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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1849 C78/, no. []
1849 11 Jan Attorney General (in 1835) at the relation of Mark Phillips; Joseph Brotherton; Thomas Potter; Joseph Cheeseborough Dyer; Thomas Harbottle; Charles James Stanley Walker; Louis Barthelemy Delannay; John Brooks; John Lamb; and Edward Baxter for and on behalf of themselves and all other inhabitants of Manchester, Lancaster county v. George Harry, earl of Stamford and Warrington; Thomas, earl of Wilton; Sir Robert Holt Leigh baronet; The Reverend Thomas Foxley; John Ford; The Reverend John Clowes; Wilbraham Egerton; William Hulton; Peter Heron; William Leigh Clowes; John Entwistle; William Tatton Egerton; The Very Reverend Thomas Calvert; Thomas Edward Bridges; The Reverend Jeremiah Smith; and The Reverend Robinson Elsdale C78/2133, no. 8 [2]
1849 23 Jan Charles Jopling and Francis otter Hodgkinson v. Ann Dowson; Joseph Emerson Dowson; John Dowson; Emerson Dowson; Thomas Dowson; Ann Hodgkinson (the wife of the complainant); and Dinah Dowson C78/2138, no. 7 [3]
1849 31 Jan Eliza Mapp v. Margaret Ellcock spinster and Alexander Scott & Anna Maria his wife C78/2130, no. 6 [4]
1849 26 Feb Jonathan Worthington and John Hill Clifton v. James Morgan C78/2130, no. 2 [5]
1849 1 March John Henry Borton the younger; Eliabeth Harriot Borton; and Mary Ann Louisa Borton an infant by The Reverend Charles Borton her next friend v. John Henry Borton & Eliabeth his wife; William Jex; Jex Blake; James Marsh; William Repton; John Adey Repton; Edwrd Repton; George Stanley Repton; and Elizabeth D Repton C78/2134, no. 6 [6]
1849 7 March Mary Harrison the wife of Edward Mills Harrison by Charles Pugh her next friend v. Edward Mills Harrison and also John Browne when he come into the jurisdiction C78/2138, no. 8 [7]
1849 7 March William Selby Hele and George Frere v. Nicholas lord Bexley; Sir George Bowyer baronet when he come within the jurisdiction; Alexander Donovan; William Henry Rowe; Thomas Huntingford clerk; Edward Willes (called Wills); William Parrett Carter; Henry Bourchier Wrey clerk; Dame Henrietta Bowyer; George Bowyer; Charles Sawyer & Henrietta his wife; Henry Bowyer clerk; Eliza Bowyer; Andrew Snape; Douglas Edward Bridger; Wilson Lomer; George Gauntlett; John Knight; Mary Bridger; Emily Wightman; William Henry Grey (called Henry Grey); Hitty martin; Charles King; Joseph Bernard; John Thomas Groves & Emma his wife; Charles Pugh; Elizabeth Caroline Harris; Charles Tawney; Hester Sophia Bowles; John Samuel Bowles; William Woodhall; and James Worley vacated by order of 1852 C78/2144, no. 17 [8]
1849 9 March Thomas Drever v. Thomas Mawdesley; Charles Hopkinson; William Turner; Thomas Gainsditch; Thomas Legh & Louisa his wife; Charles Richard Banastre Legh; Mary Ann Legh; Marcella Louisa Legh; Emily Anne Legh; Richard Townley Crosse; John Lewis Newnham; Sir Henry Mainwaringe Mainwaring baronet; Peter Heron; Francis Collins; William Elphick; Thomas Robert Wilson France; and Gerard Blisson Wharton C78/2137, no. 7 [9]
1849 10 March The Reverend Henry Hamond clerk; Thomas Charlton Whitmore; and Frederic Boughton Newton Dickenson & Harriet Elizabeth his wife v. John Champeny Swayne; Francis Pelly (since deceased); Henry Ray & Elizabeth his wife; George Deane; Charles March Deane; Elisabeth Anne Trotman; Hester Louisa Trotman; Philip Power & Dorothea his wife; and Philip John Powell; Edmund Powell & Caroline Hester Powell; and Mary Susanna Sheppard C78/2137, no. 8 [10]
1849 10 March 12 George Farwell v. Sir Henry Paul Seale; Charles Henry Seale; and John Lampeer C79/341, no. 10 [11]
1849 16 March Edwin Leaf; Henry Ward; and Joseph Baily the younger v. Charles Patch and Lewis Vulliamy C78/2129, no. 5 [12]
1849 20 March Elkanah Moss and Andrew Thomas Moss v. Robert Buckley ; Henry Buckley; Joseph Harrop; John Radcliffe; and John Kenworthy C78/2138, no. 16 [13]
