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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1867 C78/, no. []
1867 11 Jan Edward Raphael; Thomas Barnett; and Henry William Birch v. The Thames Valley Railway Company and William Ben; Nicholas Green C78/2206, no. 14 [2]
1867 12 Jan John Muddelle In the matter of the Companys Act 1862 in relation to the Marine Estates Company Limited C78/2206, no. 15 [3]
1867 12 Jan Hugh Culling Eardley Childers and Godfrey Lushington v. Sir Eardley Gideon Culling Eardley baronet; Dame Emily Florence Montgomery wife of the said Sir Eardley Gideon Culling Eardley; Joseph Eglese; William James Thomas; John Campbell Dicker; and the Attorney General C78/2206, no. 16 [4]
1867 12 Jan The Reverend Richard Buckeridge and John Marson v. William Whalley C78/2229, no. 3 [5]
1867 13 Jan Benjamin Eastwood v. Ben Lockwood an infant; Mary Lockwood; Benjamin Lockwood; and George Lockwood C78/2207, no. 14 [6]
1867 16 Jan The Attorney General at the relation of Robert Needham Philips v. The Right Reverend Thomas Buckley clerk since deceased; The Reverend Thomas Daniel Cox Morse clerk incumbent of the parish of Stretford; The dean and canons of the Cathedral Church of Manchester; John Bradshaw; and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England; The Reverend Charles Frederick Buckley clerk; Edward Akroyd; and the Reverend William Doyle clerk C78/2055, no. 14 [7]
1867 16 Jan Thomas Smith v. Alfredo George Smith C78/2206, no. 17 [8]
1867 18 Jan Reginald Wynniatt v. John Francis Vaughan and Thomas William Wynniatt C78/2207, no. 9 [9]
1867 18 Jan Charles Oldham v. Joseph Oldham; Luttrell Lewin Clark; Helen Oldham (the wife of the plaintiff); and also Florence Helen Oldham; Emma Frances Oldham since deceased; Elizabeth Jean Oldham; and Charles Steinner Dansey Oldham Oldam infants C78/2211, no. 3 [10]
1867 18 Jan George John Chamberlaine and John Haires v. George Orred C78/2219, no. 1 [11]
1867 26 Jan Sarah Williams and Thomas Jones v. John Williams; and Samuel Percy Williams now deceased; Charles Stanley Williams; Edith Sarah Williams; Frederick Vernon Williams; and Florence Williams C78/2207, no. 10 [12]
1867 26 Jan Harry Stephen Thompson; George Hicks Seymour; and the North Eastern Railway Company v. George Hudson; The Reverend Henry Blisset clerk; Hugh Fraser Lundeman; James Laurence William Vizard; Frederick Twynam; William Henry Barney; Francis Bartlett; Idin Heathcoat Amory; George Wythes; Jonathan Hopkinson one of the duly registered public officers of the Commercial Bank of London; Elizabeth Catherine Frances Caine; Thomas Hacher Bodilly; Thomas Flight; Augustus William Garrison; Vincent Amandus Hassel; Gottllieb Adolph Freudensheil; Abraham Darby; Henry Dickenson; William Tothill; Thomas Brown; Joseph Robinson; Andrew Christie; Joseph Georgesince dismissed; and the Westminster Improvement Commissioners C78/2207, no. 11 [13]
1867 28 Jan Joanna Sophia Phillips Beavan; Hugh John Cadill Beavan; Horace Charles Beavan; Arthur Henry Beavan; and Alfred Edward Beavan all infants by Thomas Drew Beavan their next friend v. Joanna Beavan and Thomas Paterson Anderson C78/2207, no. 12 [14]
1867 29 Jan The Right Honorable Archibald William earl of Eglinton and Winton; Sir Frederick Leopold Arthur baronet; and Henry Danby Seymour v. Sir Charles Montolieu Lamb baronet C78/2206, no. 18 [15]
1867 29 Jan Thomas Gardner v. William Cracroft Fooks; Alexander Brown; John Wild Price; The Reverend George Pecock; William Froward Gilder & Sarah Maria his wife; Charles Taddy Hatfield; Francis Harrison & Mary Marsh his wife; Harriett Davis; John Harvey Boys; Joseph Staner David Price; and Bernard Bedwell Portal C78/2207, no. 13 [16]
