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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1856 C78/, no. []
1856 15 Jan Amand Matzy and Peter Plumley v. The Reverend William Edge clerk and Harriett White widow C78/2158, no. 15 [2]
1856 17 Jan Mary Pound; Edward Bone; David Pound; Charles Pound; Joseph Pound; and James Dolley & Anne his wife v. Henry Vickers and John Philpot C78/2160, no. 11 [3]
1856 28 Jan Samuel Horsfield v. Robert Ashton; John Sidebotham; and Ralph Horsfield C78/2159, no. 6 [4]
1856 29 Jan John Griffith v. William Edwards C78/2158, no. 16 [5]
1856 31 Jan Henry Dresser v. Richard Hoare; Edmund Charles Buxton; and Francis Hoare; and Johann Noabom when he come into the jurisdiction C78/2158, no. 17 [6]
1856 1 Feb Margaret Elizabeth Mackrill; Susan Mary Wesley Mackrill; and Johnetta Bejamina Mackrill infants by Richard Barrett Adams their next friend v. Joseph Mackrill; Harriet Mackrill widow; Elizabeth Brown; Ann Shiner; William Joseph Shiner; Patrick Halpin & Mary Ann his wife; Matilda Shiner; Selina Shiner; and Elizabeth Mackrill Shiner C78/2158, no. 18 [7]
1856 3 Feb William Ward Abbott v. Thomas Smith Daarnell and John Palmer C78/2158, no. 19 [8]
1856 13 Feb William Crawford; Joseph Haigh; and Thomas Edward Plint v. The North Eastern Railway Company; William O'Brien; Henry Smith Bright; Ralph Ward Jackson; Peter Garnett; James Pulleine; Newman Cash; George Dodsworth; James Hodgson; William Rutherford Hunter; Hames Kitson; James Leechman; George Leeman; Duncan McLaren; Charles Gascoigne Maclea; Nathaniel Plews; Samuel Priestman; George Hicks Seymour; Harry Stephen Thompson; William Lloyd Wharton; Robert Williamson; and William Charles Copperthwaite C78/2159, no. 1 [9]
1856 13 Feb John Robinson v. Robert Henry Anderson C78/2160, no. 8 [10]
1856 13 Feb John Cattley and Sir Peter Laurie knight; John Irvine Glennie; John Connell; Charles Hertslet; Mark Boyd; Peter Northall; Laurie Richard; P. Prichard; and William Borradaile on behalf of themselves and all other proprietors of shares in the London Reversionary Interest Society v. Henry Arnold; Charles Reynolds; William Isaac Jewell; Susannah Vincent; John Bellis; George South; Maria Ann South; Richard Kirkman Lane; Alexander Temple; Samuel Abrahams; George Isaac Leon; Richard Addams; Doughlas Dubois; George Drake Sewell; John Espin; Henry Fraser and James Coape C78/2160, no. 12 [11]
1856 18 Feb Henry Cockcroft; James Cockcroft; William Helliwell; James Greenwood; and Thomas Eastwood v. John Crossley Putcliffe; James Pearson Sutclyffe; James Riley; and John Hodgson; and Elizabeth Cockcroft; Maria Cockcroft; and Hamlet Cockcroft (infants) C78/2158, no. 22 [12]
1856 19 Feb Henry Ulyet & Sarah Ulyet his wife v. William Thomas Osborn; Ann Dolling; and Joshua Gamble & Hannah his wife formerly Hannah Hawkins widow; Edward Dolling; William Dolling; John Gray & Ann his wife formerly Ann Dolling spinster; Charles Arnold & Harriett his wife formerly Harriett Dolling spinster; and Emma Dolling spinster C78/2159, no. 14 [13]
1856 19 Feb Fanny Bostock v. The North Staffordshire Railway Company C78/2160, no. 21 [14]
1856 22 Feb The Company of Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal Navigations v. James Evers Swindell and Charles Evers Swindell C78/2158, no. 20 [15]
