SP 1575 December

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Dec 1575, Anno 18 Eliz

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 105 are here [1]

Dec 10

  • TNA SP 12/105, 84. Letter, Sir Francis Englefyld to Mr. Cotton, requests him to write
  • TNA SP 12/105, 85. Letter, Bishop Cox to [Lord North], upbraids him with uncharitable and ungrateful usage, urges him to mend his life

Dec 11

  • TNA SP 12/105, 86. Letter, Lord North to the Bishop of Ely, answer accusations and appeals to the Queen and the Council
  • TNA SP 12/105, 87. "Certayne articles . . . wherewithe the Bushoppe of Elye is to be charged"
  • TNA SP 12/105, 88. Articles of complaint, against Dr. Cox, Bishop of Ely, delivered to Lord North, High Steward of the Isle of Ely
  • TNA SP 12/105, 89. Petition of Bishop Cox to PC, how he desires to answer the articles against him
  • TNA SP 12/105, 90. Answer of the Bishop of Ely to the complaints preferred unto the Queen's Majesty by Lord North

Dec 15

  • TNA SP 12/105, 91. Letter, Dr. Thomas Wylson to Burghley, for payment for the horses he bought in Flanders

Dec 27

  • TNA SP 12/105, 92. Note of matters to be propounded in Council.

Dec 29

  • TNA SP 12/105, 93. Device how the statutes of the realm are to be ordered and printed
  • TNA SP 12/105, 94. Letter, PC to the Commissioners grain in Norfolk, Gloucester, and Somerset, to let Higgens of Bristol, export
  • TNA SP 12/105, 95. Letters Patent to William Wylson, of Lincolnshire to buy and sell again 4,000 tods of English wool

December undated

  • TNA SP 12/105, 96. Letter, PC (?) to Justice Southcote for judgement for Richard More, of Bristol, against John Roberts
  • TNA SP 12/105, 97. Letter, PC (?) to the Justices of both Benches, the abuses of Alexander Wildgoose, a lawyer
  • TNA SP 12/105, 98. Articles against the Bishop of Chichester and Mr. Worley, for giving licence to James Hoare to transport grain

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