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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1876 C78/, no. []
1876 12 Jan John Campbell Dicker v. Philip Carpenter Rowden; Francis John Rogers; Sheridan Charles Appleyard; and George Francis King C78/2250, no. 17 [2]
1876 28 Jan Edward Wylam; Charles John Wylam; and George Butham Batchelor v. George Collins C78/2251, no. 5 [3]
1876 28 Jan Elisha Short & Alice his wife v. Samuel Ridge and James jackson an infant C78/2251, no. 6 [4]
1876 29 Jan Sarah Crawford v. The Hornsea Steam Brick and Tile Works Limited C78/2250, no. 4 [5]
1876 31 Jan Dolores Hoya Benjumea widow v. Joseph de Cortune C78/2250, no. 5 [6]
1876 9 March Thomas Taylor v. Dame Eliza Catherine Lambert widow; The Reverend William Henry Lambert; The Reverend Cyril Randolph; The Reverend William Wellington Yong; Richard Pawis; John Christopher Pawle; The Reverend Brook Lambert; George Biddulph; Robert Biddulph; and The Reverend Greville Henry Lambert C78/2252, no. 17 [7]
1876 16 June Charles Waring; James Clark; William Waring; John Clavell; Mansell Pleydell; and Thomas Gibson Bowles five of the directors of the Somerset and Dorset Railway Company In the matter of the Somerset and Dorset Railway Company: a purported scheme of arrangement C78/2252, no. 10 [8]
1876 18 Feb Joseph Eardley & Lucy his wife and Louisa Birks widow v. The Right Honorable Earl Granville K.G. C78/2252, no. 13 [9]
1876 1 Aug Henry George Ashhurst of 9 Freechurch Street, London, esq, chairman of The Board of Directors of the Newry and Armagh Railway Company; John Winterbotham Batten of 35 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington, Middx, esq; Charles William Earle of 47 Cambridge Terrace, Hyde Park, esq; John Edward Campbell Kock of 113 Cannon Street, London, esq; and William Cuthbert Quilter of 8a Tokenhouse Yard, London, esq being the major part of the directors of the said company In the matter of the Companies Act 1867 in relation to the Newry and Armagh Railway Company and their creditors: a purported scheme of arrangment C78/2252, no. 14 [10]
1876 22 Sept Mary Anne Hodgens v. Thomas Hodgens; Penelope Maheu; Thomas Henry Hodgens; and Violet Mary Hodgens Case in the Chancery Court of Ireland C78/2252, no. 15 [11]
1876 C78/, no. []