STAC 5/F1/10

From Waalt

STAC 5/F1/10 - B A - 32 Eliz - Lincolnshire - Thomas Fuller v Thomas Smythe et uxor, Andrew Eslewood, William Webb, William Turrington, Richard Smythe, John Hoape, Thomas Spincks alias Mellens, William Sargeson see STAC Fuller

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queens most excellent Majesty

In most humble wise complaining showeth unto your most excellent Majesty your faithful and obedient subject Thomas Fuller of Hennye Magna [Great Henny] in the county of Essex husbandman That whereas one Thomas Smythe of Rowghton [Roughton] in the county of Lincoln husbandman by indenture bearing date the second day of February in the one and thirtieth year of your Majesty’s reign did demise grant and to farm let onto your said subject for the term of 11 years from the feast of the Annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary next ensuing the date of the said indenture of demise all that farm with the appurtenances commonly called the Grange situates lying and being in Rowghton in the said county of Lincoln and also six score acres of arable land and pasture, eight acres of meadow five and twenty acres with divers banks, meers and furrows by force of which demise your said subject entered into the said farm and premises and was thereof more fully possessed, and after his said entry did plough or till thirty acres of land parcel of the premises and did sow eight acres thereof with wheat, And did also plant one hop yard containing by estimation one acre of ground and did set place and bestow twelve loads of poles in and upon this said hop garden which tillage sowing planting and polls amounted to the value of forty pounds or thereabouts.

Now so it is if it may please your most excellent Majesty that one Thomas Smythe yeoman nothing regarding the God and wholesome laws and statutes heretofore made and provided for the repressing of outrageous and riotous acts and offences nor the penalties In the same, being accompanied with Rachel his wife Andrew Estwood, William Webb, William Turrington, Richard Smythe, John Hoape, Thomas Spincks alias Mellens and William Sergison with diverse other persons whose names your said that subject can not as yet certainly learn to the number of twelve persons men desperate and of very disordered life and conversation being in most rioters and forcible manner arrayed with swords, daggers, long piked staves and other such like weapons as well invasive as defensive unlawfully and most riotously assembled them selves together at the sad farm about the twentieth day of October last past and so assembled they did then and there most forcibly and riotously contrary to the laws and statutes of this realm in that case provided, enter into the capital messuage of the said farm with great force and violence did thrust yours said subject and his servants out of the same, putting them in great fear and danger of their lives and did then also with like force enter into the said thirty acres of land, so by him tilled as aforesaid whereof eight were sown with wheat and into the said hop garden so planted, as aforesaid and into twenty acres of pasture which was spared all the summer season before, and do still with like force detain the possession thereof and of all other the premises from your said subject, And do also detain from your said subject thirty loads of hay, which they found in a barn belonging to the said farmer two milch kine, one horse and one mare ten loads of timber, two ploughs with their furniture one cart and the harness thereunto belonging certain bedding and other household stuff, amounting altogether to the value of thirty pounds at the least, in contempt of law, and evil example of other like evil disposed persons and to the great hindrance and almost utter undoing of your said subject.

In tender consideration whereof and to the intent as well the said Thomas Smythe, Rachel his wife, Andrew Estwood, William Webb, William Turrington, Rycharde Smythe, John Hoape, Thomas Spinckes alias Mellens and William Sargeson may be called to answer their unlawful doings, on that behalf As also to the intent the said riotous and naughty persons may have such condign punishment for their demerits as to your highness shall seem to accord with the law equity and justice to the terror and discouragement of other evil doers who will be ready to attempt the like if some due punishment being not inflicted upon the said offenders, your said subject doth most humbly beseech your Majesty, To grant unto him your Highness most gracious rate of subpoena to be directed to the said Thomas Smythe, Rachell his wife, Andrew Estwood, William Webbe, William Turrington, Richard Smythe, John Hoape, Thomas Spicnks alias Mellens and William Sargeson commanding them and every of them there by at a certain day and under a certain pain therein by your highness to be limited and appointed personally to be and appear before your Majesty’s most honourable Council in your highness Court of Star Chamber Then and there to answer unto the premises and further to abide and receive such order and direction therein as to your Majesty and the said honourable Court shall be therein taken, according to justice, equity and good conscience. And your said subject shall daily pray to god to grant unto your Majesty a long happy and most prosperous reign over us.