STAC 5/A47/10r

From Waalt

Les reportes del cases in Camera Stellata, 1593 to 1609 from the original ms. of John Hawarde edited by William Paley Baildon Published 1894 Page 76

In Camera Stellata, coram consilio ibidem, 14 1597 Octob. 1597, Elizab. 39, Veneris, termino Michaelis Oct. 14

[Attorney-General] also informed for ingrossing of land and converting houses of husbandry and tillage to cottages (by taking and occupying the land without them), contrary to the statutes of 4 Henry VII. cap. 19, 27 Henry VIII. cap. 22, 7 Henry VIII. cap. 1, 5 Elizabeth, cap. 2.

Edward Framingham of Norfolk, for converting thirteen houses into cottages and tenements, and reserving the land for his own occupation, and for ingrossing corn, and buying and selling the same out of market, imprisonment, fine of £500, confession of his fault in Cheapside and in Norfolk, and £40 to the poor people, and to restore the houses with the land to husbandry again, and disabled from being Constable (for he was now High Constable).

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