STAC 5/E15/22

From Waalt

Court of Star Chamber:

Edwarde Errynton v Anthony Collingwood, Thomas Beynton, Anthony Chekyn, Gabriell Chekyn, Elizabeth Chekyn, Mawd Beynton & Alice Beynton

Transcript: Dave King

Bill of complaint

Dated on reverse 'crs Martini 1573' [12 November? 1573]

To the Queenes most excellente Magestie

Humbly complanynge shewithe yo[u]r highnce yo[u]r poore subiect Edwarde Errynton of Butterley in yo[u]r Magesties countye of Northumberlande gentleman That whereas yo[u]r saide poore subiect at the tyme of the late devilishe rebellion in the Northe partes was under shirref of yo[u]r highnes saide countye of Northumberlande And havinge warrant from the right honorable the Earle of Southsex then yo[u]r Magesties Liuetent gen[er]all in those p[ar]tes to Arrest the bodies of anye rebells w[i]thin the saide countye of Northhumberland and to make seasure of their lands and goods to yo[u]r highnes use and them safely to kepe untill suche tyme as yo[u]r highnes pleasure were further in that behalf knowen Did accordinge to the tenor of the saide warrant soe to him directed use all possible waies and meanes for the p[er]formance of the same In executinge whereof amongst others yo[u]r highnes saide subiect did (as verye great cause there was) arrest the bodyes of Anthony Collingwood of Walbattell in the saide countye of Northumberlande yeoman Thomas Beynton of the saide towne and countye yeoman Anthony Chekyn of the same towne and countye yeoman Gabriell Chekyn of the same Towne and countye yeoman beinge then notorious and notable knowen desp[er]ate traitors and Rebells since w[hi]ch tyme for w[hi]ch [?...?] they have borne suche great evill will and hatred towards yo[u]r highnes saide subiect as they have many waies devised howe they might be revenged of yo[u]r said subiect And nowe of late when all other waies have failed them they have sought to murder him for they togither w[i]th Elizabeth Chekin wif of the saide Anthony Chekin Mawde Beynton wif of the said Thomas Beynton Allice Beynton daughter of the saide Thomas and w[i]th divers other to the number of twentye and above to yo[u]r subiect unknowen the threetieth daie of Julye nowe last past in the yere of yo[u]r highnes reigne the fivetenth abowt eyght of ye clock in the mornynge of the same daie not havinge the feare of god before their eyes nor regardinge yo[u]r highnes lawes and Statutes in that case provided did most rioutously and in most devillishe manner w[i]th force and Armes assemble them selves And havinge swordes daggers Lawnces staves dagges and other weopons invasive and defensive at A place called the Coole pitts p[ar]cell of the Lands and tenements of yo[u]r highnes saide subiect and p[ar]cell of the manor of Butterley fyndinge there yo[u]r highnes saide subiect in most quiet and peaceable manner w[i]thout any weopon in his hands did assault mangle wounde and evill intreat him And amongst the rest of the villanous disorders comytted by them the saide Gabriell Chekin ranne yo[u]r highnes saide subiect into the syde of the bellye w[i]th A lawnce staff beinge three yards longe and more thinkinge verelye to have Rune him thoroughe ... ... of w[hi]ch ... the [?ur..e?] had [?dooble?] ... And the saide Anthonye Collingwood gave yo[u]r highnes saide subiect a great longe wounde upon the hedd of the lengthe of sixe or seaven ynches w[i]th a Lawnce staf beinge of length three yards at the least so that by force of the same wounde divers great bones were taken owt of his hedd And after that the saide Anthony Collingwood had thus striken and felled yo[u]r highnes saide subiect to the grownde Thomas Beynton gave yo[u]r highnes saide subiect divers drye blowes upon the back w[i]th a mightie great staff that he the saide Thomas Beynton had then in his handes And the saide Anthony Chekynne seynge yo[u]r highnes saide subiect thus stricken down unable to stand And unable to defend himself the blood runne soe fast owt of his bellye and owt of his hedd and abowte his eyes and face gave him A great deepe wounde upon the forehedd of the length of twoe or three ynches w[i]th the hedd of A broken Lawnce staff the w[hi]ch he had before broken upon yo[u]r saide subiect w[i]th drye beatinge him after that he was felled to the grownde And they the saide Elizabeth Mawde and Allice after yo[u]r highnes saide subiect was thus violently beaton downe to the grownde fell upon him and cryed kill him kill him And him forceablely kept downe ahiles the other forenamed rioutors did together w[i]th other unknowen soe beat and wounde yo[u]r highnes saide subiect As that he Lay there for dedd and no man thought he would ever have recovered the same as in truth he nev[er] p[er]fectly shall contrary to your magesties Lawes In consideracon whereof may it please yo[u]r most excellent ma[jes]tie unto your highnes saide subiect to grannt yo[u]r most gracious severall writts of Subpena to be directed to them the said Anthony Collingwood Thomas Beynton Anthony Chekyn Gabriell Chekyn Elizabeth Chekyn Mawd Beynton & Alice Beynton comanndinge them thereby at A certen daie and under A certen payne to appere before yo[u]r most excellent magestie in yo[u]r magesties highe court of Starr chamber then and there to answere to the premisses And your saide poore subiect shall daylye praie for your highnes moste prosperous reigne &c./