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May 1574, Anno 16 Eliz

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 95 are here [1]

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 96 are here [2]

May 1

  • TNA SP 12/95, 84. Note of corn powder bought of Henry Dale, haberdasher, with the prices of the same.

May 4

  • TNA SP 12/95, 85. Letter, Burghley to Walsingham, a spy in Flanders, stay of mariners. Bedford for Ld Lt of Devon, Dorset, Cornwall

May 9

  • TNA SP 12/95, 86. Memorandum of business propounded in Council.

May 10

  • TNA SP 12/95, 87. Certificate of money and munition remaining unaccounted for by the Earl of Warwick

May 24

  • TNA SP 12/95, 88. Remembrances delivered by Edward Baeshe, relative to the supplying of the navy with provisions for two months

May 28

  • TNA SP 12/95, 89. Note of powder remaining in store and to be provided within fourteen days

May undated

  • TNA SP 12/95, 90. Note of the places in Barbary traded to by English merchants who are content not to trade beyond Cape Riol
  • TNA SP 12/95, 91. A survey of all the Inns of Court, devices for the exclusion of the unworthy and unnecessary
  • TNA SP 12/95, 92. Petition of a poor woman to the Queen, she discovered certain conspiracies and is now in hardship

Digital images of TNA SP 12 volume 96 are here [3]

  • TNA SP 12/96. 'England. Matters of State and Force of the Kingdome'
  • TNA SP 12/96. p.1. Returns of the names divisions in the counties of England and Wales, with the names of resident Justices of Peace
  • TNA SP 12/96 p173. The names of the Vice-Admirals in England
  • TNA SP 12/96 p175. The number of churches in every shire
  • TNA SP 12/96 p179. Valuation of the several livings of all the Bishops in England
  • TNA SP 12/96 p182. List of the Bishopricks throughout England, with their clear revenues
  • TNA SP 12/96 p183. Valuation of the several livings of all the Deans in England
  • TNA SP 12/96 p185. Note of such ecclesiastical persons as have more livings than one
  • TNA SP 12/96 p191. The names of all the towns where the posts are, between Berwick and the Court
  • TNA SP 12/96 p192. Names of the post towns coming out of Ireland to London, and from London to Dover
  • TNA SP 12/96 p193. Orders appointed to be generally observed by the Queen's posts throughout the realm
  • TNA SP 12/96 p199. Declaration of Christopher Barker [Baker] tnames of places where iron works and furnaces are erected
  • TNA SP 12/96 p207. The taxation of the subsidies in cities, towns, and ports for the City of London and other counties and towns
  • TNA SP 12/96 p237. Note of such towns and persons as are to contribute to the loan
  • TNA SP 12/96 p238. Names of the Judges, Sergeants, and Pleaders
  • TNA SP 12/96 p241. Names of the officers of the Queen's Courts of Record at Westminster, both English and Latin
  • TNA SP 12/96 p247. Names of the Doctors of the Civil Law and the Ministers of the Ecclesiastical Courts
  • TNA SP 12/96 p251. List of noblemen and gentlemen that have served and are fit to serve in foreign employments
  • TNA SP 12/96 p253. Names of such noblemen and gentlemen as have served in war
  • TNA SP 12/96 p254 Names of Captains at Berwick and in Ireland
  • TNA SP 12/96 p256. Men of service, fit for charge, out of pay
  • TNA SP 12/96 p257. Names of sundry gentlemen and Captains for the sea
  • TNA SP 12/96 p259. Names of forts and castles along the sea coasts, with the Captains that have charge of them
  • TNA SP 12/96 p262. Names of gunners in ordinary and in pension in Kent, Sussex, Southampton, and Isle of Wight
  • TNA SP 12/96 p265. The charge of Berwick and other holds in the East March
  • TNA SP 12/96 p267. List of ships, in various ports, and in the river Thames and its creeks, and the masters in the Thames. 6 Feb 1577
  • TNA SP 12/96 p275. Names of Her Majesty's ships, and number of men required for setting forth the same. 10 Aug 1577
  • TNA SP 12/96 p281. Note of the men, provision, requisite for setting forth twenty-four of the Queen's ships. 24 May 1574
  • TNA SP 12/96 p288. A note of powder for the callivers and great ordnance about Her Majesty's navy. 24 May 1574
  • TNA SP 12/96 p292. Note of 1,000 soldiers, with their Captains, to be levied in Wales, and how they are to be furnished with weapons
  • TNA SP 12/96 p293. Note of the Queen's ships at sea under Henry Palmer, charges for 1,000 men in 6 ships for 6 weeks. 17 July 1576
  • TNA SP 12/96 p294. Survey of all the Queen's ships, boats, &c., with estimates of repairs, expenses in harbour, &c. 1 Feb. 1576.
  • TNA SP 12/96 p297. Powder and munitions for the full furniture of three of the Queen's ships appointed to the seas. Aug. 1576.
  • TNA SP 12/96 p300. Furniture for three ships sent to the seas in May last past. Aug. 1576.
  • TNA SP 12/96 p304. Estimate for 20 of HM ships, for one month. Mariners, gunners, &c., to be had out of certain shires. 1 Jan. 1578.
  • TNA SP 12/96 p308. Note of all cordage and sail canvass delivered out of the store at Deptford. 1 Jan. 1578.
  • TNA SP 12/96 p308 Note of cordage, sails, and other stores furnished to several ships serving in various parts. Aug. 1577
  • TNA SP 12/96 p316. Account of the munitions for twenty-four ships, now to be sent to sea. 1 June. 1574
  • TNA SP 12/96 p323. Account of the armour for twenty-four ships, now to be sent to sea. 1 June. 1574
  • TNA SP 12/96 p327. Abridgment of the certificates of the Musters, divided into counties and towns. 1577
  • TNA SP 12/96 p394. Certificate of Musters of the City of London. 15 Aug. 1569
  • TNA SP 12/96 p405. Certificate of the inns and ale-houses in sundry shires. 1577
  • TNA SP 12/96 p415. Names of all the ports, creeks, and landing-places in England and Wales

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