Smith of London, Gent of a small house & garden plot lying between the yards of the houses of the plt & deft, and then dividing the plot. Deft has obtained the lease, and refuses to divide with complt contrary to agreement. Ordered that as the promise had been clearly made, then the deft to grant the moiety to the complt, and the complt to pay the necessary 1/2 share. Commission awarded to Phillip Scudamore, Esqr & Nevell Sowtherton, Gent to make the necessary equal division of the plot.
730 [22] 23-Oct Thomas Stannton Edward Denton, Esqr, William Barnes & James Hitchcock 2 messuages & about 30 acres of lands, arable, meadow, pasture & wood in Amersden, Oxon. Complt has recovered at Common Law one parcel of the premises called Makethorne Close. Ordered that complt shall enjoy possession without interruption of the deft, and that complt shall proceed in this court to prove the equity of his cause.
730 [23][24] 23-Oct Robert Thurbarne of New Romney, Kent & Martha Thurbarne, Widow, administratrix of John Thurbarne her late husband decd Christopher Effeld administrator of William Netter decd Defts proceedings at Common Law regarding an obligation of Robert & John Thurbarne to William Netter in £80 for the payment of £44 which complts allege to have been satisfied to William Netter while he lived. Deft ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law.
731 [25] 23-Oct Thomas Rowe of London, Gent Arden Waferer, Esqr & Thomas Adams £460 which the deft has possession of, and has gained judgement at the Sheriff's Court of the City of London. Same cause is depending at High Court of Chancery, therefore dismissed out of this court.
732 [26] 23-Oct John Harris & John Ingram an infant Anthony Ingram
732 [27] 23-Oct Mathew Palmer Cornelius Rosendale & Lucia his wife executrix of Daniel Gossling decd Referred to the final hearing of William Blower, Clement Buckle the elder, Merchants, Richard Peake & Robert Hill, citizens of London
733 [28] 24-Oct John Crosse, Esqr Thomas Powell, Esqr Refs Richard Crosse, Gent, son & heir of the complt. Money to be paid for lands to be conveyed to the complt by the deft & Alice his wife and Thomas Powell, Gent, son of the deft & Dorothie his wife. Lands not assured to the complt, yet the deft is proceeding at Common Law for the obligation, ordered to be stayed.
733 [29][30] 24-Oct John Lucar, Gent John Seyse als Taylor & Elizabeth his wife, Ellen Tasker widow of John Tasker decd, Richard Lockar als Richardson & his daughter Bess Lockar. Concerns a house & 200 acres in Staffordshire called Bethally als Bethany Moore, 12 houses in the City of Chester & 10 closes. Complt has exhibited bills to the High Court of Chancery, and also to the Court of the County Palatine of Chester. Complt has failed to attend to show reason why should not be dismissed, therefore dismissed & 13s 4d costs to deft
734 [31][32] 25-Oct Thomas Brace of Hoxton, Herts, Yeoman Thomas Readinge of Harrow Hill, Middx, Yeoman debt of £44 for malt deliverd to the deft. Complt was persuaded to accept a bond from Mathew Alley of Windsor, who died greatly indebted, and the money cannot be retrieved. Deft ordered to pay £4, and then £10 per year until debt is paid.
735 [33][34] 25-Oct John Wheatlie & Alice his wife Richard Norton, Esqr, Steward to the Bishop of Winchester for his manor of Sutton, Hants, and John Moore, deputy Steward Surrender by Alice to the use of John her husband, herself, and William their son, of one messuage & 20 acres called Ashford, and another parcel of land called Washforde, of 2 acres, copyhold lands of the manor of Sutton, Hants. Ordered that complts should be admitted to the lands.
736 [35] 25-Oct John Stevens of Newberie, Berks, administrator of Thomas Bennell late citizen & draper of London Edward Wood of London, Gent £30 & 40s due to the decd. Refs Henry Harrison & Andrew Pickford also indebted, and deft claims to only have been surety for Harrison. Deft ordered to pay.
737 [36] 25-Oct Richard Grace, Gent, executor of William Readinge John Allin
737 [37][38][39][40][41] 28-Oct Phillip Carter & Alice his wife, daughter of Richard Strowde of Hannam, Gloucs, decd Thomas Strowde, Nicholas Blake & William Godwin Ref to original bill exhibited in 34 & 35 Eliz. Concerns legacies of £400 due to the complt Alice in her father's will. Richard Strowde's wife Mary was named sole executrix of his will, with Thomas Strowde & Nicholas Blake as overseers, after his death she married William Godwin, and then died herself within 1/2 a year, leaving unadministered assets in his hands. Johan Blake, wife of Nicholas Blake is sister to Thomas Strowde. Decreed 12 June 36 Eliz that defts Strowde & Blake should pay the legacy. They have since attempted to submit a bill to reverse the decree, but it was confirmed by order of 16 May last past. It is again ordered that the decree of 36 Eliz. be ratified.