1856 22 Feb George Samuel Ford v. The Right Honorable George, earl of Chesterfield; Thomas Slingsby Duncombe; William EatonMorisay; Charles Clark; James Brown; The Reverend Henry Eden Duncombe clerk; Richard Knowles; Laura Maria Petre; Benjamin Agar; Robert Robinson Rockliffe; George Dennis Samuel Benson; William SelbyHele; George Frere; John Carlon; Charles Bagley Uther; William Chafford Frankes Braithwaite; William Jones; George Green; John Malleson; Richard Plinter Mitchell Greenaway; Edward Greenaway; George Allender; William Jones; James Whitcombe; Emanuel Emanuel; John Gibbon; Edward Isaac Sidney; James Plumer Davis; Richard Beadon; Elizabeth Jane Gardy; John McCullom; John Barry; William Humphrey Pelcher; John William Graham; Elizabeth Mayd; Elizabeth Levy; Israel Phillips; Lewis Jacobs; Charles King; Henry Davis; Jeffrey Lintlam; Charles Lewis; Edward Edwards; William Bell; Isaac Wilson; Isaac Boyd; James Maitland Dods; Richard Maitland Jackson; Thomas Gupper; George Smith; William Courtney; John Ruter; Francis Mills; John Sperling; The Reverend Harvy James Sperling; Samuel Peace Pratt; Emma Margaret Slingsby; John Barnard; Elizabeth Porter; Eliza Emma Cox; Joseph Cornelius; William Cox; Joseph Cox; John Dickenson Alford Wilson; Edward Edwards (assignee of George Whitehead); Peter Wichens Fry; and David Amchilliam C78/2160, no. 13 [16]
1856 26 Feb George Olliver and Frederic King v. John Richard King; Morris King; Mary King widow; Mary Ann King; Edward Walmisley & Ellen his wife; Henry Walmisley; Charlotte King; and Kale King C78/2159, no. 8 [17]
1856 28 Feb Thomas Cragoe v. Mary Magor; Martin Magor; William Cragoe & Thomasina his wife; John Blake & Grace his wife; Mary Cooth widow; Tresaddern Magor; Philip Cragoe & Jane his wife; and John Williams & Emma his wife C78/2168, no. 14 [18]
1856 29 Feb William Kay v. George Smith C78/2161, no. 23 [19]
1856 29 Feb William Goodchap the official manager of The National Land Company v. John Weaving; William Pinnock; and Feargus O'Connor C78/2165, no. 1 [20]
1856 3 March Charles Meads Coleman v. Patrick Allan Fraser C78/2159, no. 15 [21]
1856 3 March Edward Cove Osborne & Emily his wife and Ingram Green v. Robert Foreman; John Barker Stapley; Otho Thwaites since dismissed; and Fanny Letitia Hodges Gaskell; and Charlotte Hanson Gaskell; Emily Gaskell; Matthew Webb & Jane his wife; Sophia Wilcox; Marianne Wilcox; Charlotte Wilcox; Walter Benson & Ellen Louisa his wife; Richard Wilcox; George Armitage Friar Webb; and Alfred Benson C78/2161, no. 22 [22]
1856 5 March Mary Munn Olding wife of John Olding by Richard King her next friend v. James Poulder Stanes Brocket Brocket & Elizabeth his wife; John Olding; and Margaretta Cordelia Edge when she come into the jurisdiction C78/2162, no. 3 [23]
1856 8 March Robert White; William White; and Francis Rease Broad & Eliza his wife legatees under the will of Elizabeth Burgess late of Stokenchurch, Oxon widow of Robert Burgess v. John Leadbetter; William Butler; and The Reverend Charles Hyatt C78/2159, no. 19 [24]
1856 10 March Attorney General v. The Reverend Thomas Philpott; the President, Vice Presidents, Treasurers and Governors of Saint Georges Hospital; John Abel Smith; Susan Kitchins; and the Honorable Charles Grantham Scott C78/2158, no. 21 [25]
1856 11 March John Egbert & Elizabeth his wife and Elizabeth Cole v. John Butter; George Nutcombe Oxenham; Wariwck Augustus Hunt; Samuel Sturgis; and James Shipton C78/2159, no. 9 [26]
1856 11 March William Whitfield v. Samuel Sturgis; Charles Lloyd Harford; Charles Ranken; William Ford; William Thomas Longbourne; Charles Ranken Vickerman; William Henry Bull; John Skinner; William Haynes; and Erasmus Septimus Eyre C78/2159, no. 10 [27]
1856 14 March The Reverend Henry Day Ingilby clerk v. Robert Amcotts & Augusta his wife; William Barrie; Mark Theodore de Morlot & Constance his wife; The Reverend Richard Greaves Moore clerk; The Reverend Henry John Ingilby clerk; and Charles Smith C78/2158, no. 25 [28]