1867 7 Feb The Cardiff Preserved Coal and Coke Company Limited; Thomas Hill; and Edward Mant Miller; Official Liquidators of the said Company v. The Reverend Thomas Norton clerk; Henry Mortlock Ommauncy; Henry Walker Wood; Thomas Allen George Ashcroft since dismissed; William Bartram; John Cory; Richard Cory the elder; Richard Cory the younger; Thomas Cory; Henry Cautes Wickham Flower Sankey Gardiner; Sir William Hodges when he come within the jurisdiction; Joseph Morecombe since dismissed; Elizabeth Jane Norton; George Richardson Wilberforce Tribe; John White Welsh; Benjamin Wilkins; Charles Houston Wood; Thomas Henton Wood; and the Crown Preserved Coal Company Limited C78/2207, no. 15 [17]
1867 8 Feb Richard Collett Wright and George Wright v. Christopher Thomas Cooke; Edward Francis Wright; George Wright; Isaac Wright; Ezekiel Wright; and John Wright C78/2207, no. 16 [18]
1867 9 Feb Richard Baker of Swaffham, Norf, surveyor In the matter of Overend Gurney and Company Limited C78/2207, no. 17 [19]
1867 11 Feb The Asiatic Banking Corporation In the matter of The Companies Act 1862 in relation to the Agra and Mastermans Bank Limited C78/2207, no. 18 [20]
1867 12 Feb James Freeland & Elizabeth Jeffs his wife v. John Pearson & Martha Lidbrook his wife; Samuel Stevens & Christiana Wood his wife; Robert Escreet Linsey; John Henry Linsey; Thomas Busby Linsey; Eliza Dorothea Linsey; and John Scott C78/2207, no. 19 [21]
1867 13 Feb George Best v. William Stonehewer; Joshua Stonehewer; Jemima Stonehewer; Frederick Harvey Stonehewer; and Frederick Stonehewer C78/2207, no. 20 [22]
1867 14 Feb In the matter of the Companies Act 1861 in relation to The Accidental and marine Insurance Corporation Limited C78/2208, no. 1 [23]
1867 16 Feb Landeded Estates Court Ireland in the matter of the estate of Eliza Smallman widow owner and Richard Atkinson petitioner C78/2208, no. 2 [24]
1867 20 Feb William Knox v. Frederick Gite C78/2212, no. 10 [25]
1867 21 Feb Edward Baker Bere of St Stephen Road, Westbourne Park, Middx, esq; and James Adair of Crane Court, Fleet Street, London, esq In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 and of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Amendment Act 1857 in relation to The Agriculturalist Cattle Insurance Company C78/2208, no. 3 [26]
1867 21 Feb John Gough Nichols of Number 25 Eaton Place, Brighton, Sussex In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to the British Poultry Producing Company Limited C78/2208, no. 4 [27]
1867 21 Feb William Stephen Hendry v. Thomas Alley Jones and Stephen Scarbrow & Mary Ann his wife C78/2208, no. 5 [28]
1867 27 Feb Benjamin Smith & Elizabeth Ann his wife v. John Raydon, William Markes Raydon; and Benjamin Robinson Raydon C78/2208, no. 6 [29]
1867 6 March Cordelia Faulkner & Sophia Faulkner v. William Clark Marriman; John Faulkner; Alfred Smith Faulkner; Frederick Faulkner since deceased; Charlotte Faulkner; David Stuart & Margaret his wife; and Robert Faulker when he come into the jurisdiction Testamentary trusts of Cordelia Morland C78/2208, no. 7 [30]
1867 7 March Richard Oakes an alleged contributory In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to the Overend Gurney and Company Limited C78/2208, no. 8 [31]
1867 7 March William Peek the younger an alleged contributory In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to the Overend Gurney and Company Limited C78/2208, no. 9 [32]
1867 7 March Ann Harvey the widow of George Harvey v. John Bradley; William Galloway; Susannah Harvey; Ann Harvey the widow of William Harvey; William Henry Harvey; George Harvey; Joseph Harvey; Samuel Hubbard Ogden & Elizabeth Nutt his wife; Joseph James Nutt Harvey; and Thomas Harvey C78/2208, no. 10 [33]
1867 7 March Sidney Edward Fishwick and John Hampden Fishwick v. Sarah Alexander widow C78/2208, no. 11 [34]
1867 18 March Sarah Hopkins Hill spinster; Francis Hill the younger; and Martha Hill spinster v. John Smith C78/2208, no. 12 [35]
