STAC 5/T3/32r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 38r.

Perjury in the warden and fellowship of Sutton contrary to their oaths according to the letters patent not punishable as a perjury in this court. William Taylor and other inhabitants of Sutton, plaintiffs; Gibbins et al, defendants: for perjury by them for not performing their duties and offices in diverse points having been several times wardens of the same town and lordship contrary to the oath by them taken upon their election according to the purport of the letters patent, but the court considering the points of the cause did forbear to proceed to judgment thereof as in case of perjury but for that in the same bill it appeared that the defendants had contrary to their charters made several grants of parcels of the land belonging to the corporation to others to the prejudice of the inhabitants, the court (for the good of the town and inhabitants) did address a commission to certain gentlemen for the reformation thereof which accordingly was done.

Michaelmas 23 Elizabeth.