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1845 C78/, no. []
1845 15 Jan James Chidwick v. John Prebble & Elizabeth his wife and Matthew Kennett re. praying that he might be declared that the house, land and premises mentioned were purchased, paid, for and on behalf of John Chidwick deceased and that the several indentures of conveyance and assignments were improperly and fraudulently attained to and in the name of John Prebble and Elizabeth his wife. C78/2122, no. 10 [2]
1845 17 Jan Charles Barrett one of the shareholders in a joint stock company called The Durham County Coal Company and Folliott Scott Stokes one of the directors of and a shareholder in the same company on behalf of themselves and all other the directors and shareholders of the company v. The Stockton and Darlington Railway Company, Francis Newburn and Samuel Barnard re. praying that an account be taken of all the sums of money which since 1 November 1836 were received by the Stockton and Darlington Railway Co., or their agents, from the Durham County Coal Company or their agents, in respect of the excess of the rates of two pence farthing per ton per mile.... C78/2122, no. 11 [3]
1845 23 Jan Patrick McGregor & Cordelia his wife v. Thomas Topham & Eliza Henrietta his wife, Joseph Arrowsmith, and John Topham [vide 1844 C78/2126, no. 7] re. praying that it might be declared that upon the decease of Richard Wrightson [of Cockerton House, Durham], the copyhold hereditaments and premises to which he was equitably and absolutely seized, descended to the complainant Cordelia McGregor (sister of Richard Wrightson) as sole heiress, according to the custom of the manor. C78/2122, no. 3 [4]
1845 11 Feb Mary Wright Henniker Wilson, wife of John Wright Henniker Wilson by Sir Charles Wetherell knight her next friend, William Carr Foster, and Nathan Wetherell v. John Wright Henniker Wilson re. praying that the said John Wright Henniker Wilson [1800-1872] might be ordered by the Court to perform the Articles of Agreement, the complts. being respectively ready and willing and offering to perform the same in all respects on their parts, subject to a clerical error [Deed of Separation between Husband and Wife; Alteration of written Agreement]. C78/2121, no. 5 [5]
1845 24 Feb John Lloyd Clayton and Reverend Augustus Philip Clayton clerk v. George Grenville, Lord Nugent James Garden Seton, Samuel Twyford Rice, Richard Clayton, Sir William Robert Clayton, Henry Hugh, O'Donel Clayton, Fitzroy Augustus Talbot Clayton, Gilbert East Clayton, John William Clayton, and William Capel Clayton re. praying that the trusts of the term of 500 years might be carried into execution and that the sum of £10,000 plus interest at 4% p.a., from the day of the deceased Eleanor Mary Westenra [d.1838] might be raised by sale or mortgage of the manor, advowson and other hereditaments.... C78/2123, no. 15 [6]
1845 26 Feb Samuel Dick & Mary Sherson his wife v. John Daniel Deschamps Lacy, Charles Fielding & Elizabeth Oakley his wife, Mary Diana Dick, Charles George Dick, Frederick Lacy Dick, Anne Mantell Dick, Francis Warden Dick, Margaret Dick, Charles Fielding, George Fielding, Elizabeth Anne Fielding, Sophia Oakley Fielding, Mary Greaves Fielding, Charlotte Anne Mantell Fielding, Thomas Mantell Fielding, Amelia Swann Fielding, and Catherine Mantell Lacy Fielding re. praying the rights and interests of all parties under the will of the testator, James Hammond, in the residuary personal estate might be ascertained and declared by the Court and that accounts and enquiries directed as might be thought necessary... C78/2124, no. 16 [7]
1845 1 March John Reekes & Kezia his wife v. Robert Capper re. praying that the defendant might in manner mentioned discover a full, true and particular account of, all and singular, the personal estate and effects which were of the testator [Samuel Price] at the time of his death, and how much, and what part, of the said personal estate have been received by the defendant or any other person... C78/2119, no. 12 [8]
1845 6 March Thomas Morgan, Andrew Clarke, Samuel McCullock, Edwin Spence Roberts, Elizabeth Chambers wife of Robert Chambers the defendant by Edwin Spence otherwise Edwin Spence Roberts her son and next friend, and May Ann Louise Roberts an infant by Edwin Spence otherwise known as Edwin Spence Roberts her next friend v Robert Chambers re. praying that it might be declared by the Court that the complainant Elizabeth Chambers was entitled to carry on the business of a victualler and her trustees were entitled to carry on the same, by virtue of her marriage settlement made with the defendant Robert Chambers, and to receive the balance then in the hands of the bankers. C78/2123, no. 5 [9]