1867 18 March William Botts v. James Neilson; William Middleton Tennent; James Marshall; and David Hall Young C78/2212, no. 11 [36]
1867 21 March Henry Elliot Hoole and George Norton v. Richard vincent Ambler; Thomas Norton an infant; The Attorney General C78/2208, no. 13 [37]
1867 16 April Sarah Maria Farington v. Robert Townley Parker and the Right Honorable Carnegie Robert John viscount St Vincent; The Right Honorable Charlotte Lucy called viscountess St Vincent his wife C78/2208, no. 14 [38]
1867 18 April Francis Hill v. The Reverend George David Boyle & Mary Christiana; William Cecil Standish; Susanna Watkin Bate; and Charles James Bate executrix and executor of Thomas Bate; and Joseph Johnson C78/2208, no. 15 [39]
1867 18 April James Hayward Mackay v. Arthur Padovani calling himself Count Arthur Padovani de Guise, C78/2208, no. 16 [40]
1867 18 April In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to The Peninsular West Indian and Southern Bank Limited by William Jopp of Aberdeen North Britain esq C78/2208, no. 17 [41]
1867 26 April Johann Maria Farina v. Charles Cathery Eugene Carmouche and Gerhard Hermann Joseph Decker when he come within the jurisdiction C78/2208, no. 18 [42]
1867 26 April Frances Strickland spinster and Catherine Dorcas Maule Strickland widow v. Sir George Cholmeley baronet C78/2217, no. 1 [43]
1867 4 May William Bradish and Samuel Johnson Phillips v. John Pattison Ellames; and Catherine Ellames since deceased; Letitia Maria Ellames; and Thomas Ellames Withington C78/2208, no. 19 [44]
1867 6 May Mary Ann Sims spinster; Emma Sims spinster; Richard Henry Bullock; and Adam Rivers Steele v. William Thomas Angel ; and Ann Semper widow C78/2208, no. 20 [45]
1867 6 May The Reverend George Frederick Bullock v. William Thomas Angel and Ann Sawyer widow C78/2208, no. 21 [46]
1867 9 May James Latham Hare In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to the General Exchange Bank Limited C78/2208, no. 22 [47]
1867 16 May George Maxwell an infant by Alexander Brodie his next friend v. Maxwell Hyslop; Mark Dewsnap; and John Gilchrist Clark; Elizabeth Maxwell widow; Margaret Maxwell; Elizabeth Maxwell the younger; Wellwood Maxwell; Catherine Maxwell; and Clark Maxwell infants C78/2208, no. 23 [48]
1867 27 May Stephen Wilkins Lavicount v. Nathaniel Hartland and Ernest Hartland C78/2208, no. 24 [49]
1867 5 June George Bowser & Sarah Kilby his wife v. Christopher Kilby McAdam C78/2208, no. 25 [50]
1867 6 June Bright Wool of Chiswick, Middx In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to the St Nazaire Company Limited C78/2208, no. 26 [51]
1867 6 June Joseph Mackrill Smith In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in realtion to the Reese River Silver Mining Company Limited C78/2210, no. 1 [52]
1867 10 June Henrietta Maria Powell an infant by John Bonner her next friend v. Thomas Bonnor; Charles Gregory Wade; Thomas Coulson Carpenter; James Wittit Lyon; Peter Powell; Frances Hands; Archibald Grant; Janet Grant; Mary Ann Grant; Eglantine Grant; Wilhelmina Grant; Arthur Grant; Harriet Grant; Jemima Frances Grant; and Ann Jane Grant C78/2209, no. 15 [53]
1867 12 June Thomas Eveson and John Eveson v. Thomas Price; Henry Thomas Hickman; and Philip Devereux Hickman C78/2210, no. 2 [54]
1867 13 June Anthony Ward Ritson and Samuel Coakes Ridley v. The Bishops Waltham Railway Company and The London and South Western Railway Company C78/2209, no. 1 [55]
1867 13 June Joseph Hargrave Symonds v. Edward Harley and George Jobson Brocklesby C78/2208, no. 27 [56]
1867 14 June Peter Watts v. The Imperial Land and Investment Company Limited; John Cripps; and John Marsh Dean C78/2208, no. 28 [57]
1867 15 June Edward Thomas Wakefield v. The Most Noble Walter Francis duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry; and Miles Kennedy C78/2209, no. 2 [58]
