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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1875 C78/, no. []
1875 11 Jan Louisa Heartley the wife of the Reverend Charles Tebbott-Heartley by John William Morris his next friend and the said Charles Tebbott-Heartley C78/2247, no. 15 [2]
1875 12 Jan The Republic of Liberia v. The Imperial Bank Limited; David Chinnery; William Spencer Anderson out of the jurisdiction; Henry Washington Johnson out of the jurisdiction; Edward williams; Henry Stavely King; Robert Fitzroy Holderness; George Nott; John Browne Hardwick; Edward Farrow Roye; John Nanstedler Lewis out of the jurisdiction; Edward Parry; William Lovell; and the Commercial Bank of Liverpool C78/2247, no. 7 [3]
1875 15 Jan The London Bank of Commerce Limited and Reduced In the matter of the Companies Act 1867 in relation to the London Bank of Commerce Limited and Reduced C78/2247, no. 16 [4]
1875 16 Jan Sir Savile Brinton Crossley baronet an infant by John Forster Baird his next friend v. John Crossley; Edward Crossley; Louis John Crossley; Henry Crossley; and Benjamin Musgrave C78/2246, no. 2 [5]
1875 16 Jan The Attorney General by the relation of the Reverend James Wastie Green clerk v. Sir Thomas Peyton baronet; The Reverent George Edmund Walker clerk; John Billett; William Bodger; Frederick Bostock & Ellen his wife; Eliza Clark widow; Thomas Titchmarsh Elliott; Edgar Foster; The Reverend Peter Charles Mellish Hoskins clerk; Thomas O'Connor; Thomas Vawser; William Vawser; Harry Spencer Waddington; Charles Watson; Thomas Watson; Mary Ann Wise widow; William Vawser Pope; John Brown; The Reverend William Howorth clerk; and Richard Orton C78/2246, no. 3 [6]
1875 19 Jan Alfred Bailey and Edward Alexander Paterson v. Hugh Massy Ryves and Florence Alma Ryves infants by Louisa Anne Ryves their guardian an litem In the matter of an act of 4 George IV c. 76 entitled An Act for amending the laws respecting the solemnization of marriages in England in relation to Hugh Massey Ryves and Florence Alma Ryves infants etc and in the matter of an Act of 18-19 Victoria c. 43 entitled An Act to enable infants with the approbation of the Court of Chancery to make binding settlements of their real and personal estate on marriage. C78/2245, no. 19 [7]
1875 19 Jan Charles Franklin Hopkins & Mary Hopkins his wife v. Frederick Abbott; Benjamin Parsons; and Mary Ellen Badcock C78/2247, no. 8 [8]
1875 20 Jan Mary Elizabeth Browne widow a person of unsound mind not found so by inquisition since deceased by John Frederick Nokes her brother and next friend v. James George Lewis C78/2249, no. 4 [9]
1875 22 Jan Emma Parker Penny and Catherine Swainson Penny v. John Finch; Frederick William Finch and Edward Francis Roberts and Elizabeth Mary Finch spinster; Edward James Finch; Richard John Finch; and Howard Benjamin Finch C78/2248, no. 1 [10]
1875 27 Jan Sarah Congsheth Ellis widow v. Gertrude Ellis; Susan Morris Ellis; Francis Joseph Ellis; and Francis Thompson C78/2247, no. 11 [11]
1875 27 Jan William Thomas v. John Meader and Joseph Richmond C78/2248, no. 2 [12]
1875 30 Jan Henry Gruning and William McAndrew v. John Robinson; Robert Davies Pryce; Joseph Davies; Edward Morris; and Sarah Fisher since deceased; and George Owen on behalf of themselves and other holders of debentures issued by the Newtown and Machynlleth Railway Company under the provisions of the Newtown and Machynlleth Railway Act 1854 v. The Cambrian Railways Company; George Lewis; Henry Gartside; Samuel Salter; Ann Fisher; Thomas Breese; Ann Warburton; Owen Hugh William Kyffin; The Reverend David Davies clerk; Thomas Robinson; John Croft, John Smout; William Fisher; Ann Pugh; Edward Jones; and Frederick Adolphus Fynney C78/2248, no. 3 [13]
