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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1865 C78/, no. []
1865 12 Jan Joseph Birks Cornforth v. George Pointon since deceased and William Pointon C78/2196, no. 11 [2]
1865 19 Jan James Buck Wilson v. The Hartlepool Harbour and Railway Company; and Ralph Ward Jackson C78/2196, no. 12 [3]
1865 21 Jan Thomas Hill since deceased v. The South Staffordshire Railway Company (called the South Staffordshire Junction Railway Company); Richard Croft Chawner; John Robinson McClean; and Thomas John Buckton C78/2222, no. 1 [4]
1865 23 Jan Elizabeth Holgate the wife of the defendant William Holgate; and William John Jennings Holgate an infant by Daniel Chapman their next friend v. Susanne Jennings widow and William Holgate C78/2196, no. 13 [5]
1865 25 Jan Rosehannah Dupin Fray and Ann Fray spinsters amended to Rosehannah Dupin Fray administratrix v. The Reverend Jojhn Pryer Drew clerk; and Pryce James Drew since deceased; Charles Thomas Woosnam; Elizabeth Fray widow; William Watkins Fray; Arthur Smithson & Ann his wife formerly Ann Fray spinster; Walter Fray; and david Owen Fray out of the jurisdiction C78/2198, no. 3 [6]
1865 25 Jan William Betts v. James Denis de Vitre; William Henry Dickson; John Dunnington Fletcher; Alexander Lang Elder; James Lawrie; Thomas Napier Johnstone; and Wimshursts Patent Metal Foil and Sheet Metal Company Limited C78/2213, no. 4 [7]
1865 8 Feb Francis Ibbott widow v. William Bell; William Hickman; David Williams Stidolph and William Cross C78/2196, no. 14 [8]
1865 8 Feb George Bedborough and Aldred Bedborough v. James Thomas Bedborough an infant; John Bedborough the son; Ann Bedborough widow; Annie Harriet Bedborough an infant out of the jurisdiction; Sarah Jane Bedborough an infant; Robert Bedborough an infant out of the jurisdiction; Walter Bedborough an infant; Emily Bedborough an infant; Ellen Bedborough an infant; Harriet Ann Bedborough widow out of the jurisdiction; Alice Harriet Bedborough an infant; John Bedborough the grandson; Anne Bedborough spinster; Mary Bedborough spinster; Frederick Townsend & Charlotte his wife; Richard Seaward Cantrell & Elizabeth his wife both out of the jurisdiction; Frederick james Townsend an infant; Florence Charlotte Townsend an infant; Elizabeth Harriet Cantrell an infant out of the jurisdiction; James Seaward Cantrell an infant out of the jurisdiction; John Clode & Sarah his wife; and Sarah Ann Clode C78/2198, no. 4 [9]
1865 9 Feb Clement Tudway Swanston v. Charles Smethurst C78/2196, no. 15 [10]
1865 9 Feb George Simpson; George Maude and Edward Chambers Nicholson v. Thomas Holliday C78/2199, no. 24 [11]
1865 11 Feb Thomas Richard Weston v. James Collins C78/2196, no. 16 [12]
1865 11 Feb Edward Gregson Banner & Sarah Caroline his wife v. John England; Francis Blake; William Newton; and Hawkesley Hall C78/2204, no. 2 [13]
1865 16 Feb John Geale a deaf and dumb person by William Wigg his next friend v. Elizabeth Calloway widow and James Ellis C78/2198, no. 5 [14]
1865 21 Feb James Clarke Jenkins v. Charles Lemon & Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Wallis Paynter; Anna Paynter; and Mary Gully Paynter; Michael Millett; Walter Borlace; John Bennet Pascoe; and Henry Whitford C78/2199, no. 1 [15]
1865 22 Feb William Hall v. Thomas Slack C78/2198, no. 6 [16]
1865 25 Feb John Godfray v. Daniel Dudley Brooke C78/2196, no. 17 [17]
1865 2 March Edwin Turner one of the Managers of teh Bowling Iron Company and James Scholefield v. Matthew Mirfield C78/2198, no. 7 [18]