741 [42][43][44][45] 29-Oct Anne Phillips, Widow & Francis Beavans, Doctor of Law Thomas John Phillips Richard John Phillips, Esqr decd, late husband of the complt (enriched by the intermarriage with the complt) purchased in mortgage diverse property in St Olaves, Carmarthenshire, which was intended to be the complts for life, and then to descend to the deft, his brother.
744 [46] 29-Oct John Wrixon William Butler Concerns one yardland held of the manor of Grendon, Bucks. Previous order was that this should be tried at Common Law, but in the mean time, complt has made unlawful entry into a tenement which is part of the yardland. Dismissed.
745 [47] 29-Oct John Price of Holborne, Middx Rice ap Edward, Edward Griffith & Evan ap David of the parish of St Harmon, Co. Radnor & others Title to messuage & 20 acres arable, 5 meadow & pasture & 10 of wood in the field of Nanncer in said parish, another messuage called Tyre Meredith Merrick & 40 acres of land & another parcel of land called Tyer Pen ar Rose & Coed Keven y Llether in the said parish. Claimed to have been conveyed by Guenllion vz Meredith daughter & sole heir of Meredith ap Griffith. Dismissed to be tried at the Common Law.
745 [48][49] 29-Oct Richard Stock Richard Pamphilon & William Pamphilon Title to parcel of about 3 acres of arable land called Gosland in a feild called Churchfeilde in Widdington, claimed to be copyhold land held of the manor of Widdington als Priors Hall in Widdington. Ordered & decreed that complt should peaceably occupy the land until the deft should recover it at Common Law.
746 [50][51] 31-Oct Raffe Bowes, Esqr one of Her Majesty's Gentlemen Pensioners Alice Watkinson, administratrix of John Watkinson, her late husband defts proceedings at Common Law upon an obligation in £100 to pay £70. John Watkinson was in trust to deal for the complt regarding Judea hydes at Plymouth, had 441 Judea hydes which he sold for £154 7s, £100 of which remains due to the complt
747 [52] 31-Oct Roger Hill & Susan his wife, executrix of Robert Hope decd Richard Cole & Susan his wife Bill of Revivor, concerns £124 pounds laid out by Robert Hope for redemption of a messuage. Refs order & decree of 28 June last past that the deft should pay the said sum.
747 [53] 03-Nov John Gardiner & Rowland Hotchkys David Lewes Defts proceedings at Common Law re obligations concerning the acceptance of Richard Hotchkys into the defts service. But Richard Hotchkys was later forced to leave his service due to the "usage & evill entreatie" of the deft. Deft ordered to stay proceedings until further order.
748 [54] 03-Nov Bryan Lister William Haldesworth, John Waterhowse & Richard Houggame, Samuel Haldesworth & John Blackbourne 4 messuages & 3 1/2 roods of land in Hallifax, Co. Yorke. Refs order of 30 October last past, and also previous bill to the Council established in the North Parts. Dismission out of this court confirmed, although complt says he has a new matter not covered in that previous bill, it is ordered that he should raise this at York first.
748 [55][56] 04-Nov Gregory Trigges John Tucker Concerns defts action for debt of £30 at Common Law in the town of Plymouth. Claimed that money was paid to complt at Rotchell in France for the use of the deft. Dismissed from this court as judgement has been given at Common Law, and there is a writ of error outstanding.
749 [57][58] 04-Nov Richard Mulford son of James Mulford & John Wrighte son of Ellen, daughter of Richard Mulford decd and the said James Mulford son of the said Richard Mulford decd Robt Eylston als Alleston, Gent & Peter Mulford Claimed that Richard Mulford decd (the father & grandfather of complts) was possessed for the term of many years yet enduring of lands etc in Parish of Turges, Hants. His will dated 16.11.1583, details bequests to his wife Margaret, son in law William Wright, his son Peter Mulford with remainder to Richard Mulford son of his eldest son James Mulford & John Wright son of his daughter Ellen, and forbids son Peter from letting or alienating to anyone other than son James Mulford. It is claimed that Peter Mulford has by secret conveyance cut off the remainder. Ordered that deft Peter Mulford should enter bond of £200 to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Winchester on condition that he fulfil the said last w & t, and that he should deliver a copy of the lease to the complts.
