SP 1566/7 March

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March 1566/7 Anno 9 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 42 are here [1]

Mar 4

  • TNA SP 12/42, 24. Indenture of lease, Cecil to Mountjoy, patent for manufacturing alum

Mar 7

  • TNA SP 12/42, 25. Order, to the Earl of Northumberland not to obstruct the mining in Cumberland, his rights shall be protected
  • TNA SP 12/42, 26. Letter, Pembroke, Leicester and Cecil, Northumberland, have given instructions to Nedham, mining
  • TNA SP 12/42, 27. Letter, Thurland to Cecil, Sends him plans of Keswick, the smelting house, Newlands, and the other mines

Mar 8

  • TNA SP 12/42, 28. Letter, Cobham to Cecil, the ship of Middleborough, wrecked on the Goodwin sands

Mar 12

  • TNA SP 12/42, 29. Letter, Winchester to Cecil, Lady Lennox is in the custody of Ladies Dacre and Sackvile, she wants money

Mar 13

  • TNA SP 12/42, 30. Letter, Cornelius Alnetanus [Lannoy] to Cecil, Promises to perform his offers to the Queen, making gold
  • TNA SP 12/42, 30. 1. Letter, Cornelius Alnetanus [Lannoy] to the Queen to produce gold and gems by a chemical process

Mar 14

  • TNA SP 12/42, 31. Letter, Northumberland to Pembroke, Leicester and Cecil, minerals dug up at Newlands belong to him only
  • TNA SP 12/42, 32. Copy of TNA SP 12/42, 31 with copies of other letters of similar import

Mar 16

  • TNA SP 12/42, 33. Letter, Thurland to Leicester and Cecil, problems with the Earl of Northumberland
  • TNA SP 12/42, 34. Letter, Queen to the Earl of Arundel, thanks for the things he has sent her, and hopes he will enjoy his health

Mar 20

  • TNA SP 12/42, 35. Letter, Hechstetter to the Queen, the Earl of Northumberland has obstructed mining at Newlands
  • TNA SP 12/42, 36. Proposal, for a grant of the survey of all the customs inward and outward

Mar 22

  • TNA SP 12/42, 37. Letter, Thurland to Cecil, for advice in the mining operations
  • TNA SP 12/42, 38. Account, for apparel with rapier and daggers, the Earl of Oxford, wardship

Mar 24

  • TNA SP 12/42, 39. Letter, Nedham to Cecil, his proceedings with Northumberland about the ores dug up at Newlands

Mar 25

  • TNA SP 12/42, 40. Letter, Northumberland to Pembroke, Leicester and Cecil, has agreed to removal of 200 buckets of ore

Mar 29

  • TNA SP 12/42, 41. Certificate, subsidy payable within certain hundreds of the county of Surrey

March undated

  • TNA SP 12/42, 42. List, merchants of Holland exempt from contribution to the subsidy within the City of London

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