1856 17 March John Gosnell and Charles Gosnell v. Napoleon Price C78/2158, no. 23 [29]
1856 5 April Dudley Persse and Frances Persse otherwise Barry the wife of the said Dudley Persse; Katherine Henrietta Persse; Maria Persse; and also Dudley Persse the younger; Richard Dudley Persse; Elizabeth Persse; William Persse; Edward Persse; Frances Alexander Persse; Gertrude Perse; Robert Algernon Persse; and Arabella Persse infants by the said Dudley Persse their father v. Robert Henry Persse; George Persse; and William Norton Barry C78/2159, no. 16 [30]
1856 5 April Charles Henry Blake v. Francis Howatt C78/2162, no. 1 [31]
1856 16 April William Abbot the younger; Archibald Frederic Paxton; Hemry John Anderson (since deceased) & Anne Hessey his wife v. Eliza Middleton; Hester Carpenter (since deceased); George William Wallace Carpenter; George Henry Mildmay Ricketts C78/2159, no. 17 [32]
1856 23 April Henry Freeman v. John Stokes & Elizabeth his wife; John Bonnett the younger; Sarah Bonnett spinster; Catherine Bonnett spinster; Thomas Freeman; Sarah Freeman spinster; Joseph Freeman Everard; Richard Everard; Thomas Cufflin & Sarah his wife; Henry Loakes & Mary his wife; John Keal; and Thomas Woodcock Nedham C78/2159, no. 20 [33]
1856 3 May Charles Dening and Samuel Gare v. Samuel Ware; Peter Merryfull; George Hopewell & Caroline his wife; Eleanor Deacon Hopewell; Ann Maria Hopewell; Caroline Hopewell; George Hopewell; Tom Edward Hopewell; Edward Hopewell; and James Hopewell C78/2164, no. 14 [34]
1856 5 May George Basham v. Montague George Smith when he come into the jurisdiction; Samuel Sturgis; and William Smith C78/2159, no. 18 [35]
1856 6 May Stephen Garrard In the matter of the Act for Better Securing Trust Funds and for the Relief of Trustees in relation to the Christopher Larkins Trust C78/2161, no. 1 [36]
1856 7 May Robert Dendy; William Gruggen; and Henry Sadler v. Joseph Butler; George Knight; and Charles Townsend Halsted C78/2162, no. 14 [37]
1856 23 May Robert cadelington Moore v. Thomas Petehell; Henry Bailey & Mary Ann Bailey his wife; and Mare Petehell C78/2161, no. 2 [38]
1856 26 May Palanche Vincent v. Charles William Spicer (called Charles William Egerton Spicer) and Joseph Kay C78/2161, no. 3 [39]
1856 28 May Thomas Moxon v. Henry Weech Burgess & Susan his wife; Thomas Wilson Witton; Susan Elizabeth Burgess; Henry William Burgess; Angelina Burgess; and Ardwick Burgess; and Frederic Samuel Burgess; and William Henry Burgess they come into the jurisdiction C78/2159, no. 21 [40]
1856 28 May Thomas Pitt and George Pitt v. Elizabeth Pitt and Samuel Pitt C78/2162, no. 4 [41]
1856 31 May Rose Elizabeth Miller wife of Joseph Thomas Miller and Rose Sophia Miller an infants by Thomas Hopkins Sammerton their next friend v. George Hill; Emma Hill; Clarissa Hill; Adelaide Hill; Matilda Hill; Henrietta Hill; Margaret Hill; James Champain Braddon; and Wellington Guerney C78/2160, no. 22 [42]
1856 31 May William Harrison and John Harrison v. Edward Bird Guest C78/2161, no. 12 [43]
1856 4 June The Right Honorable Frederick William Brook Thellusson baron Rendlesham infant by Francis Capper Brooke his next friend v. Abraham WIldey Robarts; The Right Honorable Cornwallis Maude viscount Hawarden; Edward James Dawkins; The Honorable Arthur Thellusson; Charles Sabin August Thellusson; Thomas Robarts Thellusson; The Right Honorable Thomas baron Walsingham; and the Right Honorable Elizabeth Julia baroness Walsingham his wife; The Honorable Sophia Mary Andalusia Thellusson; Frederick Manning ; Georgiana Oddie widow; William Woodrooffe; The Honorable Richard Hare; Richard Benbow; and Sir Alexander James Edmund