750 [59][60] 04-Nov William Chapman & William Angell Oliver Roe & Baptist Hickes executors of Sir William Roe, Knight, late alderman of the City of London decd Concerns defts proceedings at Common Law upon a bond of 100 marks for the payment of £40 by William Chapman, part of a consideration of an Office of Corn Measurer within the City of London, which the said Alderman Roe could not perform.
751 [61] 04-Nov Nicholas Radishe Humfrey Gunter 40s delivered for the use of the complt as per order of 6 July last past.
752 [62] 05-Nov Thomas Arnett & Anne his wife Thomas Nashe & others Title to messuage and certain customary lands held of the Manor of Ambersley, Worcs, claimed by the complts in the right of the said Anne for her life as her free bench. Has been dismissed several times, lastly on 30 Oct 36 Eliz. Complts have exhibited a new bill, but as it has no new matters, is again dismissed.
752 [63] 05-Nov Mathew Herbert Francis Gyles & Robert Gyles
752 [64][65] 06-Nov John Jaques Gyles de Loe, John Thompson & Thomas Newman Concerns stay of Gyles de Loe's proceedings at Common Law. George Zullyer stood bond unto Andrew de Loe, whose executor the deft Gyles de Loe is.
753 [66] 06-Nov James Kirton Edward Metcalf Messuage etc in Swaldell within the Lordship of Grynton, Co. Yorke, claimed by the complt by custom of tenant right after the death of William Kirton his father. Commission to be awarded to Thomas Lasselles, Esqr, John Phillips, Gent, deputy steward of the said Manor, and Roger Gower, Gent.
754 [67] 06-Nov William Fawconer, Esqr John Gregory executor of Robert Russell, decd Concerns Robert Russell's bond of £40 to be paid on conclusion of marriage between Tristram Russell his near kinsman & Margaret Fawconer natural sister to the complt, with obligation of 100 marks that Tristram Russell should leave to the said Margaret, which obligation had come into the hands of Robert Russell. Ordered that defts should deposit £40 into court until further order.
754 [68][69] 07-Nov Ambrose Stevens son & sole administrator of Thomas Stevens his late father Edmund Arthur Sundry goods etc which have come into the possession of the deft by reason of his being servant to the late Thomas Stevens
755 [70] 07-Nov John Cannon, Gent & Katherine his wife executrix of of Gregory Maryott her late husband decd Robert Maryott
756 [71][72] 07-Nov Robert Carrington, Walter Drewe & Margery his wife and Nicholas Phillips Robert Wheeler Refs David Bracye late husband of Margery Drewe. Concerns stay of defts proceedings at Common Law upon a bond of £40 whereby Carrington, Bracye & Phillips stood bond for Carrington to perform covenants etc as per indentures dated 16 September 30 Eliz. Deft has, for life, office of Beadle in all the lands etc of the Cathedral of Worcester, part of which he had leased to Carrington for 3 years, the deft was however expelled from that office about 5 years ago for sundry abuses.
757 [73] 07-Nov Thomas Brereton, Gent, & Alice his wife George Hulse, Gent Refs decree of 8 May 36 Eliz between George Hulse & Thomas Hulse against Thomas Brereton & Alice his wife. Alice was late wife of John Hulse, Gent, decd, brother to George Hulse & Thomas Hulse. Concerns Alice's promise to pay £20 to all of John Hulse's brothers & sisters shortly after his death, ordered that she should not be bound by that promise.
758 [74] 07-Nov Marmaduke Hodgson Thomas Shurlock & Thomas Viler Dismissed as complt has not proceeded
758 [75] 08-Nov John Morgan & Agnes his wife daughter and heir of William Mosley decd Leonard Parry, John Strowde & William Strowde Close of pasture called Wellman's etc of 4 acres, copyhold lands of the manor of Ruscombe Northbury, Berks., which it is claimed William Mosley surrendered to the use of his daughter. Ref to action at Common Law of Anthony Parry, sometime Lord of the Manor against one Moore, whereby he gained verdict against the plts title in 15 Eliz., and then granted the premises to William Strowde. Dismissed for remedy at Common Law.
759 [76][77] 08-Nov Dyones Dorley, Widow Reignald Maddison & Katherine his wife £11 which it is claimed the deft Katherine took from a box which she was looking after for the complt. Mention of Margarett Ottoway sometime servant to the deft. The deft had already been cleared of this charge at the assizes, but evidence related to this court indicates that she did take the money. Ordered that defts should repay the £11.
760 [78][79] 10-Nov Richard Bull Nicholas Wakefeild Obligation in £20 to pay 40s. Stay of defts proceedings at Common Law. Rent of tenement. Deft is prisoner in the Counter for other causes.
