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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1861 C78/, no. []
1861 12 Jan John Sidebottom v. Samuel Horsfield; Ralph Horsfield; James Ashton; John Chapman; and John Wright C78/2179, no. 24 [2]
1861 12 Jan Herman Walmsley and William Pilkington v. Sir Robert Tolver Gerard baronet; Henry Raymond Arundell & Eliza his wife; Radolph Alexis Arundell; Frederic Sewallis Gerard; William Nicholson; William Cansfield Gerard an infant; and Frederic Gerard an infant C78/2181, no. 3 [3]
1861 16 Jan John Jackson Lee v. Christopher Holdsworth Dawson C78/2181, no. 4 [4]
1861 18 Jan Robert Cresswell; John Marriott; and John Else v. Charles Wakefield jackson; George Shaw; Catherine Marsden spinster; James Blackshaw & Eliza his wife; George Ashworth & Elizabeth his wife; Sarah Marsden spinster; John Potter; Elizabeth Robinson spinster; Job Knowles; and Thomas Henry Newbold C78/2179, no. 25 [5]
1861 18 Jan Wiliam Millett; Elizabeth Ann Millett; Henry Richard Millett and Mary Millett by the said William Millett their father and Mary Phipps v. Benjamin Rouse; John Hunter; Michael Hunter; James Delamere & Sarah his wife; Samuel Withers an infant by his guardian Richard Clarke; and James Smith C78/2181, no. 5 [6]
1861 19 Jan William Nivin In the matter of an Act of Parliament of 10-11 Victoria entitled An Act for better securing trust funds and for the relief of trustees in relation to the share of residuary real and personal estate bequeathed to the appointees of Amelia Livesey in case of her death without having had or leaving any child or children C78/2182, no. 9 [7]
1861 23 Jan John Wild Price v. John Grant C78/2181, no. 6 [8]
1861 25 Jan Harry Brown Wilkinson and james Freeling Wilkinson v. John Nelson; Charles Nelson Wilkinson; Alfred Whitby Wilkinson; Frederic Harvey & Adelaide Jane Winny his wife; and Frederic Harvey; and Addie Harvey infants; Frederic Porter; Montagu Cleugh Wilkinson & Maria Amelia his wife; and Montagu Grant Wilkinson an infant; and Ellen Caroline Wilkinson; and Caroline Frances Harvey C78/2179, no. 26 [9]
1861 30 Jan William Bevan and Frederick Whitman v. John Hinnis Habgood; John Unett; William Charlie Heton; and William Akers Edwards C78/2179, no. 27 [10]
1861 9 Feb The Most Honorable John Patrick Crichton Stuart marquis of Bute and earl of Dumfries an infant by the Right Honorable Dudley Ryder earl of harrowby his next friend v. Charles Stuart; John Boyle; William Stuart; The Right Honorable James Stuart Wortley; James frederick Dudley Crichton Stuart; Jane Mary Macnabb; James Willliam Macnabb; and Elliot Macnaghten C78/2179, no. 28 [11]
1861 13 Feb Andrew Lows v. James Watson Kekwick C78/2182, no. 10 [12]
1861 16 Feb Emma Adams widow; Thomas Bell Adams; and Henry Luff In the matter of an Act of Parliament of 10-11 Victoria entitled An Act for better securing trust funds and for the relief of trustees in relation to the trusts of the Farnham Hall Estate from the will and codicil of Samuel Adams dated 14 November 1849 C78/2182, no. 11 [13]
1861 21 Feb Henry Mitchell and Ann Mitchell v. Leopold Smart; George Locket; Benjamin Humphrey Smart; John Bury; and Thomas Henry Davis; and Charles Day C78/2181, no. 11 [14]
1861 22 Feb William Clark Merriman and Samuel Benjamin Merriman v. Thomas Rawdon Ward; Thomas Bauerstock Merriman; John Iveson; and Mary Iveson; and Katherine Ann Iveson an infant; Thomas Ward Blagg & Elizabeth his wife; John Douglas McKenzie & Hannah his wife; Alice Marian McKenzie; Douglas McKenzie; Ellen Frances McKenzie; Jesse Mary McKenzie; Kenneth McKenzie; Edith Maria McKenzie; and Henry Ward McKenzie infants; Charles Anthony Merriman; Martha Jane Merriman; and Henry Gordon Merriman; and The Venerable Nathaniel James Merriman and Frederick Ward Merriman when they come within the jurisdiction C78/2184, no. 1 [15]
