STAC 5/L43/31r

From Waalt

John Hawarde ed W P Baildon, Les Reportes del Cases in Camera Stellata 1593 to 1609. London, 1894 Pages.1-2

In Camera Stellata die Veneris, 25 Januarij, 1593, Elizab. 36, adonque presente, Sur Keeper, Archevesque del Canterberye, Ch. Just, de Banco, Ch. Baron dexchequer, L Stafford, L Bukherst, Sir Thomas Hennage vice-chamberlein, Sir John Fortescue, chaunceller dexchequer.

It was moved between Lane, plaintiff, and Gardiner and others, defendants. The case was for perjury, for this that Gardiner, in the Court of Wards upon proof there [Page 2] that he had sealed, subscribed and delivered a generall relleasse to one Ryder, now dead, had deposed that it was not his deed; and so in this Court, being heard at St Albons, it was ordered for the default of the plaintiff that he could not come to his books [evidences] which were in a house in London in which seven persons had died of the plague between October last and January, and this was now moved to stay the hearing, but it could not prevail; and so, on the default of the plaintiff for want of the books, they proceeded to hear the cause. Serjeant Yelverton and Serjeant Healle with the plaintiff. It was ordered by the whole Court that Gardiner, the defendant, be dismissed by the great favour of the court.

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