SP 1566 December

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Dec 1566, Anno 9 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 41 are here [1]

Dec 2

  • TNA SP 12/41, 37. Letter, Lady Mary Gray to Cecil, to obtain for her the Queen's mercy

Dec 5

  • TNA SP 12/41, 38. Letter, Thurland to Cecil, gold from Crawford Muir, Scotland

Dec 11

  • TNA SP 12/41, 39. Letter, Winchester to PC, corn ships in Norfolk. has commanded that no corn be shipped, except for Berwick

Dec 12

  • TNA SP 12/41, 40. Preamble to the Bill for the subsidy, corrected by Cecil
  • TNA SP 12/41, 41. Copy of TNA SP 12/41, 40, with corrections by Cecil

Dec 13

  • TNA SP 12/41, 42. Letter, Humfrey to Cecil, progress of Parliamentary bill in the Lords, battery and calamine works

Dec 14

  • TNA SP 12/41, 43. Petition, Bishops to the Queen, praying that the Parliamentary bill for Uniformity in Religion be allowed to pass

Dec 19

  • TNA SP 12/41, 44. Parliamentary bill extending the privileges of the Fellowship of Merchant Adventurers of England

Dec 20

  • TNA SP 12/41, 45. Letter, Humfrey to Cecil, Parliamentary bill for the manufacture of latten has been again disapproved in the Lords

Dec 21

  • TNA SP 12/41, 46. Letter, Archbp. Parker to Cecil, to borrow the Book of Articles, Queen laments no prayer and fasting in her Court
  • TNA SP 12/41, 47. Letter, Keys to Cecil, complains of ill usage by the Warden of the Fleet Prison, Lady Mary Grey's husband
  • TNA SP 12/41, 47. 1. Statement, Thomas Keys, tainted food which made him ill, Lady Mary Grey's husband
  • TNA SP 12/41, 48. Letter, Lord Cobham to the Mayor, of Folkstone. Precept to levy the assessment
  • TNA SP 12/41, 49. Objections, to the Clothworkers' Bill, and answers to the objections
  • TNA SP 12/41, 50. Answer, Sir Wm. Garrard and others, to the complaint made by the Clothworkers, export of Kentish cloths

Dec 22

  • TNA SP 12/41, 51. Letter, Bishop of Rochester, to Cecil, Bishop of Gloucester's objection to one of the Articles

Dec 25

  • TNA SP 12/41, 52. Account of the tenths due by the clergy at Christmas. Dec. 25 1566.

Dec 28

  • TNA SP 12/41, 53. Letter, Humfrey to Cecil, Earl of Worcester objects to the wire works, Parliamentary bill

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