1861 27 Feb John Moss and Ann Moss v. John Cooper; William Sparkes; William Sedman; James Owen; and Lionel Winship Bates C78/2181, no. 7 [16]
1861 5 March The Oriental Bank Corporation v. James Edward Coleman; William Bell; George Spillman; James Samuel Spence; William Samuel Price Hughes; William CChickall; Joseph William Pearce; James Thomson; Charles James Fife Stuart; and John Ball C78/2181, no. 18 [17]
1861 8 March Ellen Bayden Simmonds an infant by Clifton Simmonds her father v. Albert Cock; Edwin Cock; and Frederick Cock C78/2183, no. 9 [18]
1861 22 March Silvester Emil Sichel; Julius Frederick Sichel; and Josiah Canning Bracken Aldexander C78/2181, no. 13 [19]
1861 23 March William Newton and Henry Cottam v. Robert Bailey Cottam C78/2181, no. 8 [20]
1861 23 March John Michael Williams v. Frances Veale C78/2181, no. 12 [21]
1861 16 April The River Fergus Navigation and Embankment Company v. Thomas Kingdon; Marcus Keane; James robert Page Clerk; John Smith; and George Knight C78/2181, no. 19 [22]
1861 19 April (a) James Lord v. Alexander Colvin Bazett; David Colvin; William Butterworth Bayley; Henry Mourhourse & Susan his wife; Hugh Ferrier; John Ferrier (since deceased); Isabella Ferrier; and Robert McKennic & Mary his wife; (b)Colvin v. Lord & others; (c) Cochrane v. Cochrane and others; (d) Barton & wife v. Colvin; (e) Lord & wife v. Colvin; (f) Lord v. Colvin; (g) Lord v. Alexander Colvin; (h) Moorhoiuse & wife v. Colvin and others C78/2181, no. 17 [23]
1861 27 April Caroline Lambert v. William Rawlings C78/2182, no. 2 [24]
1861 30 April Charles John Mare v. Arthur Warner C78/2182, no. 3 [25]
1861 30 April Henry Tibbats Stainton; James Maclaren; and Henry Dawson v. Carron Company and William Dawson C78/2182, no. 4 [26]
1861 1 May The Attorney General at the relation of The Master, Wardens, and Society of the Art and Mystery of Apothecaries of the City of London v. The Royal College of Physicians of London C78/2181, no. 20 [27]
1861 2 May The Right Honorable John Henniker Major Baron Henniker v. The Right Honorable Anna Baroness Henniker the wife of the plaintiff; The Right Honorable Mary Henniker Major; The Honorable John Major Henniker Major; the Honorable Anne Helen Henniker Major; The Honorable Edward Minet Henniker Major; The Honorable Arthur Henry Henniker Major; The Right Honorable John Edward Cornwallis earl of Stradbroke; Sir Edward Clarence Herrison baronet; and Russell Ellice C78/2182, no. 5 [28]
1861 11 May Kezia Stones In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 in relation to the Professional Life Assurance Company (registered) C78/2181, no. 10 [29]
1861 22 May Elizabeth Smith v. James Herbert Smith and John Jeavons C78/2182, no. 6 [30]
1861 28 May Hugh Fraser Sandeman; Herbert Butler Batten and Jemima the wife of Edmund Chisholm Batten by the said Herbert Butler Batten her next friend v. Kenneth Mackenzie; The Right Honorable Charles Lord Glenelg; Sir Duncan Cameron baronet; and the said Edmund Chisholm Batten C78/2182, no. 7 [31]
1861 29 May John Mead v. Robert Cook C78/2183, no. 1 [32]
1861 29 May The Reverend Richard Duckridge and John Marson v. William Whatley C78/2203, no. 1 [33]
1861 31 May John Riggs Miller of Number 15 Southwick Crescent Hyde Park, Middx In the matter of an Act of Parliament of 10-11 Victoria entitled An Act for better securing trust funds and for the relief of trustees in relation to the trusts of the settlement dated October 10, 1801 on the marriage of Sir John Edward Riggs Miller baronet and Dame Ellen his wife C78/2182, no. 12 [34]
1861 5 June Quin Rose v. Charles Bagley C78/2183, no. 4 [35]
1861 8 June Sampson Lucas; James Henry Onthoven; and Aaron Goldsmid C78/2183, no. 10 [36]