1849 4 April Frank Howard & Charlotte Augusta Amelia his wife v. Thomas Prince & Elizabeth his wife; George Harrison & Eliza Catherine his wife; John Porter Prince; Henrietta Julia Prince; John Wilson; and Anne Byam Stapleton (call Ann Byam Stapleton); and Richard Worthington Roberts and also Charlotte Bolton and Charles Frederick Prince when they come into the jurisdiction C78/2137, no. 9 [14]
1849 18 April The London and Manchester Independent Railway Company (Remingtons Line) Process under the Joint Stock Companies Winding up Act of 1848 C78/2129, no. 8 [15]
1849 19 April John Stewart v. Sir Charles Forbes and Charles Forbes; John Grant; Malcolmson Gideon Colgutroum; and John Bowman when they should come within the jurisdiction C78/2130, no. 7 [16]
1849 19 April St Pierre Butler Hook v. Robert Sankey and William Hadden C78/2138, no. 9 [17]
1849 21 April John Penny v. John Watts & Rebecca his wife (since deceased) C78/2134, no. 16 [18]
1849 2 May Peter Page v. Matthew Bell C78/2130, no. 3 [19]
1849 1 June Mary O'Grady and others (unnamed) v. Michael Waldron and others (unnamed) C78/2130, no. 5 [20]
1849 4 June Isaac Aflalo v. Lawrence Phillips; Samuel Phillips; Joseph Lowless; and William Lowless C78/2133, no. 9 [21]
1849 11 June John Roberts; Robert Roberts; Catherine Lloyd; and Thomas Roberts & Elizabeth his wife v. Catherine Anwyl Roberts; William Anwyl Roberts; William Anwyl Roberts (sic); and Margaret Anwyl Roberts; Mary Anwyl Roberts; and Frances Anwyl Roberts C78/2132, no. 9 [22]
1849 21 June Helena Wellesley the wife of the defendant The Honorable William Pole Tylney Long Wellesley by Henry Harrison her next friend v. said William Pole Tylney Long Wellesley when he come within the jurisdiction; John Wright; John Greenly; William Richard; Arthur Pole Tylney Long Wellesley; Thomas Peterson; William Lawrence Bicknell; James Archibald Casamajor; and William Hart C78/2150, no. 4 [23]
1849 22 June London and South Essex Railway Company (at petition of Henry Murrell of Walbrook in the city of London auctioneer) C78/2130, no. 15 [24]
1849 28 June John Augustus Beaumont v. Charles Christian Hinnell; Robert Fellowes; John Elliotson; Alexander Henderson; Henry Blencowe Churchill; William Devonshire; Sault George Offor; Frederick Squire; and Her Majesty's Attorney General C78/2135, no. 15 [25]
1849 4 July Henry Baring v. Thomas Read Kemp when he come within the jurisdiction; Sir Thomas Baring baronet; Francis Thornhill Baring; William Bingham Baring; and The Right Honorable Alexander Lord Ashburton C78/2134, no. 7 [26]
1849 7 July Mr James Russell and Mr Taylor of counsel for James Sanderson Winding up of The North of England Joint Stock Banking Company C78/2133, no. 10 [27]
1849 17 July Anne Susannah Seton widow v. Edmund Waller & Margaret his wife; Marion Frances Seton; Joah Bates Wakefield; Emily Marion Wakefield; Edith Catherine Wakefield; Eglinton Mary Wakefield; John Coventry the younger & Catherine his wife; Margaret Elizabeth Coventry; John Coventry; Florence Catherine Coventry; James William Freshfield; James William Freshfield the younger; John Mort Wakefield; Philip Reeve; and George Leroux Wilson C78/2131, no. 8 [28]
1849 21 July The Reverend Richard Davies clerk v. Charles Cracroft & Dorothy his wife; Charles Watkins Cracroft; Robert Cracroft; Thomas Williams; Lawrence Crump; John Williams; John Edmund Francis; and Jeffreys Wilkins C78/2131, no. 2 [29]
1849 27 July Sir John Jervis knight her Majesty's Attorney General at the relation of John Money Wrench informant v. The Wardens and Commonalty of the Mistery of Fishmongers of the City of London C78/2135, no. 16 [30]
1849 28 July Attorney General at the relation of William Ward and Edward Palmer v. The Chaplains and Poor of the Hospital of William Wyggeston of Leicester in the County of Leicester C78/2133, no. 11 [31]
1849 28 July 13 James Josiah Hardey; Samuel Bamford Hamer (struck out as complainant); and Elizabeth Irwin (the wife of James Brooke Irwin) by said James Josiah Hardey v. James Bamford Hamer and (added) George Green; James Brooke Irwin; Edwrd Hawkshaw & Lucy his wife; and the said Samuel Bamford Hamer C79/341, no.11 [32]
