STAC 5/C2/34

From Waalt

Transcribed by Helen Good

STAC 5/C2/34 - B A Letter - 39 Eliz - Thomas Coore v Adam Halkell, Richard Stout, Richard Holden, Ralph Walker.

Letter - May it please your most excellent majestie that by virtue of your graces most honourable writt of Commission unto us George Heles and Lancelott Tenante directed or unto any three or two of us, forth of your most honourable high court of Starr Chamber as well for the taking of the answers of Richard Holden Philip Walker and Richard Stowte, three of the defendants unto the bill of complaint of Thomas Coore complainant sent inclosed in the said commission . As also to examine them upon certain Interrogatories to be ministered on the part of the said Thomas Coore / We according to our bounden duties, and the tenor of the commission repaired to the towne of Sladeborne, the last daye of March for the execution of the said commission, where we atteneded for the said George Heeles and Lancelotte Tenante from nine of the clock in the fore noon until four of the clock in the after noon of the same day, but neither of the afore named two commissioners did come nor the said complainant nor any for him to minister any interrogatories. By reason whereof we proceeded to take these answers onelie, according to the tenor of the said commission together with name of the said defendants attorney, who is Thomas Wrightington which commission and answers we according to our bounden duties have sent inclosed under our hands and seals And so with our daily prayers unto the almighty, long to preserve your majesties most gracious and happy reign we humblie cease / Sladeburne this last of March 1597 Your Majesty’s most loyal subjects Anthonie Parker Francis Baytes