1861 10 June Charles Henry Rouse Boughton baronet and Charles Sheffield Dickson v. Pwynfen Jervis; Henry Urmston Thomson; George Goldsmith Kirby; Joseph Buckmaster; William Targent; Edward Spike; Henry Holland Harrison; William George Hyndman Whish; Frederick Havard Oldfield; Charles Cannon; Frederick Swindell; Robert James Butt; Joseph Joel; John Foley Kealy; Theobald Theobald; and Sir Sandford Graham baronet C78/2182, no. 16 [37]
1861 10 June The Honorable William Richard Arthur Pole Tylney Long Wellesley then the Right Honorable William, earl of Mornington v. The Right Honorable William earl of Mornington since deceased; The Right Honorable Helena countess of Mornington (formerly his wife but now his widow); The Honorable Richard Edward Howard; and Edward Harnage; and William John Richardson executor of the said William earl of Mornington AND Mornington v. Wellesley C78/2191, no. 2 [38]
1861 21 June Alfred Henry Pechell In the matter of an Act of Parliament made in 19-20 Victoria entitled An Act of facilitate leases and sales of settled estates in relation to an estate in the parish of Matlock, Derbs, in the occupation of Alfred Henry Pechell; Mrs Brian; and John Wheatcroft C78/2182, no. 13 [39]
1861 21 June John Smee v. William Baines; Edward Robinson; and Harry James Davis C78/2183, no. 5 [40]
1861 22 June Jane Smith widow and John Nicholson (amended to Charles Herbert Martin Finch & Jane his wife formerly the said Jane Smith widow and the said John Nicholson) v. Jane Sanger; Nathaniel Sanger; and Joseph Tanner Sanger and the Attorney General C78/2184, no. 9 [41]
1861 5 July James Thomas v. Charles Banks Davies and David Jones C78/2182, no. 17 [42]
1861 6 July Emma Dickason widow v. George Ebenezer Foster C78/2183, no. 6 [43]
1861 8 July The Reverend Henry Mills clerk v. William Dugmore; The Reverend Walter Henry Hill clerk; Philip Reeve; Hestor Mills widow; The Reverend William Carpenter Rishton Ray clerk & Elizabeth his wife; The Reverend Henry Gibson clerk & Sarah his wife; Charles Meredith; Henry William Field & Anne his wife; The Reverend James Hardewicke Dyer clerk & Emma Parris his wife; Thomas Charles Mills an infant; Helena Smith Mills widow and Arthur William English C78/2182, no. 18 [44]
1861 9 July William Fanner Neve v. John Francis Cust; Leopold Cust; Horace Broke; Janie Anne Broke; Frederica Mary Horatia Broke; Charles Robert Colvile; Henry Edward colvile; Sir Edward Cust; and Ebenezer Hunt C78/2183, no. 11 [45]
1861 19 July Irene Buchanan widow v. Grace Hall Harrison widow; Spencer Richard Harrison; Marsha Elizabeth Harrison; Isabella Mary Harrison; Thomas Frederick Harrison; Emily Laura Harrison; John Mercer; Elizabeth Wilson widow; John Godden & Elizabeth Catherine Sophia Godden his wife; William Corbett Wilson; Frances Mary Wilson; Charles Corbett Wilson; Henry Corbett Wilson; Harrison Corbett Wilson; Edward Railton & Catherine Anne Railton his wife; John Edward William Corbett Worley; John Congreve; John Garrard; William Garrard; Stamp Garrard; Jane Atherton Garrard; John Pliffe; John Arthur Pliffe; John Bowman; James Leach Ridgway; William Strickland Cookson; Henry Stearn; John Penniger; William Savage Poole; James Hall; Robert Burdett; Thomas Simons; John Bayliss; and William Gibbs C78/2183, no. 2 [46]
1861 22 July Charles Mold v. Charles John Mold C78/2183, no. 16 [47]
1861 27 July Robert Fenton v. Robert Consterdine C78/2183, no. 7 [48]
1861 27 July Charles Telford v. John James Ruskin C78/2184, no. 2 [49]
1861 27 July William Henry McCreight the Official Manager of the Electric Telegraph Company of Ireland In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 in relation to the Electric Telegraph Company of Ireland C78/2184, no. 3 [50]
1861 27 July Donald McLarty the elder v. James Middleton; James Murdock; Thomas Hunter Holderness; and Thomas Chilton the younger C78/2184, no. 21 [51]