cockburn knight; the Attorney General AND Charles Sabine Augustus Thellusson v. Abraham Weldey Robarts; The Right Honorable Cornwallis Maud viscount Hanwarden; Edward James Dawkins; Thomas Robarts Thellusson; The Right Honorable Frederick William Brook baron Rendlesham an infant; The Honorable Arthur Thellusson; The Right Honorable Thomas de Grey baron Walsingham; and The Right Honorable Emily Elizabeth Julia baroness Walsingham his wife; The Honorable Sophia Andalusia Mary Thellusson spinster; Frederick Manning; Georgiana Oddie widow; William Woodrooffe; The Honorable Richard Hare; and John Kerry Bondow; and Sir Alexander James Edmund Cockburn knight; the Attorney General C78/2160, no. 3 [44]
1856 9 June John Nanney v. Robert Wynn Williams; Sir William Wynn; Symon Hart Wynn; Edward Goldsborough; Chambr Vaughan; Sarah Kirkby widow; and William Wynn Kirkby when within the jurisdiction C78/2160, no. 23 [45]
1856 9 June William Willison v. Rosetta Waddell the wife of James Robert Waddell; the said James Robert Waddell when he come within the jurisdiction; George Waugh (since deceased); Thomas Kelly (since deceased); and Henry Dick Woodfall; and George Whitehead C78/2161, no. 20 [46]
1856 10 June Charles George Grainger; Philip Reeve; and Ellis Reeve v. Emma Louis Catherine Slingsby C78/2161, no.4 [47]
1856 12 June William Wallace and Patrick Johnson v. John Blackwell C78/2160, no. 4 [48]
1856 19 June John Jones; Timothy Smith; and Patrick Francis Durham v. Osmond Charles Feaver C78/2173, no. 14 [49]
1856 21 June Richard Omaris Backhous v. Charles Edmund Tewhell Wytch C78/2161, no. 5 [50]
1856 23 June Thomas Robert Charles Dimsdale v. The Honorable Thomas Robert Dimsdale; Charles John Dimsdale; Charles Appleyard; Daniel Henry Mackinnon & Caroline his wife; James Pratt Barlow; Daniel Edmund Mackinnon; Jemima Anne Dimsdale the wife of the plaintiff; Lucinda Darby Griffith widow; Henry Dawson Clerk & Anne his wife; Firretta Esther Dimsdale spinster; Mary Gouldsmith widow; Jessie Gouldsmith; William Johnes; The Right Honorable William Francis Spencer Baron de Mauley; Henry Pownall; Sir Claude Edward Scott baronet. C78/2160, no. 7 [51]
1856 27 June John Palmer Parken and Mary Wilton the wife of Henry Wilton the elder by the said John Palmer Parken her next friend v. Joseph Hill; Luke Minshull; and Henry Wilton C78/2160, no. 5 [52]
1856 27 June Henry WIlton v. Joseph Hill; William Harvey & Mary his wife; William John Holt; Jeremiah Brown Davison; Samuel Sturgis; and William Harry Sadgrove C78/2160, no. 14 [53]
1856 28 June Charity Acklam widow v. John North; Robert Bower; James Middleton Hall; James Smith; and Harold Backworth since dismissed C78/2161, no. 6 [54]
1856 3 July William Adcock v. Thomas Beach Whitehurst C78/2166, no. 7 [55]
1856 5 July Margaret Gorden McPherson Grant v. Alexander Stewart; John Irving; Alexander McGregor; Jesse Noble; Alexander Macpherson; Margaret Gordon; Annie Macpherson; and George Charles McConochie C78/2161, no. 15 [56]
1856 8 July Mary Ann Harting the wife of Joseph Thomas Harting by Thomas Barns knight her next friend and the said Joseph Thomas Harting and John Horne Harting v. Lawrence Dolan; Lawrence John Baptist Dolan; and the Attorney General C78/2161, no. 7 [57]
1856 15 July Emma Elizabeth Wilkinson and Sarah Agnes Wilkinson v. George Crook; Frederic Sewallis Gerard & Mary June his wife; Thomas Thompson; George Robinson; Mary Eyre; Catharine Mary Eyre; Jane Crook; and Eliza Crook C78/2160, no. 24 [58]
1856 18 July Charles Henry Blake v. Francis Mowalt C78/2161, no. 24 [59]