1875 11 Feb William Cavendish duke of Devonshire v. William Mackinnon C78/2249, no. 5 [14]
1875 12 Feb Charles Ross v. John Morgan Ross C78/2248, no. 4 [15]
1875 13 Feb George William Smith Fielding v. Mary Ann Rodda C78/2247, no. 9 [16]
1875 23 Feb Henry William Goldring v. Moses Anker C78/2247, no. 17 [17]
1875 26 Feb Abraham Hodgson Phillpotts; Willian de Winton; Robert Castle Jenkins; Stephen Robinson; and Anthony Temple being a major part of the directors of the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway Company In the matter of the Companies Act 1867 in relation to the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway Company: a purported scheme of arrangement C78/2247, no. 12 [18]
1875 27 Feb William Izard Ex parte the Metropolitan Board of Works Ex parte the trustee of William Jones Estate in the matter of the Metropolitan Street Improvement Act 1873 and the Lands Clauses Consolidation Acts C78/2247, no. 18 [19]
1875 27 Feb Frances Alice Wells of Scarborough, Yorks, spinster v. Abraham Jagger C78/2248, no. 5 [20]
1875 2 March Robert Page of Bath, Som, esq v. Heathfield Young; Arthur Hyde Dendy and Albinia Martina Dendy C78/2251, no. 2 [21]
1875 5 March Peter Forbes; Joseph Townsend; and James Burgess Readman copartners carrying on business under the style or firm of Peter Forbes & Co. Manufacturing Chemists and Paraffin Oil makers; Port Dundas Oil Works; Port Dundas Oil Works (sic); Port Dundas Glasgow in the Kingdom of Scotland C78/2248, no. 10 [22]
1875 8 March The Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of Oxford v. Joseph Alison Muir; Francis Field since deceased; John Hutton; William Bayne; James Dee; William Graham; William Cook since deceased; Richard Cartwright; Ebenezer Joseph Tarry; Henry Stew; and Charles Bacon; and the Attorney General C78/2248, no. 11 [23]
1875 9 March The Printing and Numerical Registering Company Limited v. Simeon Sampson C78/2248, no. 12 [24]
1875 11 March The Attorney General at the relation of The most noble George Granville William duke of Sutherland and the said George Granville William duke of Sutherland v. The Tunstall Local Board of Health C78/2248, no. 13 [25]
1875 15 March Charlotte Frances Gisborne widow a person of unsound mind so found by inquisition by James Harington Trevelyan her next friend; Louisa Mann; and Harington Astley Trevelyan the committees of her person and estate; and the said James harington Trevelyan; Louisa Mann; and Harington Astley Trevelyan v. Walter Joseph Gisborne; Abraham Bass; Francis Gisborne; Lionel Gisborne; William Gisborne; Thomas Matthew Gisborne; Lydia Roxby widow; Henry Edmund Roxby; and Edmund William Roxby C78/2252, no. 1 [26]
1875 17 March The Republic of Costa Rica v. Emile Erlanger; Louis Erlanger; Alfred Cohen; Louis Cohen; Lionel Cohen; Robert Diirr out of the jurisdiction; William Knowles; and Richard Foster C78/2247, no. 10 [27]
1875 22 March Perceval Alleyn Nairne v. Frederick Young; Sidney Young; and John Young since deceased; Alfred Domett; Robert Curling and Dohn Domett C78/2247, no. 19 [28]
1875 24 March The Panama and South Pacific Telegraph Company Limited v. The India Rubber Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Company Limited; Matthew Gray; Sir Charles Tilston Bright (knight); Don Carlos Pza Soldan; and John Studdy Leigh C78/2248, no. 14 [29]