1849 30 July Helen Burke an infant by John Cuppage her next friend v. William Hamilton Burke and Mary Mitchell Burke otherwise Ellis his wife; Alexander Burke; William Annand; John Annand; Samuel Ware; Alexander Mitchell & Christiana his wife; and William Mitchell Ellis C78/2135, no. 17 [33]
1849 2 Aug The Reverend Edward Salkeld clerk v. William Johnston; William Bulman; Robert Carruthers; Robert Little; Robert Pairkes; Robinson Steel; John Pairkes; Robert Johnston; William Hannop; William Robinson; Robert Rickerby; Richard Baly; William Armstrong; James Forster; John Hannop; Thomas Bill; John Hauly; John Nicholson; George Thompson; and Thomas Wright; and Hugh, lord bishop of Carlisle C78/2141, no. 5 [34]
1849 3 Aug Edgar Gibson and Evelyn Henry Frederick Pocklington v. Mary Caroline Hale; James Winterbottom; William Hughes & Betty his wife; and Edward Hall when he come within the jurisdiction & Mary his wife C78/2138, no. 1 [35]
1849 6 Aug James Lewis and Amelia Lewis infants by William Jones their next friend v. David Davies Posthumous; Richard Phillips; Mary Jane Summers; Elizabeth Lewis; Letitia Lewis; Louisa Lewis; Ann Lewis; Kettina Lewis; and Ada Lewis C78/2147, no. 15 [36]
1849 5 Nov Joseph Denby Sainter v. William Edward Ferguson C78/2131, no. 5 [37]
1849 12 Nov Richard Parsons v. Richard William Benn; Richard Joseph Parsons; and Thomas Hamer Rigbye C78/2136, no. 9 [38]
1849 13 Nov (a) Catherine Jane Lee an infant by Frederick Richard her next friend v. Henry John Hutton & Mary Catherine his wife (late Mary Catherine Lee spinster). (b) Catharine Jane Lee an infant by Eleanor Williams widow her next friend v. Frederick Richard Lee; Elizabeth Williams spinster (since deceased); Edward Lee; Henry John Hutton & Mary Catherine his wife (late Mary Catherine Lee spinster); Mary Harriet Lee and William Wells Lee infants; Jane Pole spinster; William Cole; Joseph Sander and Thomas Carter. (c) Catherine Jane Lee an infant by said Eleanor Williams v. Henry John Hutton & Mary Catherine his wife (late Mary Catherine Lee spinster). Petition by the Reverend Thomas Henry Knight clerk Cases under "An Act for amending the Laws respecting the solemnization of marriages in England" concerning the fitness of marriage between the petitioner and the plaintiff. C78/2131, no. 1 [39]
1849 14 Nov The Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London Governors of the possessions revenues and goods of the Hospitals of Edward late King of England the Sixth of Christ Bridewell and Saint Thomas the Apostle as Governors of Christ's Hospital v. The Reverend John Cecil Grainger; The Reverend John Ball; George Cooper; and William Harris; John Jackson Blandy; and The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Reading and Her Majesty's Attorney General C78/2135, no. 1 [40]
1849 19 Nov Nathaniel Hollingsworth; Charles Rich Tyerman; and john Johnston In the matter of the Joint Stock Company's Winding Up Acts of 1848 and 1849 in regard to The Direct London and Exeter Railway Company C78/2142, no. 1 [41]
1849 20 Nov Frederick Mangles; William Price; and Henry Talbot Moore v. William Dixon; Francis Henry Brooks; John Spofforth Dixon; John Boyd; James Boyd; George Bishop; and George John Graham C78/2135, no. 10 [42]
1849 23 Nov Edward Crane v. Samuel Nash; John Collins; George Agg; and George Tayler C78/2135, no. 18 [43]
1849 26 Nov Joseph Knight and Peter Augustus Lautour v. Stewart Marjoribanks; William Edmund Ferrers; Robert Keate; and James Drumond Buller Elphinstone; and Edward Gibbs when he come within the jurisdiction C78/2131, no. 3 [44]
1849 4 Dec The Honorable Percy Ashburnham v. Mary Katherine Ashburnham; Thomas Raymond Barker; William Colbane Towers; and John Gibson Cazenove; and the Right Honorable Bertram, earl of Ashburnham C78/2135, no. 19 [45]
1849 14 Dec Henry Palmer v. William Overton and David Hughes C78/2132, no. 11 [46]
1849 C78/, no. []