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Undated 1574, 16 & 17 Eliz

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 99 are here [1]

  • TNA SP 12/99, 23. Petition, of George Southaick, Merchant Adventurer, for a commission concerning his suit
  • TNA SP 12/99, 24. Answer, of the Dean and Canons of Windsor to Middlemore and Hatche's allegations, Poor Knights of Windsor
  • TNA SP 12/99, 25. List, Knights of the Garter.
  • TNA SP 12/99, 26. Petition, of William Symonds, false verdict brought against him in an action for usury
  • TNA SP 12/99, 27. Reasons for the establishing of an exclusive trade with the Barbary States
  • TNA SP 12/99, 28. Reasons for a Charter of Incorporation Merchants trading for wines and other commodities into France
  • TNA SP 12/99, 29. Copy of TNA SP 12/99, 28.
  • TNA SP 12/99, 30. Fragment of part of TNA SP 12/99, 28, with apostils in the hand of Lawrence Thompson
  • TNA SP 12/99, 31. Fragment of another copy of TNA SP 12/99, 28
  • TNA SP 12/99, 32. The advantages to be gained by establishing an office for the sealing of all cloths
  • TNA SP 12/99, 33. Petition, of Carlin Heraut, Captain the "Great Holy Ghost," of Marseilles, his ship to be released or paid for
  • TNA SP 12/99, 34. Note of the sale of the manor of Romborough by the Earl of Arundel to Mr. Holland
  • TNA SP 12/99, 35. Licence to John Wakeman of Gt. Yarmouth, to export wheat, barley and malt out of Norfolk and Suffolk
  • TNA SP 12/99, 36. Brief of the estates of the Prebend of Buckingham, by Pagitt, with the answers of Jhonsoun
  • TNA SP 12/99, 37. Rates for the customs of harness and munitions
  • TNA SP 12/99, 38. Particulars of the late dissolved monastery of Thorney Abbey, Cambridgeshire
  • TNA SP 12/99, 39. Note the value of Blecheley in Buckinghamshire, and of Brampton in Herefordshire
  • TNA SP 12/99, 40. Letter, from E. Clerke, complaining of Thomas Peniston, re the marriage of Clerke's son with Anne Conysby
  • TNA SP 12/99, 41. Report by an Italian, survey of Rye and Sandwich, necessary repairs, requests some remuneration
  • TNA SP 12/99, 42. Petition, of Zecheus Garratt, complains of being defrauded by Stephen Stringer, servant to Sir Thomas Gawdie
  • TNA SP 12/99, 43. Petition, Moneyers of the Mint, claiming allowance for waste in the coinage of gold, and small money
  • TNA SP 12/99, 44. Petition, Moneyers of the Mint, for arrears due to them, or for some money to for their extreme necessity
  • TNA SP 12/99, 45. Petition, of Thomas Husee to make George Lamplughe compound with his daughter
  • TNA SP 12/99, 46. Plan for the proposed new quay at Portsmouth, by Richard Popinjaye.
  • TNA SP 12/99, 47. Accompt of money expended, to Tho. Danett, Mrs. Jane Danett, and others
  • TNA SP 12/99, 48. List, overseers and assistants of the river Thames, from Isleworth to Greenwich
  • TNA SP 12/99, 49. List, people Sir John Smyth wishes to have access to him, for the compounding of certain debts and suits in law
  • TNA SP 12/99, 50. List, of the officers and servants of the armoury at Greenwich, with a note of their wages
  • TNA SP 12/99, 51. Letter, Fellows of Magdalen College, Cambridge to Burghley, thanks and compliments
  • TNA SP 12/99, 52. Petition, of Richard Startute to the Lord Admiral, for letters of reprisal for ships taken by the "Brave" of Conquet
  • TNA SP 12/99, 53. Reply of Thomas Browne and George to Master Gerrard, re the seditious words of Richard Jones
  • TNA SP 12/99, 54. Device to establish an officer for granting licences for the exportation of grain
  • TNA SP 12/99, 55. List, of the names of all the Catholics in England in 1574, and also a list of heretics
  • TNA SP 12/99, 56. Book containing entries of abstracts of the General Musters 1573 and 1574
  • TNA SP 12/99, 57. Petition, parishioners of St. Buryan, Cornwall, they are not not a deanery or collegiate church
  • TNA SP 12/99, 58. Plan of the Parish of St. Buryan and the adjacent parishes, from Mounts Bay to Whitsand Bay and the Scilly Isles
  • TNA SP 12/99, 59. Ceremonies for the funeral of Lady Eleanor Neville, daughter of the Earl of Westmoreland, wife of William Pelham
  • TNA SP 12/99, 60. The names of the Commissioners for Causes Ecclesiastical within the Province of York
  • TNA SP 12/99, 61. Account, of the expenditure of beer, ale, and wine in the Queen's Household, in anno 16 Eliz
  • TNA SP 12/99, 62. Petition, of the merchants trading to France for payment for wines for Household during the last 14 months

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 100 are here [2]

  • TNA SP 12/100. Book of the valuation of benefices in all the dioceses in England and Wales, with the tenths of the same

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 101 are here [3]

  • TNA SP 12/101. Book of the valuation of benefices and spiritual promotions in several counties and cities, with the tenths of the same

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 102 are here [4]

  • TNA SP 12/102. Book of the valuation of benefices in various counties, from 15l. to 30l. per annum, with the tenths of the same

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