1865 7 March Sir Benjamin Heywood baronet v. Oliver Heywood; Arthur Henry Heywood; Eliza Mary Mann James widow; Ann Harriet Harkness widow; and Fernand Marie Victor baron D'Huart C78/2198, no. 8 [19]
1865 7 March William Dover v. Robert Robinson Buck; John Richard Wilkinson; John Blaylock; William Pratchitt; Hanna Fletcher spinster; George Nightman Brown on of the public officers of the Bank of Whitehaven; George Parr; Matthew Curtis; William Madeley; Henry Rock George O'Kell; Charles Spence; William Johnson; and John Tipping C78/2199, no. 13 [20]
1865 15 March The Right Honorable Lade Geraldene Evelyn Stanhope v. The Right Honorable Seymour sydney Hyde earl of Harrington an infant; The Most Honorable Charles William Fitzgerald called the marquis of Kildare; William Lloyd Birkbeck; and James Boyd; and Edward Sacheverell Chandos Pole; and The Right Honorable Lady Anna Caroline Chandos Pole his wife; Henry Chandos Pole Gell; and Nathaniel Charles Curzon C78/2198, no. 9 [21]
1865 16 March Charles Samuel Clarke & Esther Amelia his wife; John Henry Walker & Emma his wife; and Alfred Wallis & Sarah Ann his wife v. Louisa Acrid AND Acrid v. Clarke C78/2198, no. 10 [22]
1865 20 March Maud (otherwise Mary) Ann Eleanor Edwardes v. John Jones & Sarah his wife; David Williams & Margaretta his wife; David Timothy & Jane his wife; Owen Owens & Sarah his wife; and David Thomas Williams; and John Williams; and Mary Anne Eliza Williams infants C78/2198, no. 11 [23]
1865 22 March Frederick Chinnock v. The Most Honorable Jane,marchioness of Ely widow C78/2198, no. 12 [24]
1865 23 March Ann Pettinger widow v. Elizabeth Jane Ambler other Bunn widow; and Caroline Wightman widow C78/2198, no. 13 [25]
1865 27 March George South and Maria Ann South spinster v. Matthew Holbeche Bloxam C78/2198, no. 14 [26]
1865 27 March John Stepney; Cowell Stepney; William Frederick Ross Cowell Stepney; and Emile Algernon Arthur Keppel Cowell Stepney v. John Biddulph; William Chambers; Frederick Mowbray Berkely Calcott; Henry Salusbury Milman; James Wilhelm Pyle; and Wyndham Howard; Thomas Pyle C78/2199, no. 25 [27]
1865 29 March Andrew Knox and William Wells v. James Wells & Ann his wife; William Sidney Smith & Eliza his wife; Charles Frederick Edward Justins & Elizabeth his wife; William Henry Wells; John Thomas Wells; and Mary Ann Wells; and George Wills; Eliza Wells the wife of the said George Wells but judicially separated from him; William Wells; and Eliza Wells the younger C78/2198, no. 15 [28]
1865 19 April Frederick Neville In the matter of the Campanies Act 1862 in relation to The Scottish and Universal Finance Bank Limited C78/2216, no. 1 [29]
1865 21 April Elizabeth Francis Ridley; Edward William Ridley; George Samuel Ridley; William Teedon Mairus & Harriette Anne his wife; and Mary Miechaell Ridley v. Samuel Ridley and John Nicholls C78/2198, no. 16 [30]
1865 22 April William Johnson v. Edmund Walter Chicheley Plowden C78/2199, no. 14 [31]
1865 22 April Sampson Low the elder; Sampson Low the younger; Edward Marston & Maria Susanna Cummins spinster v. George Routledge; Frederick Warne; and Robert Warne Routledge C78/2202, no. 1 [32]
1865 26 April William Dangerfield v. Joshua Jones and Richard Daniel Jones C78/2200, no. 1 [33]
1865 1 May Robert Harrison and Jacob Harrison v. Henry Taylor and John Taylor carrying on business as Taylor Brothers C78/2199, no. 2 [34]
1865 4 May James Dean and Henry Hopkins v. Martha Handley and William Handley the younger C78/2199, no. 3 [35]
1865 4 May Sampson Low the elder and Sampson Low the younger; Edward Marston; and Maria Susanna Cummins spinster v. George Routledge; Frederick Warne; and Robert Warne Routledge C78/2202, no. 2 [36]
