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June 1572, Anno 14 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 88 are here [1]

Jun 1

  • TNA SP12/88, 1. Letter, Archbishop Parker to Burghley, the discourse of Cambridge has a captious spirit
  • TNA SP12/88, 2. Letter, Harie Skypwith to Burghley, the resigned state of the Duke of Norfolk's mind

Jun 2

  • TNA SP12/88, 3. Letter, Sir Owyn Hopton to Leicester and Burghley, the Duke of Norfolk still unburied
  • TNA SP12/88, 4. Letter, Dr. Christopher Langton to Burghley, compliments him
  • TNA SP12/88, 5. Letter, Archbishop Grindall to Burghley, has asked the Queen for the Bill for coming to Divine Service

Jun 3

  • TNA SP12/88, 6. Letter, Heads of Houses of Cambridge, to Burghley, to punish those objecting to the university statutes

Jun 4

  • TNA SP12/88, 7 Letter, Ralph Lane to Burghley, a plan for keeping soldiers in readiness for an expedition to the East
  • TNA SP12/88, 8 Letter, Proctors of Cambridge to Burghley, thanks

Jun 5

  • TNA SP12/88, 9. Letter, Master of Trinity, to Burghley, commendation of the Statutes given to the University of Cambridge
  • TNA SP12/88, 9. 1. Letter, The Vice Chancellor and Heads of Houses to Whitgyfte, approving the recent Statutes
  • TNA SP12/88, 10. Letter, Chancellor of Norwich, to Burghley, to be allowed to enjoy the living of some rectory or prebend

Jun 6

  • TNA SP12/88, 11. Letter, Edmond Mathew to Burghley, to put in force the Act 5 Eliz. cap. 4 & 5, for Artificers
  • TNA SP12/88, 11. i. The effect of certain branches of the Statute for Artificers and Labourers

Jun 10

  • TNA SP12/88, 12. Letter, some of Cambridge University, to Burghley, to stay the Election of Readers for the next year
  • TNA SP12/88, 13. Letter, some of the Heads of Houses at Cambridge, to Burghley, Complaining of the conduct of the Proctors

Jun 11

  • TNA SP12/88, 14. An Act to provide remedy against fraudulent means used to defeat Wardships, Liveries, and Premier Seizins.
  • TNA SP12/88, 15. Copy of TNA SP12/88, 14.
  • TNA SP12/88, 16. Objections against the bill in Parliament for the Court of Wards touching Leases and Commissions

Jun 12

  • TNA SP12/88, 17. Letter, Lawrence Johnson to Burghley, for money due to him, and to remain at the Mint

Jun 16

  • TNA SP12/88, 18. Letter, Earl of Surrey (son of the late Duke of Norfolk) to Burghley, for his protection
  • TNA SP12/88, 19. Letter, George Lawghton (preceptor of the late Duke of Norfolk's children) to Burghley, progress of the children

Jun 17

  • TNA SP12/88, 20. Description of the installation as Knights of the Garter, at Windsor, expenses for hatchments and rewards

Jun 21

  • TNA SP12/88, 21. Letter, Thomas Lever to Burghley. Evils of the present management of impropriate benefices, proposed remedies
  • TNA SP12/88, 22. Tract, "Ipswich out of England, or Antwerp in England" for a Mart Town at Ipswich
  • TNA SP12/88, 23. Letter, John Johnson to Burghley, suggests the incorporation of a new Company of Merchants

Jun 23

  • TNA SP12/88, 24. Company of Dyers of London to Burghley, Mr. Hastings' plan for dyeing of all cloths and manufactures in England

Jun 24

  • TNA SP12/88, 25. Schedule of Bills in various stages of progress in both Houses of Parliament

Jun 25

  • TNA SP12/88, 26. Schedules of Acts passed the Lower House and still in the Upper House, and of Acts remaining in the Lower House
  • TNA SP12/88, 27. Schedule of Acts passed in both Houses to the 25th of June.
  • TNA SP12/88, 28. Letter, Proctor of Cambridge, to Burghley, Lord North's son, and the stay of the election of Lecturers

Jun 26

  • TNA SP12/88, 29. Letter, Robert Hogan to Leicester, foreign news, solicits a lease of part of Sir Francis Englefyld's lands

Jun 28

  • TNA SP12/88, 30. Letter, Proctor of Cambridge to Burghley, Lord North's son has been made Senior Master of Arts

Jun 29

  • TNA SP12/88, 31. Bill for Assurance of Lands, to certain hospitals in London

June undated

  • TNA SP12/88, 32. Minutes of information in the Court of King's Bench against William Birde
  • TNA SP12/88, 33. Note of parcels of Customs as concealed by William Birde
  • TNA SP12/88, 34. Articles for an Act in Parliament, touching Impropriations, and for saving the Right of Patrons to Presentations
  • TNA SP12/88, 35. Act for revival of the Statute of 2 Ric. II., prohibiting retailing of linen cloth by strangers
  • TNA SP12/88, 36. An Act prohibiting strangers born to sell by way of retail foreign wares brought into the realm
  • TNA SP12/88, 37. Proviso to be added to the "Act relating to the Succession of "the Crown."
  • TNA SP12/88, 38. Letter, Johnson and Goodwyn to Sir Thomas Smith, to make Ipswich into a Mart Town
  • TNA SP12/88, 39. Observations by Johnson, to make Ipswich into a Mart Town would not cause a rebellion
  • TNA SP12/88, 40. Observations by Johnson to make Ipswich into a Mart Town would increase the prosperity of London
  • TNA SP12/88, 41. Discourse by John Johnson, losses sustained by English Merchants cured by the establishment of Mart Towns
  • TNA SP12/88, 42. Statement by the Merchants Adventurers of the advantages to adhering to the ancient Mart Towns abroad
  • TNA SP12/88, 43. Description of necessary Magistrates to be appointed for the Mart Town to be established at Ipswich
  • TNA SP12/88, 44. Order for regulation of the merchants that shall trade to the Mart Town to be kept in England
  • TNA SP12/88, 45. Statement of advantages to be obtained by the establishment of a Mart Town in England
  • TNA SP12/88, 46. "A peece of a discourse for the establishing of a Mart in "England." a fragment
  • TNA SP12/88, 47. Statement of Mr. Hoddosdon's reasons against Johnson's device to make Ipswich into a Mart Town
  • TNA SP12/88, 48. Proposition by John Johnson, for an officer to prevent the exportation of all commodities prohibited by law
  • TNA SP12/88, 49. Proposition by John Johnson, an officer to inspect and survey all goods exported by licence

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