STAC 5/W3/14

From Waalt

STAC 5/W3/14 - B - 1 Eliz - Gloucestershire - Nicholas Walshe v John Barnell, Richard Walker, John Perryman, Thomas Parker et al see STAC Walsh

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Quenes moste excellent Majestie

In most humble wise complayninge showeth unto your moste excellent Majestie your Highnes humble faythful and obedient Subjecte and dailie Orator Nycholas Walshe of little Sodbury in your Highnes County of Gloucester Esquire That whereas yoiur Highnes said subjecte is by good and sufficient assurance and conveyaunce in the lawe rightfully seised in his demesne as of fee of and in one warren and game of Conies in litle Sodbury aforesaid and your highnes said subject so being therof seised one John Burnell of Yate in the said County gent Richard Walker of Chippinge Sodbury Clothier John Perryman of Westerly in the said County yeoman Thomas Parker of Waxley in the said County yeoman and Leonard Browne of Chippinge Sodbury aforesaid went together with dyvers others to the nombre of Twenty persons to your said Subjecte as yet unknowen conceyving great and high displeasure against your said Subjecte without cause and for Revenge therof meaninge the spoyle and distruccion of the said warren and game as it semeth in most ryottous and forcible manner arraied with sundry warlike wepons aswell invasyve as defensyve in their handes the xijth daie of Novembre last past betwene thoures of xii and one of the clocke in the nighttyme of the same daie by the Abbetment and procurement of the said John Burnell as your said subjecte supposeth at a parke called the kinges parke in Olde Sodbury in the said County of Gloucester unlawfully assembled them selves together in manner of A rowte and ther so contynued by the space of one howre and then & their so assembled and in warlike manner arraied and armed That is to saie with billes staves swordes dagers Crosbowes handgonnes moryspikes pichforkes and divers other warrelike wepons aswell invasyve as defensyve unlawfully and ryotously and in moste ryottous and Rowteous manner and by the like procurement and abbetment of the said John Burnell entred into the said warrein theire to hunt but whether they destroyed any of the game of your said subjecte ther or whether they mistrusted that they shold be espied or not your said subjecte for that the same their Ryottus and unlawfull behavior and entry was donne very secretly /\ & /\ privily in the night tyme he cannot with dyrecte witnesses prove but as he supposeth they did and as of likelihood they will confesse uppon there othes for otherwise as is to be supposed they wold not have in suche sorte have assembled them selves which said Rowteous riottous and unlawfull doinge was donne to the greate disturbance of your majestes peace and contrary to your Crowne and dignitie and to the perillous and evill example of all other [your] Majestes Subjectes nere theraboutes and to the utter subvercion of the commen tranquyllity of the said county of Gloucester if condigne ponishment be not therin spedylie had and provided For reformacion wherof mai it please your hyghnes to graunte your moste gracious writes of Subpenor to be directed to the said John Burnell Richard Walter John Peryman Thomas Parker Leonard Browne & other the ryotous personnes aforesaid comaunding them & every of them by vertue therof at a certein daie & under a certeine paine therein to be lymyted personalley to be & appeare before your Highnes in your corte of Sterrechamber then & there to aunswere to the premisses & Further to stand to and abide suche fynes order & direccion therin as to your highnes & to your honorable counsell shall be thought agreable to equitie and justice & your said subjecte according to his moste bounden duty shall daylie pray to god for the prosperous estate of your highnes that in muche honor and felicitie you maie longe contynew & raigne over us