STAC 5/A11/22r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 56r.

For slandering the sentence and decree of the court. Attorney Rex, plaintiff; Sherrington: for slandering the sentence and proceedings of this court in saying that the decree is uncertain and grounded upon records rested by his adversaries’ counsel contrary to truth without any direct witness and that by law he ought not to perform the same for that he was convicted upon untrue surmises and presumptions and that he could not with a safe conscience perform the same decree, that he was not fully heard, that he was outlaid and oppressed by the countenance of great persons, that his cause was good but that might had overcome right, that he had been hardly dealt with, and that he could not have justice in the said cause and that he could not be heard there, for which insolent content and misdemeanor being a counsellor and a reader of an Inn of Court, in derogation of the court and dishonor of the sentence he was committed and fined at 1000 marks, expulsed Gray’s Inn, and sequestered from his practice during his life, to go up and down Westminster with a paper on his head declaring his offences.

Hillary 35 Elizabeth