STAC 5/H26/14r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 54v.

£100 fine set on the sheriff of York for not bringing in their prisoner according to their return. [826] Earl of Huntington, plaintiff; Watson, defendant: for perjury and other misdemeanor. An attachment was directed to the sheriff of York to attach the defendant for not appearing and the same being delivered to the sheriffs yet they neglected to do the same albeit the defendant dwelt in the chief street over against one of the sheriffs and upon their return of non est inventus an attachment with proclamation was awarded whereupon they did apprehend him, but yet did not return his body, whereupon the court set upon them a fine of £100 and gave them a further time to bring him in wherein if they made default, then the court ordered they should shortly after assign over unto the plaintiff’s own use the bond which they had taken.

Trinity 34 Elizabeth