STAC 5/A56/27r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 59v.

Misdemeanors of sundry sort adjudged here to be examinable: the unlawful keeping of retainers, the discovery of letters for the Lord of the Privy Council, his executing the office of justice of peace unsworn. The plaintiff not party grieved but an informer. Atkins, plaintiff; Philips, defendant: the plaintiff’s counsel made choice to proceed to hearing of so many of the matters of information as follow, vidt the defendant’s discovery of certain letters sent from the Lords of Her Majesty’s most noble Privy Council to the hindrance of Her Majesty’s service, his unlawful keeping of many retainers contrary to the laws of this realm, his deceiving of Her Majesty of several sums of money by pretence of service, his executing the office of a justice of peace being unsworn, his imposing of exactions to breed discontent amongst the people in the Marches of Wales, and for taking of lands and leases to the use of some recusants thereby to deceive Her Majesty; the plaintiff proceeded against the defendant for these offences only and that upon confession according to Justice Walmesley’s certificate that these offences were fit but the court would not convict the defendant for that the plaintiff proceeded super confessionem and no witnesses used and therefore dismissed and this bill exhibited by one no party grieved.

Easter 36 Elizabeth