CP 138, 21b

From Waalt

CP Vol 138 f.21

HMC Vol 1 p 181 No 618

Haynes Page 242 Number 223

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740 15 Feb 1559 From my Lord his Grace and the Counsaile here to Mr. Secretarie

From the Duke of Norfolk's Book of Entries.

YOUR Lettres of the 11th at Nighte, arrived here the 15th at five of the Clock in the Mornynge; in the which ye have not annswered us, neither howe we shall procead in our Conference and Consultation with the Lords of Scotland, ne yet whiche of the Hostags we shall receive; trusting that you woll not forgeate to advise us in that behalf with all spede. The Appointment of our meeting with the said Lords is by two Daies prevented, as by our last Lettres you have perceived: And sooner it cannot be, for that, as we uuderstand, the seid Lords having determyned uppon the 23d Daie, are not nowe togithers, and therefore cannott appoynte a new Day convenyentlye. Our Proportion of Artilerye, althoughe to you ther it seameth lardge, is to us here thought to be with the leste; for the Furnyture whereof we shall make the best shyffte here we cann: Our lacke wilbe of lymner Horses for the Draught of grete Ordynaunce, which are not to be hadd within the Lymitts of my Commission of Lyuetenancey, althou I have donn the best I cann therein: And therefore I pray you, take Order for the Provission of three hundred to be hadd in Northamptonshire, and suche other Shires Sowthward, where they may be soonest hadd; with allso Horse Harness, and Draught Geare, mete and necessarie for the said Horsses; not doubting but if good Diligence be used, the same may be provided and sent hither in Tyme to serve this torne. We marveile not a little, that we hier nothing of Abington, ne yet of the arryvall of any suffyciente Furnyture of Victuall; whereof, if it be not supplyed in tyme, we shall have suche a lacke, as wllbe the hinderaunce of the hoole Service. The more ye haste the Reenforcement of the Navie here, and also the sending of the more Treasure, the better shall all Things succede, Godd willinge. Herewith ye shall receive suche Lettres, as Yesternight arrived here from Sir James Croffts, with others addressed to Sir Ralph Sadleyr and hym, from the Erle of Arraine and the Lorde James, out of Scotland. And so fare ye most hartely well. From Newcastle this 15th of Feb. 1559.

Tho. Norffolk, W. Gray, R. Sadler, G. Howard, F. Leeke.