STAC 5/K14/3r

From Waalt

Les reportes del cases in Camera Stellata, 1593 to 1609 from the original ms. of John Hawarde edited by William Paley Baildon Published 1894 Page 82

In Camera Stellata, coram Consilio ibidem, die Veneris, 21° Octobris, 1597, Elizab. 39, termino Michaelis.

Kerkam, plaintiff, Smithe and others, defendants. Sergeant Healle moved for costs of appearance on Motion attachment for contempt for non-appearance on process taoiimenton supposed to be served, because the attachment was pro affidavit and misdemeanours, for this that he took upon himself to deliver one hundred loads of hay (of heye, good, sweete & marchantable, suche as Plumsted marshe dothe yeelde). This was admitted to be the whole of the matter, and therefore the cause was dismissed with costs; and the Counsellor, Cleighton of the Inner Temple, who put his hand to the bill, was fined, and debarred by the Lord Keeper from all practice in this Court.

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