STAC 5/C78/18

From Waalt

Court of Star Chamber:

Johane Cholmeley widow, late wife of Francys Cholmeley of Roxby, Yorks. v Thomas Dayle, Roger Maltby, Thomas Lythe, George Boyes, Chrystofer Storye, Robert Clerke, Ralph Harthorpe & William Lodge

Transcript: Dave King

Bill of complaint of Johane Cholmeley:

To the Quenes moste excellent ma[jes]tie

In moste humble manner sheweth unto yo[u]r highnes yo[u]r humble and obedyent subiecte Johane Cholmeley widowe late wief of Francys Cholmeley of Roxby in the Countie of Yorke esquier deceased that wheras yo[u]r sayde subiect the thirse day of may last past was & yett is lawfully possessed of and in the Manner of Farmanbie & dyv[er]s hagges woodes and sprynges to the same belonginge w[i]thin yo[u]r highnes saide Countie of yorke by vertewe of one demyse therof made by the deane and Chaynons of yo[u]r highnes Free Chappell of St George of wyndsore in the Countie of Berks called and knowne by the name of the Kings Free Chappell of St George of Wyndsore for dyv[er]s yeares yet to come as by the saide dede therof maide more att lardge doth and maye Appere Nowe so yt is & it may please yo[u]r moste excellent maiestie that one Thomas Dayle Roger Maltby Thomas Lythe George Boyes Crystofer Storye Robert Clerke Ralf Harthorpe and Willm Lodge and dyv[er]s other to yo[u]r saide subiect unknowne, knowinge yo[u]r saide subiects lawfull tytle & peceable possession therin not havinge the feare of god before there eies nor drede of yo[u]r ma[jes]ties most holesome lawes, but sekinge the disquyettnes of yo[u]r subiects lawfull and quyet possessione therin and to make waste spoyle and havouke in the p[re]mysses did the saide thirde day of may in Riotuse & forceable manner w[i]th swords daggers staves bowes billes Axes pickaxes shovles & spades enter in and upon yo[u]r subiects quyett possession of and in the p[re]mysses and did then and there in most Riotouse & forceable manner Cutt Mangle & pull downe digge upp fyll and distroye the hedges dytches and Fences in and aboute one woode or sprynge p[ar]cell of the p[re]mysses called or knowne by the name of Grenegatehagg and did then and there in Riotuse & forceable manner putt in there Cattell as oxen kyne & suche like and have spoyled waisted and distroyed the spryngs and younge woods growinge therin amountinge to a great Valewe And the saide Thomas Dayle Roger Maltby Thomas Lythe George Boyes Crystofer Storye Robte Clerke Ralf Harthorpe & Willm Lodge beinge willed and in Curteouse manner p[er]swaded by dyv[er]s of yo[u]r ma[jes]ties lovinge subiects and some of yo[u]r said subiects tenants of p[ar]cell of the p[re]mysses (when they weare aboute to Comytt & execute the saide Riotuse accons) to forbeare & not to p[er]siste in the same yett the same Thomas Dayle Roger Maltby Thomas Lithe George Boyes Cristofer Storye Robte Clerke Ralf Harthorpe and Willm Lodge did moste maliciouselye wylfully and obstynately p[er]siste & goe forwarde in there saide Riotuse accon gyvinge most opprobryuse slanderouse & undecent speches & manaces towards whomesoev[er] should be any Impedyment or hynderance to them in the same w[hi]ch saide riotouse & disordred accons beinge in manyfest contempte of yo[u]r ma[jes]ties lawes wold be a dangerouse ensample to others disordered & evell disposed p[er]sons if condigne punyshment weare not executed on the saide offenders, May it therfore please yo[u]r most excellent ma[jes]tie to grannte yo[u]r highnes wrytts of subpena to the saide Thomas Dayle Roger Maltbie Thomas Lithe George Boyes Cristofer Storye Robte Clerke Ralf Harthorpe and Willm Lodge to be directed Comanndinge them and ev[er]y of them att a certayne day and und[er] a certayne payne therin to be Lymytted to be and p[er]sonallie Appeare before yo[u]r highnes most hon[or]able counsayle in yo[u]r highnes Courte of Starr Chambre then and there to answere to the p[re]mysses & to abide suche order therin as to yo[u]r ma[jes]ties saide hon[or]able Counsell shall seme to stand w[i]th equytie & yo[u]r ma[jes]ties lawes and yo[u]r saide subiect shall accordinge to her most bounden dewtie daylie pray to god for yo[u]r highnes p[re]servacon longe to reigne over us

Hughse Reader.