1875 24 March Republic of Paraguay v. Charles Edward Lewis, Arnold Summers Munns, and John Spencer Longden gentlemen In the matter of Charles Edward Lewis, Arnold Summers Munns, and John Spencer Longden gentlemen C78/2250, no. 2 [30]
1875 20 April The Reverend Charles Richard William Waldy; Laura Waldy his wife by William Edward Scargill Taylor her next friend; and Grace Catherine Waldy; Charles Horatio de Greamonsway Waldy; Richard de Garmonsway Waldy; and Isabella Laura Waldy infants by the said Charles Richard William Waldy infants by the said Charles Richard William Waldy their father; and Henry Temple Waldy v. James Gray a registered public officer of the London and County Bank C78/2248, no. 15 [31]
1875 22 April The Republic of Peru v. Thomas Matthias Weguelin; William Gladstone; Henry Parkinson Sharp; and Robert Stewart Gladstone C78/2247, no. 22 [32]
1875 23 April William Slark; John Rendle; and James Slark v. Eliza Slark the wife of the plaintiff William Slark; Emily Laura Slark; and Katherine Slark; William Slark; Percy William Slark; and Maud Florence Slark (all infants); Anna Maria Dakyns widow; Walter Ingabram Balfour Ogilvy & Amy his wife; William Lort; Mansell Horsley Dakyns; Emily Anne Cope widow; Walter Cope; Louis cope; Frank Cope; Hugh Stonehewer Bird & Ellen Mary his wife; William Stonehewer Bird; and Mary Stonehewer Bird; Katerine Stonehewer Bird; and Frank Stonehewer Bird (all infants); Robert Newberry Cobbett & Louisa Laura his wife; Charles Cobbett and Percy Cobbett; Ethel Cobbett; and Eleanor Cobbett (all infants); Francis Cope & FLorence Yelverton his wife; Godfrey Louis Cope; Ida Phillipina Clara Antonia Elise Cope; Constanze Catherine Clementina Yelverton Cope; Carl Edward Hubert Maria Cope; and Mabel Agnes Blanche Ella Louise Cope; and Cecil Thomas Ernest Cope C78/2248, no. 16 [33]
1875 24 April William Walton and Alfred Walton v. Lydia Maria Lea widow C78/2248, no. 17 [34]
1875 7 May Thomas Kains v. Hammon Paine and George Paine C78/2248, no. 6 [35]
1875 7 May Daniel Backhouse Syers v. Morris robert Syers and Edward Lewis Paraire C78/2248, no. 18 [36]
1875 8 May Fausto Masenlli a person of unsound mind not so found by inquisition by Nathan Glossop Pennington his next friend v. Francisco Smith and George Henry Hodgkinson respectively out of the jurisdiction; and Richard Povey C78/2252, no. 2 [37]
1875 10 May Walter Howell v. The Merrybent and Darlington Railway Company C78/2247, no. 20 [38]
1875 22 May William Bagster executor of George Bagster on behalf of himself and other creditors of Charles Watson v. Mary Watson widow In the matter of the estate of Charles Watson late of Kilburn, Midd, gentleman C78/2248, no. 19 [39]
1875 27 May Michael Daintry Hollins v. Colin Minton Campbell and Robert Minton Taylor C78/2252, no. 3 [40]
1875 31 May Elizabeth Whittaker widow; George Wainwright; and Joseph Ogden v. Edwin Whittaker and George Henry Kenworthy C78/2248, no. 20 [41]
1875 1 June Thomas Spalding; Eliza Amelia the wife of the defendant Thomas Hibble Higgs by the said Thomas Spalding her father; and Lewis Leonard Spalding Higgs; Mabel Florence Halton Higgs; and Winifred Grace Spalding Higgs respectively infants by the said Thomas Spalding their next friend v. Thomas Hibble Higgs C78/2250, no. 8 [42]