1867 15 June William Loxham Farrer v. Holdsworth Hunt Mary Boyse and Margaret Hunt C78/2211, no. 4 [59]
1867 15 June Thomas Gilby v. James Innes and John James the younger C78/2211, no. 5 [60]
1867 17 June Charles Hay Frewin v. The Local Board of Health in and for the District of Hastings, Sussex C78/2209, no. 3 [61]
1867 25 June The Reverend Henry Stockdale clerk and James John Cuttill Atkin v. William John Nicholson & Frances Maria his wife; Edward Peacock; and Samuel Edward Barton Puckle C78/2209, no. 4 [62]
1867 25 June The Reverend Dacre Craven and Arthur Francis Hawks Dyson an infant by the said Dacre Craven his next friend v. Charles Oulton Brady & Augusta his wife; Augusta Crave Dyson; and Percy Shakespear Dyson C78/2235, no. 17 [63]
1867 27 June Lois Cordrey widow; Francis Cordrey; Unice Cordrey; Lois Cordrey; and Alfred Cordrey infants by Lois Cordrey widow their next friend v. Annie Paterson the younger; Annie Paterson the elder since dismissed; Edward Lewis since deceased; James William Cordrey; William Cordrey; Constance Cordrey; and Arthur Cordrey C78/2212, no. 12 [64]
1867 29 June In the matter of the Charitable Trusts Act 1853, 1855, and 1860 in relation to the charity of the foundation of Archbishop Harsnett at Chigwell, Essex C78/2209, no. 16 [65]
1867 1 July George Garrett and Philip Brown v. Richard Jerwood and Thomas Frederick Jerwood C78/2209, no. 5 [66]
1867 3 July Emily Jane Hulke spinster; Elizabeth King Hulke spinster; Frances Charlotte Hulke spinster; Ellen Noakes Power Hulke spinster; Louisa Gascoigne the wife of John Howkins Gascoigne by the said Frances Charlotte Hulke her next friend; and Clara Elizabeth Gascoigne; Louisa Aveline Gascoigne; Florence Mary Gascoigne; and Emily Fanny Eden Gascoigne infants by the said Frances Charlotte Hulke their next friend v. the said John Howkins Gascoigne; Edward Wilmott; John Melhuish; Elizabeth Pollard Hulke widow; John Hardy; Elizabeth Brackston; Aveline Louisa Hargood; Aveline Emily Marian Aveline now the wife of Jules Adrian Desfontaines; Hezekiah Hargood; William Hargood; and Thomas Raymond Barker since deceased C78/2211, no. 6 [67]
1867 6 July James Hilton v. Henry Woods M.P. C78/2209, no. 6 [68]
1867 6 July The Kent Coast Railway Company v. The London, Chatham, and Dorset Railway Company; Lawrence Harrison; Joseph Gardner; William Edward Hilliard; Charles Parker Drawbridge; Sheffield Neave; John Valentin Corrie; Rowland Jones; Venables; and Bartle John Laurie Frere C78/2217, no. 2 [69]
1867 9 July Margaret Frace Pitt; Gertrude Emily Pitt; and Constance Elizabeth Pitt infants by the Honorable Susan Harriet Pitt spinster their next friend v. The Right Honorable Francis baron Dacre C78/2209, no. 7 [70]
1867 10 July Henry Allsopp; Henry Townshend; Henry Blundell Leigh; Thomas Leigh; James Finlay; Oscar Leslie Stephen; and Josiah Thomas Poyser C78/2210, no. 3 [71]
1867 11 July Thomas James Pratt on behalf of himself and all other mortgagees uponder the undertaking of The Kent Coast Railway Company under or by virtue of The Kent Coast Railway Act 1862 v. The Kent Coast Railway Company C78/2209, no. 8 [72]
1867 12 July Rosa White widow and James Logan White v. Charles Popham Hill and Bettesworth Pitt Shearer C78/2209, no. 9 [73]
1867 16 July Philip Spencer Stanhope and Percival Andree Pickering C78/2209, no. 10 [74]
1867 17 July The Honorable Edmund Bernard Fitzalan Howard an infant by the Most Noble Augusta Mary Minna Catherine duchess of Norfolk his mother; The Right Honorable Edward George Fitzalan Howard; and Charles Bernard Talbot Fitzalan Howard infants by Edward George Fitzalan Howard their next friend; and The Honorable Charles George Noel called Lord viscount Campden v. Henry John Chetwynd Talbot earl of Shrewsbury and Earl Talbot William Salt; The Right Honorable George Rice baron Dynevor; James Robert Hope Scott; and Edward Bellasis C78/2210, no. 4 [75]