1861 31 July John Thomas Webster and Frith Webster v. Peter Bainbrigge Le Hunt; The Reverend John Wakefield clerk; Samuel Webster; Antonine Dufeur; and John Blakeney out of the jurisdiction C78/2186, no. 1 [52]
1861 14 Aug Bernard Peirce Brent & Laura his wife v. John Briggs; John Boyton and Bernard Peirce Brent; Laura Priscilla Brent; Julia Marianne Brent; Samuel Tavrner Brent; Ellen Emma Brent; Benjamin Henry Brent; and Marianne Edith Brent respectively infants C78/2182, no. 3 [53]
1861 19 Aug Dame Anna Loring and Henry Nell Loring v. The Reverend John William Thomas; John Speed Davies; John Patton; The Reverend Charles Nutt; and James Dundas Down C78/2183, no. 8 [54]
1861 5 Nov Edward Cook v. John Evan Tibbs & Ann Tibbs his wife; Javis Thomas Frederick Tibbs; and William Joseph Tibbs; and Mary Catherine Tibbs; John Evan Tibbs the younger; Winifred Ellen Tibbs; Alice Ann Tibbs; Frederick Gregory Tibbs; Walter Russell Tibbs; Reginald Percy Tibbs; and Adeline Maude Tibbs which last eight named defendants are infants C78/2183, no. 12 [55]
1861 7 Nov Amedel Theodore Davisies de Pontes v. William Kendall; Thomas Paxton; Thomas Francis Robins; James Stubbin; John Josselyn; George Samuel Ford; and Samuel Sturgis C78/2183, no. 14 [56]
1861 15 Nov Mary Hope the wife of Henry Augustus Hope by Henry Trumley Gray her next friend v. Charles James Tose; Robert Hutchinson & Elizabeth Ann Hutchinson his wife; William Bret Mercer; Andrew Watson Burn; Oliver Pipin Flose; and the said Henry Augustus Hope C78/2183, no. 17 [57]
1861 16 Nov Nicholas Dennys In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 and the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Amendment Act of 1857 in relation to the National Assurance and Investment Association C78/2183, no. 13 [58]
1861 16 Nov Elizabeth the wife of George Spilsbury by Jonas Pelling her next friend v. Thomas Kent; Henry Charles Wells; Henry Richard Jaggard; Thomas Cartwright Smith; Beatrice Margaret Smith; the said George Spilsbury; and Mary Elizabeth Smith an infant C78/2183, no. 15 [59]
1861 16 Nov Christopher Wilkins; Isabella Wilkins; Rosa Wilkins; Sophia Wilkins; Clara Wilkins; Louisa Wilkins; and Eliza Wilkins infants by Henry WIlkins their father v. Charles Hogg; Mary Bannister widow; and Samuel Jackson Reid C78/2184, no. 16 [60]
1861 20 Nov William Henry McCreight the Official Manager of the Electric Telegraph Company of Ireland In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 in relation to the Electric Telegraph Company of Ireland C78/2184, no. 4 [61]
1861 22 Nov The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Kingston upon Hull C78/2185, no. 1 [62]
1861 23 Nov John Fothergil Rowlands v. William Evans; Sarah Williams; and Ellen James the committees of the estate of David Williams AND Williams v. Rowlands C78/2184, no. 10 [63]
1861 3 Dec Matthew Dysert Hunter v. James Stewart; Sir Francis Shuckbwigh baronet; Charles Suslington; John Howard Hinton; Wilbraham Taylor; Walter Prideaux; Robert Campbell; and Robert Brooks C78/2184, no. 11 [64]
1861 6 Dec Sir John Benn Walsh baronet v. Her Majesty's Secretary of State in Council of India and Her Majesty's Attorney General C78/2184, no. 22 [65]
1861 13 Dec William Atkinson v. William Barton (since deceased) & Ann his wife (also since deceased) C78/2184, no. 5 [66]
1861 19 Dec Assheton Clegg v. Abraham Clegg; Alice Clegg; and Thomas Butterworth C78/2184, no. 12 [67]
1861 20 Dec Hugh Robert Hughes v. The Chester and Holyhead Railway Company and The London and North Western Railway Company C78/2184, no. 6 [68]
1861 21 Dec Robert Lawton v. John Lawton; William John Lawton an infant; John William Coventry Campion & Anne his wife; Thomas Whitworth & Maria his wife; Samuel Bailey & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Heaton and Maria Emma Elizabeth Whitworth and William George Charles Whitworth infants and Richard Simpson C78/2184, no. 13 [69]
1861 C78/, no. []