STAC 5/A4/35

From Waalt

STAC 5/A4/35 - C I D - 41 Eliz - Devon - AG v Anthony Turner see STAC Turner

Transcribed by Helen Good


In Camera Stellata Coram [C. . . ] ibm Nono die Maij Anno xlj mo Elizabeth Rne

Mr Justice Fenner is required by this moste honorable Courte to consider whether Anthony Turner hath sufficientlie Aunswered the Interrogatories whereuppon he hath bin Examined at the suite of her Majestes Attorney Generall plaintiff or not. And as he shall thinck fitt & Certifie therein, yt is ordered yt shall soe bee

Mr Justice Fenner haveing Considered hereof certified as Followeth

I thinck that to the Second & Fowerth Interrogatories touching his deposicion for payment of money to Captayne Allen, Captenn Harte, that he ought to sett downe the severall Christian names, to the ende yt maye be knowne whome certenlie he Chargeth with receipte of suche somes


Interr to be ministered to Anthonie Turner deft at the suite of her Majestes Attorney generall and to the which he is to aunswere accordinge to the Certificate of Mr Justice Fenner in that behalfe taken.

Item what and howe manie person or persons beinge at anie tyme since her Majestes said generall pardon Souldiors pressed or threatened to be pressed into her Majestes said service have you for monye Armor or anie other Rewarde from tyme to tyme and at anie tyme since her Majestes generall pardon discharged or procured to be discharged or kepte oute of or from her Majestes said service.

Item of what deputie Leiftenaunte captaine or other officer did you obtaine or procure anie person or persons soe pressed or threattened as aforesaid to be spared or discharged for her Majestes said service and whose warraunte ticket or other Testimony did you procure or obtaine for the discharginge or sparinge of anie suche persons from tyme to tyme and at anie tyme since the said generall pardon pressed or threattoned to be pressed and what and to whome did you paye or promise to paye and monye reward or thinge for suche warraunte Ticket or Testimonye.


The Examinacion of Anthonie Turner of Thorverton in the countie of Devon gent taken before us William Walrond and John Northcott Esquires att Brodeninch [? Bradninch] the vijth day of November in the on forteth yere of the Queenes Majestes Reigne that now is.

The said Examinaunt being of the age of fortie eight yeares or there aboutes sworne to the seconde and Fowerth Intergetarie saith that he referreth himselfe in everie point unto his former deposicion, savinge that whereas he said that he gave certayne money unto Captaine Allen: he now saith he delivered the same money unto Captaine Peter Allen And also entreated Captaine Arthur Harte for the causes mencioned in his former deposicions And farther he cann not saie.