SP 1577 September

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September 1577, Anno 19 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 115 here [1]

Sep 13

  • TNA SP 12/115, 22. Master of Corpus Christi, Cambridge, to Burghley. re one Booth for a fellowship in that college

Sep 13

  • TNA SP 12/115, 23. Certificate, Justices of Peace, Norfolk, to PC, for restraining the buyers and sellers of wool
  • TNA SP 12/115, 23. 1. Copy of the recognizance not to buy and sell wool unlawfully

Sep 15

  • TNA SP 12/115, 24. Lord Keeper Bacon to the Queen, foreign affairs

Sep 18

  • TNA SP 12/115, 25. Walsingham to Thomas Randolph, council and scottish affairs

Sep 19

  • TNA SP 12/115, 26. Commissioners of Musters for Cornwall to PC

Sep 23

  • TNA SP 12/115, 27. Justices of Buckinghamshire to PC, have taken a note of all the alehouses, inns, and taverns within the county
  • TNA SP 12/115, 27. 1. Certificate of alehouses, Buckinghamshire
  • TNA SP 12/115, 28. Justices of Buckinghamshire to PC, their proceedings for the restraint of broggers and engrossers of wool
  • TNA SP 12/115, 29. Justices of Hertfordshire to PC, their proceedings for restraint of broggers and engrossers of wool
  • TNA SP 12/115, 30. Muster Certificate, Buckinghamshire
  • TNA SP 12/115, 31. Particular of the rental of the manor of Abbot Isle, with the value of the same at 80 years purchase

Sep 26

  • TNA SP 12/115, 32. Names of commissioners upon the sea coasts to examine the favourers and aiders of pirates

Sep 27

  • TNA SP 12/115, 33. Master of Corpus Christi, Cambridge to Burghley, Booth declines to be examined until a fellowship becomes vacant

Sep 28

  • TNA SP 12/115, 34. Commissioners of Musters for Worcestershire to PC
  • TNA SP 12/115, 34. 1. Muster Certificate, Worcestershire

September undated

  • TNA SP 12/115, 35. Report of the arrival of Capt. Frobisher's ships, proposes Michael Lok to be Treasurer.for the ore
  • TNA SP 12/115, 36. List, persons who have been dealers with pirates
  • TNA SP 12/115, 37. An estimate of the price to be allowed to the brewers for ale and beer per ton
  • TNA SP 12/115, 38. Answer to certain articles propounded by [Burghley] touching the advancement of Her Majesty's customs
  • TNA SP 12/115, 39. Plan of Southsea Castle, showing the extent of wall not yet countermured
  • TNA SP 12/115, 40. Arguments, Symon Bowier v. Merchants of the Staple, for regulating the trade in wools
  • TNA SP 12/115, 41. Note, against permitting strangers to transport wool out of England by special licence
  • TNA SP 12/115, 42. Note of the works finished and to be done a Portsmouth, not included in the former estimates
  • TNA SP 12/115, 43. List, spies from Low Countries and from Rome into England as spies
  • TNA SP 12/115, 44. Petition of Nicholas Jarden, the Queen's pewterer, for exclusive right of making all wine and beer measures
  • TNA SP 12/115, 45. Petition of executors to Pawlyn Wythens, of East Smithfield, widow, deceased, Henry Howard's debts
  • TNA SP 12/115, 46. Petition of John Welde, of London, to be appointed officer and wool searcher
  • TNA SP 12/115, 47. Petition of Peter Blackborough, his Star Chamber case against clothiers of Wiltshire and Somerset
  • TNA SP 12/115, 48. Reasons why some cloths transported by the Merchants Adventurers ought not to be dressed on this side the sea
  • TNA SP 12/115, 49. [Walsingham] to Wyngfeld and Jermye. to finw men of Aldborough, who had goods of priates

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