STAC 5/S2/29r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 67r.

Bill of revivor preferred by Mr Attorney for forging and perjury and the defendant convicted for the perjury upon the proofs made in the former causes which the parties had compounded. Selby, plaintiff; Shute, defendant: the plaintiff exhibited 2 bills, the one for forgery, the other for perjury, and after examination of witnesses, the plaintiff and defendant compounded the same causes, and would not prosecute the same any further, whereupon Mr Attorney General did exhibit a bill of revivor in his own name, and brought both causes to hearing upon the former proofs, upon the hearing whereof it appeared that the forgery was, the defendant minding to disinherit one Thomas Selbie and to dampen his title and claim and to entitle Edward and Edmund Wallis to the same land did about 20 years past falsely and fraudulently contrive, forge, and counterfeit two several copies of court rolls purporting former grants to be made to one Robert Wallis, a grandfather of the said Edward, and into the said false copies the defendant did add and insert words whereby to invest the estate of the inheritance of the said land into the said Edward and Edmund which indeed were not in any of the former or ancient [fo. 67v.] copies and to give colour thereto did antedate the same, and did afterward put the same in the smoke to make them look old, but this offence was pardoned and so could not be sentenced but yet the defendant was punished for perjury, for that in his answer and examination upon interrogatories to the first bill here exhibited against him for the forgery he had denied the same, where it evidently appeared that the defendant was the contriver of the same; for which offence he was adjudged to the pillory with paper and to pay 100 marks fine.

Michaelmas 38 and 39 Elizabeth