1865 9 May Richard Hodgson Galloway v. The Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London; Ferdinand Brand; and The Metropolitan Railway Company C78/2198, no. 17 [37]
1865 30 May Ellen Barwell v. William Rose Barwell; Charles Maryott; Georgiana Browne Steed; Meynell Horton Miller Mundy; Edward Brace; Thomas Thorby; James Maxey Buchanan; and William Parker C78/2199, no. 15 [38]
1865 30 May Charles Hathed Arthur Barwell; Meynell Horton Miller Mundy; Elizabeth Barwell; Sophia Matilda Buchanan by Alexander Buchanan her next friend; the said Alexander Buchanan; Henry Barwell; Maxey Buchanan an infant; Leicester Maxey Buchanan an infant; and reginald Maxey Buchanan an infant by the said Alexander Buchanan their next friend; Thomas Smith Barwell; Emily Sophia Montray Short; Georgiana Maria Harris; and Augusta Millet Harriet Parker by the said Emily Sophia Montray Short their next friend; Caroline Grace Millicent Short; Flora Louisa Short; Charles Marryat; Arthur Marryatt; Alexander Joseph George Marcus Parker an infant; Charles William Parker an infant; Arthur Gordon Barwell Parker an infant; and Frederic James Parker an infant by the said Emily Sophia Montray Short their next friend; Georgiana Brown Steed; Catherine Douglas Marshan; Emily Grey de Ruthyn Bliss by the said Georgiana Browne Steed their next friend; Henry Earle Marsh an infant; Charles Herbert Marsh an infant; Earl Douglas marsh an infant; and Mary Millicent Bliss an infant by the said Georgiana Brown Steed their next friend; Charles Marett; Ellen Sarah West Barwell; Frederick Leycester Barwell; and Ellen Barwell v. William Rose Barwell; James Maxey Buchanan; William Parker; James Parker Harris; Charles Earle marsh; William Blowers Bliss; and Ellen Barwell C78/2199, no. 16 [39]
1865 2 June William Betts v. James Neilson; William Middleton Tennent; James Marshall; and David Hill Young C78/2212, no. 8 [40]
1865 8 June The Right Honorable John Stuart earl of Darnley v. The London Chatham and Dover Railway Company; and George Frederic Holroyd C78/2199, no. 17 [41]
1865 9 June John Chalk Barret In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to The Leeds Banking Company C78/2199, no. 10 [42]
1865 10 June Emma Eliza Llewellyn Gordon; James henry Llewellyn; and Florence Caroline Llewellyn respectively infants by Donald Stalker their next friend v. John Bluett; William Sault Else; and Eliza Ann Llewellyn widow C78/2199, no. 4 [43]
1865 13 June The Attorney General at the relation of the Conservators of the River Thames and the Conservators of the River Thames v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Kingston on Thames C78/2199, no. 5 [44]
1865 13 June The Attorney General at the relation of the Conservators of the River Thames and the Conservators of the River Thames v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Kingston on Thames C78/2199, no. 6 [45]
1865 15 June In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to the Leeds Banking Company by the Official Liquidator of the above named company that a call to the amount of £70 per share might be made on the contributories in Class B in the List of Contributories of the above named company C78/2199, no. 11 [46]
1865 28 June George Samuel Fereday Smith; Thomas Dickson Archibald & Sarah his wife; and Frederick Smith v. The Reverend William Harding & Anne his wife; The Reverend William dalton; The Reverend John Evans; Harriet Evans; George Finch; Sir Francis Lyttleton Holyoake Goodricke baronet; Charles Baring Young Freeman; Oliver Haynes; Charles Edward Pollock; and John Henry Hill C78/2199, no. 7 [47]
