STAC 5/A31/14

From Waalt

STAC 5/A31/14 - B A I D - 44 Eliz - London - AG v Hugh Base et uxor, Richard Samborne et uxor, William Davyes see STAC co London

Transcribed by Helen Good

Deponents William Davies of Blackfriars London barber, Hugh Base of the City of London scrivener, Ursula wife of Richard Samborne, Richard Samborne of Powles Churchyard London barber, Agnes wife of Hugh Base.

The libel There dwelles a dame neare to a hoye place

that beares the mapp of beautie on her face

Her Cherye lippes her pretie dimpled Chynn

Her ivorye frontye her more than snoe white skyn
Her lofty temples spangled all with blewe
semelye adornes her rosy sanguine hue
Her rollinge eye her wanton smylinge looke

are all but baits to cover golden hookes

This daintye dame must marche in gorgeous weeds
Which to maynteyne some golde there must be needes
Her pearled necklace & her golden cawles

her networke Ruffes her stomachers & falles

Her costlye gownes & spangled petticotes

Cannot be had without some golden groates

What though by birth she fedd but capons fatt

Yet now she jetts it in her velvet hatt
Tut she is raised to a higher strayne

then tawinge of a Conye skyn can gayne

Nay her estate is growen to better passe

shee hathe a saddle for a golden asse

This daintie dame must fede on delicates

& mixe her meates with junckettes wynne & cakes
All dainie drugges that appetite may breede
thoughe neare so costlye she on them will feede
and yet not hurt husbandes purse at all

she hath a mydas that will paye for all

husbande or pandor some saye he is either

one lett hym be, it makes no matter whether
poore peter Peacocke it is inoughe for thee

to taste the sweete & not the sowre to see

And if for pleasure thou with her repaire

unto some garden for to take the ayre

To walke the allyes that may the suffice

& on the trees to cast the dazeled eyes

And if not these then for to taste the fruites

while shee unsene for golde thy heade cornutes
But O that foole that so dothe spende his store

to gayne a kisse not able to do more

Thoughe burninge lust be kindled with desire

yet dotinge age wants fewell to the fire

Interrogatories for the AG
1 Imprimis Do you know Peter Bland dwelling in Pauls churchyard in London and Suzan his wife and do you know that the said Peter is servant and skinner to our sovereign lady the Q and hath been and is employed by her majesty in the same sevice And for how long have you known them the said Peter and Suzan his wife and that he hath been servant and skinner to her majesty
2 item have not the said Peter and Suzan (for the tyme of your knowledge of them) live civilly as man and wife together and have behaved themselves dutifully to our said sovereign lady the Queen and orderly towards her subjects and well governed their children and family
3 Item whether do you know or have harde and do beleeve or thinke that the libell ryme or verses mencioned in the Information exhibited in this cause against you and annexed to these Interrogatories were made or published or interpreted or expounded of or against the said Peter & Suzan And when did you first knowe or heare of the same libel or verses
4 Item did you make or consent to the making of the said libel or verses or did you read or hear read the said libel or verses in the presence of one or more persons And did you signify or tell or make any speeches to any person or persons of the said libell or verses And did you know or verily think that all and every person or persons that did make a consent to the making of the said libel or verses and which did read and hear read the said libel or verses did love and favour or rather dislike and disfavour the said Peter and Susan And who were the same persons that made or consented to make reade or did hear read the said libel And when was the same libel made And how often and when and to whom in what part and hearing was the same libel read or published to the uttermost of your knowledge
5 Item whether did you intreate one Richarde Bonde to make intreat or persuade one Thomas Emerye to lett you have a copye of the said verses or libel And did you not write a copye of the same libel from the declamation or repetition of the same libel by Thomas Emerye And did you not make perfect or correct the same copy of the said libel by conference thereof with the said William Pavyes and did at the same tyme or some other tyme say that you were sorye that your verye frende Mr Seres was in the libell And when was the same intreatye and when did you so copy andmake perfect the said Copy of the said libel And when did you so say concerninge Mr Seres
6 Item [Not transcribed]
7 Item did you or any of the other defendants threaten Thomas Collyn to baste or beat him and to have some of his flesh for discovering or if he should discover that you or the said other defendants had made or published the said libel And did not you or the sd other defendents or your or their servants or any other person or persons by your or some other of the sd defendantes means persuade or advise the sd Thomas Collins least he should discover that you or the sd other defs had made or published or caused or consented that the said libel should be made or published or be expounded as a libel made or meant against the said Peter Blande & Suzan his wife or either of them or any other person named or intended in the sd libel