1867 26 July Edward Vickers v. James Vickers C78/2209, no. 11 [76]
1867 26 July Robert Edmund Davies and Thomas Barnes knight contributories In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to William McKewan one of the registered public officers of the London and County Banking Company C78/2209, no. 14 [77]
1867 31 July Sir Thomas Rowland Roberts baronet v. Joshua Poolard; William Singleton; and Edward Brown Wilson AND Pollard v. Wilson C78/2210, no. 5 [78]
1867 31 July The Societe des Affreteurs du Great Eastern a Rosponsibite Limitee and Agnan Alexandre Frederic Labot v. The Great Eastern Steam Ship Compnay Limited and Anthony Bower; Andrew Wyllie; and William Dent Dent trading under the firm of George Forrester and Company C78/2210, no. 6 [79]
1867 4 Aug Florence Jane Bertie Dewar; Adeliza Mary Bertie Dewar and George Albemarle Bertie Dewar respectively infants by Alexander Dannes their next friend v. Chrles David Maitland; Brownlow maitland; William Harcourt Torriano; Jane Dewar widow; and Albemarle Willoughby Dewar an infant C78/2209, no. 12 [80]
1867 5 Aug Elizabeth Jane Hall wife of the defendant James Frederick Hall by Charles Phillips her next friend v. Banister Fletcher; St Pierre Butler Hooke and James Frederick Hall C78/2210, no. 7 [81]
1867 7 Aug The Reverend Adolphus Hamilton v. John Christopher Lethbridge; and Reginald Robert Walpole AND Francis Seymour Hamilton v. The Reverend Adolphus Hamilton; Reginald Robert Walpole; and John Christopher Lethbridge; Charles Henry Douglas Hamilton; Douglas Douglas Hamilton; and Alfred Douglas Hamilton v. Reginald Robert Walpole; Adolphus Hamilton; John Christopher Lethbridge; Fraqncis Seymour Hamilton; Frederick Hamilton; Octavius Hamilton; Robert Peel and Alexandrina Idonia Charlotte Susan Peel his wife; and Samuel Steward C78/2210, no. 8 [82]
1867 7 Aug Joseph Winchep Cheesman v. Thomas Price C78/2210, no. 9 [83]
1867 7 Aug The North Stafford Steel Iron and Coal Company (Burslem) Limited v. The Right Honorable Thomas Buren Camoys C78/2211, no. 7 [84]
1867 8 Aug John Hamp v. Horatio Hamp and William Henry Hamp Robinson C78/2210, no. 10 [85]
1867 4 Nov Francis Higgins jr on behalf of himself and all shareholders in The Portland Company Limited except the defendants v. Reginald Bridges Knatchbull Hugessen; Isaac Falcke; Harry Manuel; Henrietta Lushington widow; Sir Stafford Henry Northcote and Elliot Grasett when he come withint he jurisdiction C78/2213, no. 5 [86]
1867 7 Nov Mary Anne Sarah Simpson v. George Alliston Henley Smith since deceased; George Robert Smith; Martin Tucker Smith; Samuel George Smith; Robert Smith; Oswald Augustus Smith; Jervoise Smith; Edward Watkin Edwards; Charles Alliston & Emma Thell spinster C78/2209, no. 17 [87]
1867 8 Nov Henry Evans v. John Richard Wood C78/2210, no. 11 [88]
1867 11 Nov In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to The Saloon Steam Packet Company Limited by the Official Liquidatory of the Company in the matter of settling the list of contributories C78/2209, no. 18 [89]
1867 14 Nov Henry Halliwell Fish an infant by James Halliwell his next friend v. James Woods and The Reverend Horrocks Cock C78/2209, no. 13 [90]
1867 14 Nov James Boyd; William Millar Foster and Albert Simpson v. James Shorrock; Joseph Shorrock; and John Waterhouse C78/2210, no. 12 [91]
1867 18 Nov Richard Constantine & Elizabeth Mary his wife v. William Thomas Constantine; Richard Henry Constantine; and Jonathan Hebden C78/2210, no. 13 [92]
1867 18 Nov The Reverend Michael Trappes v. George Cobb; Thomas James Kirby; and John Saul C78/2212, no. 13 [93]
1867 20 Nov Leibig's Extract of Meat Company Limited v. Daniel Bell Hanbury; Cornelius Hanbury; Daniel Hanbury; and Cornelius Hanbury the younger C78/2211, no. 8 [94]