1865 28 June John Collins v. Henry Catley; Joseph Catley; and Ellis Hughes C78/2199, no. 9 [48]
1865 30 June Charles Manby v. James Hall; Edward Hart; John Arthur Buckley; Richard Clarke; Henry George Robinson; Gilbert Stephens since deceased; John Andrew Ingram; Augusta Matilda Monkhouse; Amelia Marianne Leigh; George Stagg; William Johns; Maria Dawson; and Charles Drake C78/2212, no. 7 [49]
1865 1 July Caroline George v. Sarah Matilda George and William Henry Greaves Bagshawe C78/2200, no. 10 [50]
1865 4 July Henry Doswell & Eliza his wife v. William Reece, Francis Higgins; John Jaunay; William Jaunay; Joseph Allen Higgins; John Cain Thackwell; Joseph Webb; Edward John Webb; Henry Moore; Edward Barnes Ford; Edwin Forde; Sarah Ford; Charles Morton Rickett Chamberlain; Henry Barnes French; and George Washington French C78/2203, no. 2 [51]
1865 5 July Walter Barrs v. Thomas Feiukes C78/2199, no. 12 [52]
1865 8 July Javis Kelson Kendall v. Thomas Grainger and William Richard Sutton and james Scott out of the jurisdiction C78/2199, no. 18 [53]
1865 8 July WilliamBulkeley Glasse and Andrew Alfred Collyer-Bristow v. William John Richardson; John Burnell Applebee & Anna Eliza Frances his wife; John Coverdale Fielding Nalder; Mary Ann Knight; George Horace Smith; Malachy Daly; Robert Hume; John Phillips Beavan; Fredericka Fleischmann; Samuel Angell; Robert William Peake; Edward Basil Jupp; George Corpe; Henry Richards; John Cousin; Sidney Stephens Smith; William Lewen Tugi___ Robins; James Benham; and Frederick Benham C78/2200, no. 11 [54]
1865 8 July William Betts v. James Neilson; William Middleton Tennent; James Marshall; and David Hill Young C78/2212, no. 9 [55]
1865 10 July The Right Honorable Thomas Taylour called Lord Kenlis v. The Right Honorable Thomas Taylour called the earl of Bective; The Lady Evelyn Amelia Taylour; The Lady Madeline Olivia Susan Taylour; The Lady Adelaide Louisa Jane Taylour; The Lady Isabel Frances Taylour; and The Lady Florence Jane Taylour all infants; Kirkman Daniel Hodgson; and Benjamin Buck Greene C78/2200, no. 12 [56]
1865 11 July Peter Pentney v. The Lynn Paving Commissioners C78/2200, no. 2 [57]
1865 13 July The Reverend John Edward Nassan Molesworth D.D. v. John Okey Brown & Caroline Maria Brown his wife C78/2200 no. 3 [58]
1865 14 July The Reverend Richard Buckeridge and John Marson v. William Whalley C78/2229, no. 2 [59]
1865 15 July Thomas Barber Wright and Christopher Dain v. Richard Peyton and robert Guy Peyton C78/2199, no. 19 [60]
1865 15 July Antoni Forrer v. William Nash C78/2199, no. 20 [61]
1865 15 July The Hafodwryd Slate and Slab Company Limited v. Thomas Hanmer Fletcher otherwise Thomas Hanmer Wynne C78/2199, no. 21 [62]
1865 17 July The Reverend Richard Buckeridge and John Marson the executors of James Cramer the elder v. William Whalley C78/2201, no. 10 [63]
1865 20 July John O'Brien v. John Maitland; Frederick Acclom Millbank; Sir James Maxwell Wallace knight; Emily Eliza Don widow of Sir William Henry Don baronet lately deceased; Alexina Mary Don an infant; Alexander T. Niven; Samuel Sturgis; Hermann Gottfried Ludwig Amelung & Antoinette Elizabeth Adolphine Amelung his wife formerly Dame Antoinette Elizabeth Adolphine Don; and Harriet Mary Grace Don an infant C78/2200, no. 4 [64]
1865 21 July The Reverend John Francis Hawker English clerk and Augustus Frederick v. Sir Francis Thornhill Baring baronet; Dame Eliza Wigglesworth English; and William Bingham lord Ashburton C78/2200, no. 5 [65]