1845 7 March Lorenzo Garcias v. Jacob Ricardo and Samson Ricardo re. Praying that it might be declared that according to the construction of the Agreement entered into between the complt. and the defendant, the complt. was entitled to receive 1/20 part of the sums received in respect of profits arising from the contract... C78/2123, no. 17 [10]
1845 7 March Thomas Webb Hodgetts, Mary Hodgetts, and Elizabeth Hodgetts v. Richard Lord, Elizabeth Lord, John Goodacre, Marston Buszard, Thomas Francis, Lucas Elizabeth Whitowrth, Henry Billington Whitworth, Robert Attenborough, Henry Becke, Nathaniel Wiggins, and Richard Stephens re.praying that an account might be taken of what was due and owing to the complts. for principal and interest on the security of mortgaged premises in respect of the costs which have been incurred by the complts. of the said securities, and that the defendants might be decreed to pay what should appear to be justly due... C78/2124, no. 17 [11]
1845 8 March Charles William Snow v. William Hole, Robert George Salter, George Williams, Harriet Hole, John Wilson, Thomas Knowles, William Edward Taylor, William Whittaker, James Devereux Hustler, Alfred Thomas Knowles, Harriet Hole the younger, and Jane Elizabeth Hole re. praying that it might be declared that the freehold and leasehold houses & premises conveyed to William Hole for his own use, form part of the capital stock of the pretended public company calling themselves the 'Independent West Middlesex Assurance Company' and that the indentures of assignment might be declared to be fraudulent... C78/2123, no. 13 [12]
1845 10 March Joseph Blay & Sarah his wife and Mary Beninworth v. William Skipworth; William Spaldin; Richard Ward & Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth Katherine Ward re. praying that the deeds of 17/18 July 1834 and the surrender of 18 July 1834 and all and every other deeds, surrenders and assurances executed and made by complts. for conveying estates of Thomas Stothard, to the use or benefit of William Stothard might be declared fraudulent... C78/2130, no. 10 [13]
1845 15 March John Tilleard v. George Pay re. praying that a Commission of Partition might be issued to certain commissioners to divide and allot, in equal moieties, the public house, skittle ground, ale rooms and barber's shop to a moiety on which the said defendant George Payne was entitled... C78/2121, no. 6 [14]
1845 15 March Magnus Gibson v. Augusta Emma D'Este otherwise De Este [1801-1866] re. praying that the sale mentioned to the complainant of indenture of lease and release dated 28/29 December 1838 and its counterpart dated 29 December 1838 declared fraudulent and void, and the said deeds delivered up to be cancelled...[fraudulent misrepresentation; messuage and land in Ramsgate] C78/2123, no. 18 [15]
1845 7 April Thomas Henry Rowley, Frederick Wyatt Rowley, Alfred Prior Rowley, and Charles John Rowley, and Jane Rowley the younger, and Charles John Rowley and Jane Rowley the younger and Ann Rowley, William Henry Orchard, and Augustus Orchard and Honor Orchard, Caroline Sophia Orchard, Emily Orchard, Georgiana Orchard, and Frederick George Orchard being all infants by Thomas Orchard their next friend v. Samuel Adams, Edmund marks, Henry Early Wyatt, George Wyatt & Emily his wife, William Wyatt, Thomas Rowley & Jane his wife, and William Orchard & Caroline his wife re. praying that the will of the testator Henry Wyatt might be established and the trusts thereof carried into execution, and that an account might be taken of the personal estate & effects possessed or received by the defendants Samuel Adams and Edward Marks.... C78/2121, no. 8 [16]
1845 8 April The Reverend James Craig clerk v. John William Watson, John Wynn & Elizabeth his wife, Edward Saxton and Charles Gilbert and James Stanley re. praying that it might be declared that the sum of £3,000 advanced by complt. was improperly invested and disposed of by John William Watson... and that the complt. was entitled to the benefit of the indenture of 10 February 1838... C78/2123, no. 19 [17]
