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B Bill of Complaint Dr Demurrer A Answer Rn Replication Rr Rejoinder C Commission I Interrogatories D Deposition

Wynn, Catherine

  • STAC 5/W42/38 - B A C I D - 33 Eliz - Montgomery - Catherine Wynn alias Griffith v James Burdman, William Williams

Wynn, Katherine

  • STAC 7/16/7 - - - Montgomery - Katherine Wynn alias Griffith, v William Williams, James Burdman.

Wynne, Ellis

  • STAC 5/W24/20 - B - 37 Eliz - Merioneth - Ellis ap John Wynne v James Ellis, David Lloyd ap Ievan ap Robert, Rhytherch ap Humphrey et al

Wyn, Ellis

  • STAC 5/W67/38 - B - 34 Eliz - Ellis Wyn v James White, John Holmes et al

Wynne, James

  • STAC 5/W15/21 - B - 20 Eliz - James Wynne v William Tailler

Wyne, John

  • STAC 5/W44/37 - B - 43 Eliz - Caernarvon - John Wyn, Robert Wyn v Ievan ap David ap Meredyth, William ap Robert ap Rees, John ap Hugh ap Robert

Wyne, John

  • STAC 5/W27/23 - B A - 34 Eliz - Caernarvon - John Wynn v John Wyn, William Williams
  • STAC 5/W9/13 - I D - 34 Eliz - Caernarvon - John Wynn v John Williams

Wyne, John

  • STAC 5/W23/11 - B A C I D - 41 Eliz - Caernarvon - John Wyn ap Robert Wyn v Robert Gryffith ap John Gryffith, Robert Griffith filius, John ap Richard

Wyne, John

  • STAC 5/W39/21 - B A C I D - 31 Eliz - Caernarvon - John Wyne, Robert Wyne v Jonett verch Thomas alias Anwyl, William Jenkin ap Owen et al
  • STAC 5/W83/11 - Rn - 35 Eliz - Caernarvon - John Wyn, Robert Wyn v Jonnett verch Thomas alias Anywell, William Owen ap Jenkin et al
  • STAC 7/15/61 - - - Caernarvon - John Wynne, Robert Wynne v Jonett Amayll et al

Wyn, Robert

  • STAC 5/W57/16 - B - 35 Eliz - Caernarvon - Robert Wyn v William William, James Bourdman

Wyn, Robert

  • STAC 5/W58/33 - I D - 44 Eliz - Merioneth - Robert Wynn, Hugh Lewis v William Wynne, David Meredith, Evan Griffith, Llewellyn ap John Evan, Robert Salesbury et al

Wyn, Roland

  • STAC 5/W49/7 - B A - 17 Eliz - Anglesey Roland Wyn ap David William v William Thomas, Ievan ap David ap Matthew, Richard ap Rhytherch ap Syr Hugh
  • STAC 5/W40/4 - I D - 18 Eliz - Anglesey - Rowland Wyn ap David William v William Thomas

Wyn, Thomas

  • STAC 5/W80/21 - B C I D - 41 Eliz - Denbigh - Thomas Wynne et al v William Wynne, David Meredyth et al
  • STAC 5/W20/11 - I D - 41 Eliz - Denbigh - Thomas Wynne v David Meredith, Robert Salisbury et al
  • STAC 5/W31/4 - I D - 42 Eliz - Denbigh - Thomas Wynn v David Meredyth et al
  • STAC 7/31/73 - - - Denbigh - Thomas Wynne v David Meredith et al

Wyn, Thomas

  • STAC 5/W42/13 - B - 21 Eliz - Montgomery - Thomas ap John Wynn, Griffith ap Thomas v Evan Robert ap David, John Robert ap David, Howell ap John ap David, Cadwallader ap William

Wyn, William

Attorney General

  • STAC 5/A18/15 - I D - 37 Eliz - Denbigh - AG v Griffith Wynne

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 33v. Bastinado. A misdemeanor in beating and wounding the recorder of London in going to Westminster. Attorney Rex; Wyn, defendant: one of the riders of Her Majesty’s stable for preparing himself mounted upon a great horse with his sword to watch the recorder of London as he went to Westminster and for beating and assaulting him as he went thither and wounding him, for which he was upon information exhibited by Mr Attorney convicted and sent to the Tower and there to remain with chains until the court take order but first to sit in the stocks in the place where he did the fact all a forenoon and 100 marks fine. Hillary 20 Elizabeth (kk)