1875 1 June Alice Ann Yardley; John Watkins Yardley; George Watkins Yardley; Louise Mary Yardley; and Violet Esther Chappe Yardley all infants by Alice Yardley widow and Charles Hardy Bowker their guardians v. William Holland & Ann Watkins his wife deceased; and Ann Elizabeth Holland; William Yardley Holland; Sarah Leigh Holland; and Alice Mary Holland all infants; The Reverend William Allen Richard Leigh Holland; Frederick Richard Marshall; Thomas Fletcher Chappe; Thomas Cross; John Arthur Sidebottom; Robert Whatley; Nevill Lewis Loyd; Edward Loyd; and William Jones Loyd C78/2250, no. 9 [43]
1875 5 June Dorothy Georgiana Louisa Walker spinster; Isabella Elizabeth Atkinson Walker spinster; Annie Antonia Titley Naters Walker spinster; Ralph Walker Horace Walker; Cyril Walker; Ann Isabella Spicer wife of William Spicer by John Elliot her next friend; Henrietta Lynn wife of the Reverend George Goodenough Lynn by the said John Elliott her next friend; the said William Spicer; and George Goodenough Lynn and Henry Stapylton In the matter of the Trustee Act 1850 in relation to the trusts of the will of Ann Isabella Trewhill C78/2248, no. 21 [44]
1875 5 June Edward Charlton of no. 64 Marylebone Road, Mx, doctor of medicine and Phillip Thomas Blyth of no. 17 Gracechurch Street, London, merchant In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 and 1867 in relation to The Canadian Oil Works Corporation Limited C78/2249, no. 7 [45]
1875 7 June The London and South Western Railway Company v. John James; Robert Milburn; Christopher Milburn; Edward Beeston Crawford Ellison; Silas William Baggs; Edward Jordan Hough; George Alexander Laws; Robert Watson Surtees; Catherine Jackson widow since dimissed; John Bree since dismissed; Mary Cluett widow; Elizabeth Nicolle Burell widow since dismissed; George Fentum since dismissed; John Lane since dismissed; John Lewis since dismissed; Charles le Feuvre since dismissed; Philip le Geyt since dismissed; Jane Luce widow since dismissed; Thomas Owen Lyte since dismissed; Charles Norman; John Henry Rohr since dismissed; William Henry Rowe since dismissed; Fanny Elizabeth Smith Widow since dismissed; and Daniel Statt since dismissed
1875 7 June Sarah Major and Clara Major spinsters v. Nicholas Gedye; Charles James Jolland; and Jane Chase C78/2252, no. 5 [46]
1875 8 June Henry Robert Herbert Mytton and Frances Harriott Mytton spinster respectively infants by Edward Bowen Lawes their next friend v. Devereux Herbert Mutton and Sydney Smith C78/2248, no. 22 [47]
1875 10 June Mary Saunders widow v. Robert Marchant; Edmund Napoleon Haines; and Alexander Devas Bruce C78/2250, no. 10 [48]
1875 12 June The National Society for promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church throughout England and Wales v. The School Board for London; The Reverend William English; Charles Henry Charlton; James Kibble; Thomas Staynes; Thomas Westbury Hall; and James Banks Pittman C78/2248, no. 7 [49]
1875 18 June William Little & Susanna Little otherwise Kirkwood his wife; John Kerrigan & Anna Kerrigan otherwise Kirkwood his wife; Francis Clifford & Maria Clifford otherwise Kirkwood his wife v. Robert Kirkwood; William Rutledge Kirkwood; John Fallon Kirkwood; and John Fallon Kirkwood administrator of Hannah Kirkwood; Thomas Meehan &Eliza Meehan other Kirkwood his wife; Louisa Kirkwood; James Stirling; and Samuel Crozier McCormack; and by amendment The Right Honorable William Nathaniel Massey; The Honorable Albert Henry Petre; and William Emmens Case from the Court of Chancery in Ireland C78/2253, no. 5 [50]
1875 29 June Joseph Clarke v. George Horner Enard Cookson In the matter of the estate of John George Reynard Cookson late of Whitehall Park Chester-le-Street, Durham, esq C78/2249, no. 8 [51]
1875 1 July Edwin Newman and Henley Grose Smith v. William Williams C78/2250, no. 1 [52]
