CP 138, 20a

From Waalt

CP Vol 138 f.20

HMC Vol 1 p 179 No 614

Haynes Page 240 Number 220

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740 From my Lord his Grace and the Counsaile here to Mr. Secretarie 11 Feb 1559

From the Duke of Norfolk's Book of Entries.

AFTER right hartie Commendations. I have received Lettres from the Quene Dowagier of Scotland, brought hither by a Scottishe Herauld; whiche Lettre I send you herewith. And albeit the same importeth sum Credytt to have bene commytted to the seid Herauld, yet had he nothing at all to saye, besides the Contents of his Lettres. Wherefore supposing rather, that he was addressed hither, to espie our Doings here, then for any other speciall Cause, I thought good for the Reciproque, to send the Aunswer to the seid Dowagier, by an Englisshe Harawld, to thintent he may bring us suche Intelligence of theirDoings in Scotland, as he cann attein: And I dismyssed the Scottishe Harauld, to whom, I said, that, within a Daie or twoo, I wold send, a speciall Messenger to the seid Dowagier, with suche Annswerr to here seid Lettres, as I doubted not, shuld be to here contentacion. According whereunto I have nowe sente Chester Herauld to Edinborghe for that Purpose, with Lettres to the seid Dowagier, of suche Effecte, as ye shall perceive by the Copie of the same, which I send you herewith. Also I send you a Copie of a Proclamacion, nowe sett forthe by the said Dowagier; wherby you may perceive, that they looke for nothinge more certeinly then for oppen Hostlyytie and Warr at our Hands; and woll doo what they cann to provide for the same: And therefore the more expedyent it is, that suche Enterprisses as shalbe taken in Hand, may so well be considered and forseen, as they may be accomplisshed with the more Saftie. Howe the seid Proclamation shalbe obeyed, orwhat shall ensewe thereof, as we cann geate Knowledge, ye shalbe advertised.

Tho. Norffolk, W. Gray, R. Sadler, G. Howard, F. Leek.