STAC 5/S73/5r

From Waalt

Les reportes del cases in Camera Stellata, 1593 to 1609 from the original ms. of John Hawarde edited by William Paley Baildon Published 1894 Page 149

In Camera Stellata, coram Consilio ibidem, Veneris, 11 Junij, 1602, Elizab. 44, Termino Trinitat.

Another cause of hearing was between Sparke, plaintiff, and Sparke and Tyler, defendants, for forgery and erasure in a will. If a man write the name of the testator, after his death, to his will [testamente], in the presence of those who are witnesses to his will [volunte], it is good.

Agreed by the Lord Keeper [that it is] the same as to altering anything in the will, such as blotting or bluring; and thus it was done in this case. And the party himself who did it had no benefit by it. The erasure was not proved,

Therefore on the whole matter the plaintiff was fined £20 to the Queen and £20 to the two defendants pro falso clamore,

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