1856 19 July James Robertson Walker; Jane Parker widow; mary Strand widow; and William Walker Strand v. Robert Baynes Armstrong; Richard Baynes Armstrong; Thomas Benn; Anthony Benn; and William Pattinson & ELizabeth his wife C78/2160, no. 15 [60]
1856 19 July William Henry Langley and Charles Langley on behalf of themselves and all other creditors of Francis Packyn late of Norton Cottage, Prince of Wales Road, Kentish Town, Middx, builder, who should contribute to the suit v. Agnes Sewart Parkyn C78/2166, no. 1 [61]
1856 22 July Charles Wilson Macbryde v. Henry Weekes C78/2160, no. 6 [62]
1856 25 July Thomas Allan v. Adrien Ruyssenaers and John Lewis Ricardo C78/2181, no. 14 [63]
1856 28 July James Bridger v. Thomas Edward Penfold C78/2161, no. 13 [64]
1856 30 July Henry Dresser v. Richard Hoare; Edmund Charles Buxton; Francis Hoare; and Johann Norrborn C78/2160, no. 16 [65]
1856 1 Aug The Reverend Charles Daniel Palmer Robinson clerk v. John Sykes; John Addington Symonds the younger; The Reverend Robert Agassiz clerk; and Maria de Guadalupe Anna Antonia his wife; Daniel George Robinson; John Harding Robinson; Thomas Clark; George Clark; Daniel Gardner; Anna Louisa Robinson; Mary Caroline Robinson; Charles Fector Robinson; Henry Daniel Robinson; George Mark Robinson; Edward le Messurier Robinson; Arthur William Robinson; George Henry Robinson; Man Ann Josephine Agassiz; Antonia Constance Agassiz; and Arthur Helps C78/2161, no. 8 [66]
1856 1 Aug John Beckett and John Hobson on behalf of themselves and all other holders of shares in the Sheffield United Gas Light Company called or known respectively as Class C Shares, Class D Share, and Class E Shares v. the Sheffield United Gas Light Company; Henry Hinchliffe and Joseph Rodgers C78/2161, no. 9 [67]
1856 2 Aug Attorney General at the relation of John Vernon; Thomas Rushton; and Henry Wilders v. The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Trinity College Cambridge; Her Majesty's Solicitor General; John Hinder; Charles Boreham; and Robert Ambler C78/2163, no. 13 [68]
1856 2 Aug William Varley and Samuel Varley v. Joseph Winn & Hannah his wife; Obadiah Nussey & Ann his wife; John Light & Harriet his wife; Isaac Lord & Sarah Elizabeth his wife; John Varley an infant; John Edward Nussey an infant; George Henry Nussey an infant; Arthur Nussey an infant; Elizabeth Nussey an infant; Sarah Esther Nussey an infant; and John William Lord an infant C78/2164, no. 12 [69]
1856 5 Aug Ansley WIndus v. Benjamin Godfrey Windus; Eric Windus; Emma Augusta Windus; Matilda Moore Windus; Laura Charlier widow; Constantia Windus; and Alfred Tubb Windus C78/2160, no. 17 [70]
1856 24 Sept Adolphus Schennan AND Jeremiah Harridge AND John Aithison; John Kingston Phibbs; WIlliam MacCannon; Daniel Ferguson; Alexander Bramwell Bremner; Donald Stewart; Richard Michell; and Louis Marcuson In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding up Act of 1848 and 1849 in relation to The Royal British Bank C78/2160, no. 18 [71]
1856 10 Nov Richard Wild In the matter of the Joint Stock Companies Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 in relation to the Security Mutual Life Assurance Society C78/2162, no. 15 [72]
1856 11 Nov George John Circuitt & Mary Circuitt his wife; and also Richard William Perry Circuitt; George Joseph Circuitt; Mary Susan Letitia Warner Circuitt; and Arthur John Wright Circuitt infants by the said George John Circuitt their father and guardian v. James William Perry; Richard Wright; Hannah Butler; James Perry Butler; John Wright & Mary Ann Wright his wife late Mary Ann Butler spinster; and John Butler Alfred Withers & Mary Ann Withers his wife late Mary Ann Wright spinster; Amy Wright spinster; and Hannah Wright spinster C78/2161, no. 14 [73]
