STAC 5/S56/40r

From Waalt

Les reportes del cases in Camera Stellata, 1593 to 1609 from the original ms. of John Hawarde edited by William Paley Baildon Published 1894 Pages. Page 59

In Camera Stellata, coram consilio ibidem, 13 Octobris die Mercurii termino Michaelis, Elizabethae 38 & 39, Anno domini 1596.

The Attorney first moved on behalf of Edward Standen against Bullokes; he had purchased two manors for £4500, which were entailed on the Bullokes with proviso that if any heir committed, or entered into, any action of treason, felony, or praemunire, then the next [heir] should enter and so a fine, and then a bargain and sale, and a lease were published, and possession was taken by Bulloke pendente lite since the bille & aunsweare; restored by order of the Court according to the course of this Court.

[Marginal note.] The Lord Keeper wished him to be punished who advised this. By the Lord Treasurer: It is more evil advice than the Chief Barons.

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