761 [80] 10-Nov Thomas Seagrave, Clerk Edward Finch Annuity of £20 due to the complt upon surrender of messuage & 100 acres in Manor of Redbourne, Herts., payable at the Vicaridge house at Fulbourne, Cambs. Deft ordered to pay into court £20 to remain until further order be taken.
761 [81][82] 10-Nov Elizabeth Bankes now wife of John Grannger Thomas Gawen, Esqr £10 was paid into court according to a decree of 26 Jan 34 Eliz. For the use of the complt. Complt to make a general release for the deft of all actions and demands except for a legacy of £6 which she is licensed to sue for by order of the Civil Law the executor of the defts wife.
762 [83] 11-Nov John Belchamber & Dennis his wife, sister and heir of John Hitchman als Shipwright Henry Draper Messuage & lands in Ifeilde, Essex.
762 [84][85] 12-Nov George Channcey, Gent Henry Nevill als Glanvile
763 [86] 13-Nov William Fidling & Jane his wife Thomas Lambert, Esqr & Susan his wife Concerns lands called Sallowe Landes in Surflett or Pinchbeck
764 [87] 13-Nov Richard Chambers, Gent & Thomas Cowper Leonard Chamberleine, Gent Several Bills covering diverse obligations etc. whereby the complts became bound to Robert Chamberleine, Gent decd, whose executor the deft is. Mention that the complts & Raphe Chambers, William Bronnsell & Thomas Downes have exhibited a petition to Her Majesty against the deft, and that Raphe Chambers had also exhibited a bill into Chancery. The latter Bill to be dismissed as it includes no new matter.
764 [88] 13-Nov Mary Jucent Thomas Redman & others
765 [89] 13-Nov Harman Duman, Agnes his wife & others Roger James & Elizabeth late wife of Henry James decd (now the wife of Francis Harvie, Esqr) Refs order of 13 May last past. Affidavit of William Seabright, Town Clerk of London. About 6 years past Roger James was partner in the Hartes Horne brewhouse in East Smithfeild with Roger Dirrickson.
765 [90][91] 13-Nov Mathias Rutton Thomas Lane several causes depending between the two parties. Ordered that Thomas Lane pay £36 for the debt of John Wynan decd
766 [92] 14-Nov Thomas Knyveton, Gent Robert Halley Plts demand of certain conveyance of land. Ordered that deft pay £3 to complt, and then case to be dismissed.
766 [93] 14-Nov Thomas Seton Richard Legatt & William Hunter
767 [94][95] 15-Nov Arthur Hewett, citizen & draper of London Thomas Catchmeade & George Catchmeade, Gent Re-examination of previous cause whereby George Catchmeade was complt against Arthur Hewett. Refs decree of 11 Feb 36 Eliz. Debt, and also money paid by the complt for getting Thomas Catchmeade out of prison. Complt dwells at The Swanne in Watling Street, London.
768 [96][97] 15-Nov Francis Whitton & Elizabeth his wife Elizabeth Meverell, now widow of Sir Edward Leighton, Knight & administratrix of George Hopton her former husband decd Portion of money and other things supposed to promised in marriage with the said Elizabeth Whitton by George Hopton. Refs order of 8 July 32 Eliz. Francis Whitton to have conveyed the manor of Fayntree, Salop for Elizabeth his wife's jointure.
769 [98] 15-Nov Thomas Arnett & Agnes his wife Thomas Nashe, Gent, William Dallowe & John Gardiner Refs a deposition made in Court of Star Chamber by Thomas Nashe 16 June 30 Eliz. Lands called Fowles & Clarkes Grove, manor of Ambersley. Refs a surrender of Fowles by Richard Gardiner to William his son. To be referred to Samuell Sandes, Esqr, farmer of the manor & William Bell, Gent, Steward of the same for determination, and confirmation by the Court of Exchequer, so that this court be never troubled thereof again
769 [99][100] 17-Nov Thomas Hulse & George Hulse, Gent Margaret Hulse, Widow Refs order of 8 May 36 Eliz.
770 [101] 17-Nov Edward Clement, Clerk Richard Halford, Gent & others, creditors of the said Edward Clement Refs commission to Sir Edward Hastinges, Knight, John Chippingdale, Francis James, Doctor of Law, Richard Skevington, William Turpin & Henry Turvyle, Esqrs to call before them all the creditors of Edward Clement. Richard Halford refused to attend, but others deposed that the debt was £60 for wool from December 1593, of which only £10 remains due. Halford ordered to stay proceedings at Common Law, and if he does not attend the commisioners, then an attachment to be directed to the Sheriff of Co. Leics.