1875 7 July Hugh Ferguson v. Joseph Henry Ferguson; Mary Jane Ferguson; Susanna Spencer Ferguson; Oscar Ferguson; Gerald Ferguson; Rose Ferguson; Eva Araminta Ferguson; Ellen J. Ferguson and Benjamin Dawson Watlock Case in the Court of Chancery in Ireland C78/2247, no. 21 [53]
1875 8 July Benjamin Pickering v. George Hodge C78/2250, no. 11 [54]
1875 9 July Charles Spepheard v. John Walker; Charles Hoggart Walker; and James Chabot C78/2250, no. 12 [55]
1875 12 July The Agra Bank Limited v. Charles Ladd Christian and The Imperial Credit Land Company Limited and Reduced C78/2249, no. 9 [56]
1875 12 July Charles Ladd Christian v. The Imperial Credit Company Limited and Reduced C78/2249, no. 10 [57]
1875 12 July Hugh Thomas Eastman the elder; Hugh Thomas Eastman the younger; Mary Sheffield; Isaac Sheffield; John Sheffield; and Thomas Needham Sheffield v. Alfred Blackburne Frend and Samuel Edwards C78/2249, no. 11 [58]
1875 13 July Frederic Meller v. Alexander Albert Wise C78/2252, no. 6 [59]
1875 14 July Robert Watson v. William Woodman; Benjamin Woodman since deceased; and Edward Thomas Row C78/2250, no. 13 [60]
1875 17 July William Clark v. Patrick Adie C78/2249, no. 6 [61]
1875 20 July In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to the Canadian Oil WOrks Corporation Limited C78/2249, no. 12 [62]
1875 20 July Amelia Andrew the wife of the defendant Thomas Andrew and Blanche Perkins the wife of the defendant Henry Perkins by John Hurrell their next friend v. William Pitman; The Reverend Thomas Andrew and Henry Perkins C78/2249, no. 13 [63]
1875 23 July Arthur Pilcher v. Richard Edward Arden; Douglas Arden; Robert Montague Tabor; and Thomas Cuvelje C78/2250, no. 14 [64]
1875 27 July William Vinall v. Christopher Wand White; Charles Henry White; and William Ballinger C78/2250, no. 15 [65]
1875 30 July Alexander Dancer v. the Attorney General C78/2249, no. 14 [66]
1875 30 July William Lyon v. The Wardens and Commonalty of the mistery of Fishmongers of the City of London commonly called the Fishmongers Company and the Conservators of the River Thames C78/2252, no. 7 [67]
1875 31 July Alice Louisa Maria Rebecca Mosely spinster and Gertrude Mariam Mosely spinster v. Lewin Mosely; Simeon Mosely the younger; Frederick Solomon Mosely; Simeon Mosely; Elizabeth Mosely; and Joseph Henry Cooke C78/2252, no. 8 [68]
1875 2 Aug Alexander Dancer v. The Attorney General C78/2249, no. 15 [69]
1875 9 Nov Copleston Lopes Radcliffe v. William Henry Banks and Hector Martin Rowell C78/2251, no. 3 [70]
1875 10 Nov Nathaniel Cox of Bangor, Caernarvon commission agent and James Rowe of Liverpool gentleman v. Henry Neal and Cornelius Richard White C78/2249, no. 16 [71]
1875 13 Nov Nicholas Rundle v. William Jasper Rendell C78/2251, no. 4 [72]
1875 18 Nov Mary Canter v. Herbert Wodehouse C78/2252, no. 12 [73]
1875 9 Dec Thomas Temple Selby v. William Selby Sowndes C78/2250, no. 16 [74]
1875 9 Dec Hannah Eliza wife of the defendant James Hastie by William Toone St Auburn her next friend and the said William Toone St Auburn v. the said James Hastie and Francis O'Neill one of the duly registered public officers of the National Bank C78/2252, no. 9 [75]
1875 15 Dec John Whitlock; Nicholl Carne; John Richard Homfray; Hubert Churchill Gould; and Thomas Grotrex being the major part of the directors of the Cowbridge Railway Company In the matter of the Companies Act 1867 in relation to the Cowbridge Railway Company: a purported scheme of arrangement C78/2250, no. 3 [76]
1875 C78/, no. []