1865 21 July James Mirnay Dixon v. Henry Barkshire & Ann his wife; James Henry Gardiner out of the jurisdiction; Robert Frederick George Gardiner; Philip Nightingale & Sophia Frances his wife; Charles Eabeb Lovejoy & Ann his wife; Deborah Gardiner; and Thomas Murray Gardiner respectively infants; James Weekes; John Warwick and Robert Milner Loadman C78/2200, no. 6 [66]
1865 21 July Joseph Kisch v. The Central Railway Company of Venezuela Limited C78/2200, no. 13 [67]
1865 3 Aug James Pilling the elder v. James Pilling the younger and John Pilling Dissolution of a partnership C78/2200, no. 16 [68]
1865 4 Nov Philip Noel Bernard v. William Davies the younger an infant; Joshua Davies; Elizabeth Davies; Maria Davies; and David Davies the elder an infant; John Davies; William Davies the elder; Eliza Davies; and Thomas Davies the younger; David Davies the younger; Ann Davies; and Margaret Davies infants; and Odin McColl; and Arthur George Gellion; William Redhead since dismissed; Thomas Davies the elder; and Ellen Davies an infant when they should come within the jurisdiction C78/2202, no. 9 [69]
1865 9 Nov Ann Hart widow v. Thomas Cuthbert Augustus Robert Giffard and Edward Bridges C78/2200, no. 7 [70]
1865 11 Nov Richard Williams v. John Williams C78/2201, no. 2 [71]
1865 16 Nov Christopher Hodson v. William Petrie Fielden; Thomas Crosby Peers; and Adam Murray C78/2201, no. 3 [72]
1865 20 Nov Hannah Taylor v. John Taylor the younger; John Milnes; and Edward Milnes & Mary his wife C78/2200, no. 14 [73]
1865 23 Nov Frances Down v. Benjamin Thomas Ellis C78/2201, no. 11 [74]
1865 24 Nov Emma Hill and Thirza Hill spinster and infants by James Miall knight their next friend v. George Curtis the elder; George Curtis the younger; James Dennison and Eliza Dennison his wife C78/2200, no. 8 [75]
1865 24 Nov Sampson Low the elder; Sampson Low the younger; Edward Marshe; and Maria Susanna Cummins spinster v. George Routledge; Frederick Warne; and Robert Warne Routledge C78/2202, no. 3 [76]
1865 25 Nov George Mooney In the matter of the Companies Act 1862 in relation to The London Wharfing and Warehousing Company Limited C78/2200, no. 9 [77]
1865 7 Dec Elizabeth Mary Shaw; Rose Jane Shaw; and John Haratio Wilson Shaw all of the city of Glasgow infants by Alexander of Bath Street in Glasgow West India merchant their next friend In the matter of an Act for the better securing of trust funds and for the relief of trustees in relation to the trusts of the will and codicil of John Wilson and in relation to the trusts of the will of John Wilson so far as it relates to a sum of £828.0.6 Bank £3 per cent consolidated annuities C78/2201, no. 4 [78]
1865 7 Dec Nathaniel Kyrle Collins v. James Daniel Wheeler; Henry Newman the younger; Charles Henry Williams; WIlliam George; Edmund Jones M.D.; and James Russell; William Collins; WIlliam Bowles Finney Scudamore & Anne Elizabeth Scudamore his wife; Isabel Anne Scudamore; Mary Claudine Scudamore; and Rose Anne Scudamore their children C78/2202, no. 10 [79]
1865 8 Dec John Baillie & Elizabeth Clara Chippendall his wife; Charles Bathurst; and James Rice v. William McKewan; Phillip Patton Blyth; John William Burmester; and William Champion Jones C78/2201, no. 5 [80]
1865 14 Dec James Lord v. George Jeffkins; John Paterson Waterson; and Alfred Hill C78/2201, no. 6 [81]
1865 18 Dec Edward Pickering v. The Cape Town Railway and Dock Company; George Lathom Brown; and John Hawkshaw C78/2201, no. 7 [82]
1865 21 Dec Edward Algernon Blackett v. John Moor Bates C78/2200, no. 15 [83]
1865 C78/, no. []