1856 11 Nov Margaret Lewis widow v. William Hopkins; William Christopher; and Gwenllian Williams widow C78/2162, no. 5 [74]
1856 13 Nov Moss Davis v. The Honorable William Lionel Felix Tollemache commonly called Lord Huntingtower; William Pennell; and Charles Selfe C78/2162, no. 8 [75]
1856 14 Nov Elizabeth Andrew spinster v. George Simmons C78/2161, no. 10 [76]
1856 17 Nov Bentley Shaw and Edward Lancaster v. William Walker; Henry Roberson, Robert Thomas Robinson; and William Stancliffe & Mary Ann his wife C78/2163, no. 14 [77]
1856 21 Nov Mary Wilton wife of Henry Wilton the elder by Elizabeth Ruth widow her next friend v. Joseph Hill; and Mary Taylor; and Thomas Nightingale Avern when he come within the jurisdiction; and also v. Henry Wilton the elder; Jane Avern; Joseph White and Elizabeth Bayliss his wife; Samuel Sturgis; and William Harry Sadgrove C78/2161, no. 11 [78]
1856 22 Nov Elizabeth Lockwood the wife of Henry Lockwood by Frederick Hoskin Tucker her next friend; and John Harry Lockwood; Mary Louisa Lockwood; and Sarah Elizabeth Lockwood infants by the said Frederick Hoskin Tucker their next friend v. John Wilkinson Wheelwright; Michael Hoyle Wheelwright; John Dyson; and Thomas Dyson C78/2161, no. 16 [79]
1856 22 Nov The Attorney General at the realtion of John Richardby Bousfield; Thomas Harper Bennett; Henry Gurney; James Fennings; Edward Carlisle; John Bazley White the younger; James Spicer; and John Arundell v. John Thornton; William Soltan; Thomas Puckle; Edward Rowland Pickering; James Pennington; John Parrott; Henry Seymour Montagu; Thomas Howell; James Hopgood; Frederic Hewitt; John Webber Harris; John Peter Gassiot; John Fairrie; Henry Hodgetts Deacon; William Cothay; Charles Cheveley; Henry Atkins Bowyer; James Balaam; John Allnutt; The Reverend William Henry Wentworth; Atkins Bowyer; William Lambold Bryant; The Reverend Henry Lewis; James Webber; Stephen Harding; and William Riches C78/2161, no. 21 [80]
1856 24 Nov Thomas Swale & Mary his wife v. Joseph Swale; Henry Anderson; and Richard Holden C78/2163, no. 17 [81]
1856 2 Dec John Oakley and Samuel Herbert Chapman v. Andrew Jackson William Paget the younger; Samuel Sturgis; Anne Collings; Mary Collings; Mary Gibbs widow; Anne Cherry widow; George Williamson Levinchatt & Elizabeth his wife; and Thomas Griffiths Rust C78/2162, no. 9 [82]
1856 4 Dec Mary Kate Drew v. Vincent Frederick Kennett; Frederick Beuchier; and Francis Barry Drew; and Henrietta Catherine Drew C78/2161, no. 25 [83]
1856 6 Dec James Golden Heap v. Hugh Jones; Sarah Hayes; Edward Kennedy & Ann his wife; Elizabeth Evans; William Hughes the younger; Elizabeth Roberts; Mary Ellen Hayes; Thomas Roberts; Sarah Roberts; Edward Pearce; Thomas Pearce; Robert Pearce; and William Pearce C78/2162, no. 16 [84]
1856 19 Dec John Aitchison and Robert Mee on behalf of themselves and all other Shareholders in the Joint Stock Banking Company called The Royal British Bank and Robert Palmer Harding v. Charles Lee; James Trefound Burke; James Johnstone the younger; James Wisld; Robert Tayler; Henry Sadler Mitchel; and John Maorwell C78/2162, no. 11 [85]
1856 20 Dec Charles Lowe Swainson v. Edward Christopher Swainson C78/2162, no. 17 [86]
1856 22 Dec Mary Fream v. John Dowling and John Catton C78/2158, no. 24 [87]
1856 8 Dec Joseph Francis Holmes v. William Page Penney; Thomas Taunton; Charles John Penney & Elizabeth his wife; William Charles Clifford Bramwill & Emily his wife; William Henry Penney & Louisa Mary Clifford Penney C78/2162, no. 6 [88]
1856 15 Dec Richard William Jennings v. Richard Mountford Baddeley C78/2162, no. 10 [89]
1856 C78/, no. []