1867 21 Nov William tabor of Brentwood, Essex, esq, a creditor of the company named below In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to The International Contract Company Limited C78/2211, no. 9 [95]
1867 22 Nov Thomas Lee v. Thomas Goodman one of the Registered Public Officers of the Birmingham Town and District Banking Company and Bassett Smith C78/2213, no. 6 [96]
1867 23 Nov The Right Honorable William Archer Amherst called viscount Holmesdale; and Frederick Iltid Nicholl v. The Honorable and Reverend Reginald Windsor Sackville West; The Honorable Lionel Sackville Sackville West; The Honorable William Edward Sackville West; and The Right Honorable George John, earl de La Warr & Elizabeth countess De La Warr baroness Buckhurst his wife C78/2211, no. 10 [97]
1867 3 Dec John Busnell Hensman & Rebecca Lewin his wife v. Daniel Fryer; John Fryer; and John Lewin Curtis C78/2219, no. 2 [98]
1867 4 Dec Sir Henry Edwards baronet v. Charles Norris; Charles Wallace Norris; Henry Alexander Norris; Sidney Perfect Norris; and Joseph Priestly Edwards C78/2210, no. 14 [99]
1867 7 Dec The Reverend James Henry Henderson v. Sir Edmund Henry Knowles Lacon baronet; James Goodson; James Packe; John Evan Tibbs; William Jesse; and The Royal Hotel Company of Great Yarmouth (Limited) C78/2211, no. 11 [100]
1867 10 Dec William Cooke; Samuel Hindley; David Law; and James Figgis v. James Forbes and John Abbott C78/2210, no. 15 [101]
1867 11 Dec Samuel Barfield v. Thomas Loughborough C78/2211, no. 12 [102]
1867 13 Dec Case from the Chancery Appeal Court in Ireland in the matter of The Cork and Youghal Railway Act 1854; The Cork and Youghal Railway (Queenstown Branch) Act 1855; the Cork and Youghal Railway Amendment Act 1856; The COrk and Youghal Railway Act 1857; the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act 1845; The Railway Act (Ireland) 1851; Richard Harnett; and John Crobie Harnett petitioners; the Cork and Youghal Railway Company repsondents C78/2210, no. 16 [103]
1867 14 Dec The City Discount Company Limited and the Financial Discount Company Limited v. George Pell; John Percivale; and Samuel Isaac; and David Malins C78/2211, no. 13 [104]
1867 14 Dec Charles Manby v. James Hall; Edward Hart; John Arthur Buckley; Richard Clarke; Henry; George Robinson; Gilbert Stephens since deceased; John Andrew; Ingram Augusta Matilda Montehouse; Amelia Marianne Leigh; George Stagg; William Johns; Maria Dawson; and Charles Drake C78/2213, no. 7 [105]
1867 18 Dec James Ellis of St Basinghall Street, London, merchant In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to the Littlehampton, Havre, and Harfleur Steam Shipping Company Limited C78/2211, no. 14 [106]
1867 18 Dec Francis George Bradley Dyne v. John Hodgson; Charles Francis Trower; Harvey Dickinson; Thomas Hughes; and Musgrave James Bradley Dyne C78/2216, no. 2 [107]
1867 20 Dec William Elphinstone Underwood v. The Secretary of State in Council C78/2210, no. 17 [108]
1867 20 Dec Charles Hopkinson v. The Honorable William Alleyn Cecil called Lord Burghley now the Most Honorablethe marquis of Exeter; Arthur Duncombe called the Honorable Arthur Duncombe; J.M. Lawne; The Most Honorable Frederick William Robert Stewart marquis of Londonderry; Walter Long lieutenant Colonel; James Bourne; John Bramley Moore; Robert Brooks; The Right Honorable Edward Pellew viscount Exmouth lieutenant colonel; William Gray; The Honorable Henry Butler Johnstone; John Laird; John William Leamouth; James Robert Mac Leay; Sir Graham Montgomery baronet; John Peter; Sir Peter Pan; Notten Pole baronet; Patrick Boyle Smollett; Thomas Tilson; Edward Turner; William Vansittart; Richard Henry Stackhouse; Vivyan Henry Tudor; and the Most Honorable Henry John Chetwynd earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot C78/2213, no. 8 [109]
1867 C78/, no. []