1845 25 April Mary O'Grady widow and the administratrix of William Stainer O'Grady esq v. Michael Waldron and another Case determined in the High Court of Ireland C78/2121, no. 7 [18]
1845 29 April Edward Youde v. Harvey Bowen Jones; Arthur William Tooke; Julia Youde; Jacob William Hinde & Harriet his wife; Jacob William Youde Hinde; Simon Edwards; Benjamin Pritchard & Sarah his wife; Anna Maria Ogle; George Thomas Ellison; Charles John Bloxam; Mary Ellison; Nathaniel Minshall; Charles Sabine; Thomas Davies; Elizabeth Whalley; George Hammond Whalley; Hugh Henry Neysay; and Bowen Woosnam re. praying that the will and codicil of Thomas Watkins Youde might be established and that the trusts thereof might be performed, & that an amount be taken of the real estates devised by the will, and that proper accounts might be taken of the sale or mortgage, or other charges which had been made by the defendants... C78/2134, no. 12 [19]
1845 30 April Russell Ellice on behalf of himself and all other creditors of James Law late of Portland Place, Middlesex, merchant deceased v. John Goodson; Sir William Young baronet; William Law; Elizabeth Law widow; Sutherland Hall; Sutherland Justly Hill; William Harrison; Alexander Lamb; William Theophilus Graeme; George Forsyth; John Coverdale; Willielmina Law widow; James Vanorttart Law; Samuel George Palmer & Frances Udny his wife; William Alexander Law; George Udny Law; Henry Torrens & Louisa Ann Rebecca his wife; Dunsaney Mountcharles; Daniel Law; Wilhelmina Emily Hannah Law; and Charles Plowden; Saint John Law and also the Baron Frederic le Blanc de Prebois and the Baroness Elizabeth his wife; James McCrea & Frances his wife; Mary Law widow; Ann Law; William Law Cochran; John Sutherland Law; Charles Frederick law; and James Johnstone when they come within the jurisdiction. re. praying that the defendants might answer the premises ... and that the will of the testator James Law might be declared well proved and that the same might be established and the trusts therein be performed. C78/2137, no. 5 [20]
1845 7 May Alexander Baillie, Hugh James Baillie, and Evan Hamilton Baillie, and Colin Campbell Baillie an infant by said Hugh James Baillie his father and next friend v. John Innes, Robert Cumming, Norman John Earle Pitcher, Elizabeth Winter, Janet Higgins, Edward Lloyd, Colin Campbell Lloyd the younger, Rowley Young Lloyd, Edmund Alexander Tylden, and Sir George Young baronet, and Evan Baillie when they come into the jurisdiction re. praying that the said John Innes might be discharged from being or acting as trustee, and from acting as consignee of the  ?Bacolet estate, plantation and premises mentioned, and of the life estate of the complt. Alexander Bailey, or other premises in the indenture of 28 July 1812... C78/2125, no. 7 [21]
1845 8 May Benjamin Hancock on behalf of himself and all other unsatisfied creditors of May Nicholas deceased v. Theophilus Nicholson, William Gibson, William Rennardson, James Iveson, Thomas Harrison, Richard Iveson, Peter Atkinson & Mary his wife, Hannah Atkinson, Mary Atkinson, Margaret Atkinson, and John Nicholson re. praying that an account might be taken what was due to the complt. in respect of the sum of £200 & interest secured to the complt. by the indenture of mortgage mentioned and that the premises might be sold & the proceeds of sale applied in paying to the complt. what should be found due to him... C78/2124, no. 3 [22]
1845 30 May George Charles Rooke v. George Worrall & Ann his wife; William Farmer; Richard Llewellin Fisher; Henry Ward; Francis Thorne; Charles White; and Edward Finnis re. praying that the will and codicils mentioned be established and the trusts thereof performed, and the rights and interests of the complainant in the real and personal estate of the testator might be ascertained and declared...; partnership called 'The Old Passage Ferry'[River Severn crossing to Chepstow]. C78/2128, no. 10 [23]
1845 4 June Attorney General on behalf of her Majesty v. The Mayor and commonalty and citizens of London and henry Ilworth Merewither (town clerke) and William Cubitt, Sir Thomas Turton, John Oliver Hanson, William George Prescott, Sir Courtenay Boyle, John Peter Rasch, and John Cornelius Park re. praying that the rights of Her Majesty and of the Mayor might be ascertained and declared, and until such rights should be ascertained, the defendant William Cubitt might be restrained from making the embankment upon the Strand of soil of the river Thames... [shore between High Water Mark and Low Water Mark belongs to Her Majesty]. C78/2122, no. 12 [24]
