STAC 5/C20/8

From Waalt

STAC 5/C20/8 - I D - 40 Eliz - Lincolnshire - Richard Carrington v Henry Tompson, John Bull et al see STAC Carrington

Transcribed by Helen Good

1597 Interrogatories to be ministered to Henry Tompson clark John Bull clark Simon Pepper and William Tompson defendants to the Bill of Complaint of Richard Carrington clark Complainant.

1. Imprimis whether did you or any of you being accompanied or complicit with divers other persons upon or about the eight and twenty day of June last past, being armed furnished with swords daggers long pyked staves gavelockes axes hammers chissles and other instruments and tools of wood and iron, enter into the parish church of Threekyngham in the County of Lincoln yea or no, and if yea what were the name or names of those persons that were present with you and did so enter and at what time in the morning whether before the rising of the sun yea or no, and whether did you or any of you or any other to your knowledge privity or consent or by your procurement breake open the Chauncell Door of the parish church of Threekyngham aforesaid being firste locked and one Stock lock being thereuppon fixed did you or any of you breake off and set on an other lock upon the same Chauncell door.

2. Item what were the names & surnames and dwelling places of such person or persons that were privy or consenting to the entry of you or any of you either into the said Church or to the breaking open of the said Chancel door or to the setting on of an other lock upon the said Chancell Door after you had so broken open the same.

3. Item whether were those Instruments chissles gavelockes and other tools or any of them that you or any of you or any other to your knowledge had & used in or about the same force or setting on or breaking of the same locks were your own or any of yours yea or no.

4. Item if these tools or instruments were not your own nor any of yours, where of whom and when were the same borrowed, and who delivered or conveyed the same gavelocks chissels and other instruments, or any of them, to you or to any of you and what reward did you or any of you give or promisse to any for fetching lending the said tools and instruments express your knowledge herein truly.

5. Item after you or any of you had so entered into the said church and broken the same door of the said chancell and taken off the same lock and set there upon an other whether did you or any of you or any other to your privitye and by your consent lock the said chauncel door again and bar all the rest of the said church doors your selves being then in the said Church keeping the possession of the same church with strong hand yea or no.

6. Item whether did not you or some of you were that instant time when you were locked in the said Church ring the Bells then hanging in the steeple of the said Church in such disordered and Confused manner till such time as the constable church wardens and divers other inhabitants of the same town of Threekingham being at rest in their beds came amazed to the said church thinking there had been some houses on fyer or some worse accident had chanced in the said town. Yea or no.

Depositions Ex Capt xv maij anno Rne Mre Eliz xlmo John Bull aged 42 Simon Pepper aged 30