London Court Records

From Waalt

  • E1343 A: Error. London Hustings (15 Edward III). Replevin. Abbot of Waltham Cross v. Adam le Troyere. [1] rcp
  • T1347 A: Error. London hustings (19 Edward II). (Error on) error on replevin. Abbot of Waltham Holy Cross v. Adam le Treyere. [2] rcp

  • 1373 A: relation in Common Pleas of Hustings case: fronts: [3]; dorses:[4]
  • H1399 A: Bill of debt brought by Richard Brendewode, draper, against Roger de Saperton, custodian of the Fleet Prison, with reference to a case heard in the sheriffs' court before Thomas Austyn (Richard Brendewode, draper vs. William Malverne, action of account, £50) dorses: [5]; [6]; [7]; [8]; fronts: [9]