SP 1575 September

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September 1575, Anno 17 Eliz

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 105 are here [1]

Sep 2

  • TNA SP 12/105, 35. Letter, Lord Russell to Burghley, hopes Lady Russell will go her full time and have safe delivery

Sep 4

  • TNA SP 12/105, 36. Letter, Leicester to the Queen, complimentary

Sep 5

  • TNA SP 12/105, 37. Letter, Robert Petre to Burghley, arrangements for the money to Antwerp

Sep 6

  • TNA SP 12/105, 38. Letter, Leicester to the Queen. complimentary

Sep 12

  • TNA SP 12/105, 39. Letter, Sir Thomas Cecill to Burghley, for Sir Henry Darcy for an exchange of lands
  • TNA SP 12/105, 40. Letter, Walsingham to Burghley, the money for Antwerp, court news

Sep 15

  • TNA SP 12/105, 41. Letter, Benjamin Gonson to Burghley, arrival of the Earl of Pembroke at Queenborough

Sep 23

  • TNA SP 12/105, 42. Letter, George Gilpin to Burghley, the arrival of Lady Morley, with her daughter and youngest son, at Antwerp

Sep 28

  • TNA SP 12/105, 43. Letter, Lord Admiral to Burghley, detention of Frenchmen on a charge of piracy

Sep 29

  • TNA SP 12/105, 44. Note of imports and exports in London by the Merchants Strangers, from Michaelmas 1574 to 1575

Sep 30

  • TNA SP 12/105, 45. Letter, Burghley to Walsingham, the money has passed Bruges in safety towards Antwerp, other news

September undated

  • TNA SP 12/105, 46. Memorandum, for an adventure into France for provision of wines for the Royal Household
  • TNA SP 12/105, 47. Note of abuses committed by the importers of wines by reason of the prices being restrained
  • TNA SP 12/105, 48. Reasons that prisoners committed by the Council should be sent to the Marshalsea, and not to the Fleet
  • TNA SP 12/105, 49. Copy of TNA SP 12/105, 48.

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