1845 12 June Richard Tanfield since deceased (amended to Mary Eliza Tanfield widow in bill of revivor) v. Samuel Sturgis, Edmund French, and Richard Hickman Lane re. orders of the Court concerning taxation. C78/2122, no. 1 [25]
1845 5 July Thomas Field Savory and Mary Hoffmann widow on behalf of themselves and all other the creditors of James Rix Hoffman deceased v. Stephen Nicolson Barber, John Kirkman, and Charles Wallis Hoffmann re. praying that an account might be taken of what was due to the creditors of the testator, including in such debts the annuity of £400 by the Indenture of Settlement covenanted to be paid... C78/2122, no. 2 [26]
1845 10 July Jane Hawkes spinster, Henry Hawkes, Emma Hawkes and Susan Hawkes infants by the said Jane Hawkes their sister and next friend, and Elizabeth Hawkes wife of Henry Hawkes (one of the defendants) by the said Jane Hawkes her daughter and next friend v. John Howell and Henry Hawkes re. praying that an account might be taken of all the personal estate and effects which the testator Arthur Downes possessed of, or was entitled to, and what parts had been possessed or received by the defendants... C78/2124, no. 7 [27]
1845 15 July Thomas Fowler Wood then an infant by William Pennington his next friend v. James Brant, George Brooke & Ann his wife, James Dewdney, Richard Dewdney, Sarah Green, Susannah Green, William Figg the younger, Susdanna Figg the younger, Edward Fowler Figg, John Figg, Alfred Figg, and Ellen Figg re. praying that the defendants might be decreed to come to an account with the complainant of the personal estate and effects, and rents and profits of the real estates of the testator John Fowler which had been received by them, or by any person on their order... C78/2125, no. 4 [28]
1845 25 July Jacob Fletcher Fletcher v. Ellis Fletcher, Alice Fletcher, Ann Fletcher, William Hulton, Peter Ainsworth, Thomas Bonsor Compton, John Moore, Thomas Mulliner, and Joseph Ramsden re. praying that the defendants might answer the premises and that if necessary the Indenture of Covenant, 1 September 1829, might be established by the Court ( £60,000; will of Ellis Fletcher)... C78/2119, no. 10 [29]
1845 25 July Charles William Davies and Mary Isabella Davies infants by John Abraham Whittaker esq their next friend v. Arthur Ashford, John Romilly, Fanny Williams, Thomas Ashford, William Hodges & Elizabeth his wife, John Hamer Ashford, Arthur Ashford the younger, Mary Ashford, Mary Sarah Wholpdale, Christiana Wilson Badcock, and Mary Davies re. praying that the will and codicil of the testator William Davies might be established and the trusts thereof performed and that the rights and interests of the complainants in the devised real estate and the personal estate of the testator might be ascertained and declared by the Court... C78/2123, no. 8 [30]
1845 3 Nov Josiah Iles Wathen v. James Bulkeley, Eliza Bulkeley, Christopher Graham, John Lunn, John Cordery, Alexander Graham, William Forrester Bray, and Thomas Bacon AND v. Eliza Haddock and Thomas Bacon re. praying that an account might be taken of what was due to the complainant Josiah Iles Wathen, for principal money and interest upon the security of the property, in respect of the sums of £1,100 and £158 secured to the complainant by the mortgages of the 18th June & 13th August 1840... C78/2125, no. 1 [31]
1845 5 Nov Arthur Rolloch Hollingsworth the elder v. William Grasett, John Pollard Mayers, Elliot Grassett, Philip Caddell, Henry Grasett, John Grasett, George Elliot Clarke & Rebecca Worrell his wife, Ann Grasett, Emma Grasett, and Francis Grasset and Elizabeth Hinds Grasett and Katherine Anne Grasett (when they come into the jurisdiction) re. praying that it might be declared that according to the construction of the will of testator Thomas Hollingsworth, his clear residuary estate did upon the death of William Grasett fully complete the trusts reposed in him, and that the same was then vested in the defendants William Grasett, Elliot Grasett... etc C78/2125, no. 12 [32]
1845 6 Nov William Lloyd Roberts and Henry Wright on behalf of the said William Lloyd Roberts and all creditors of William Alexander Madocks deceased who should contribute to the suit v. Eliza Anne Madocks, Eliz Anne Ermine Madocks, and Meyrick Humphreys Edward (since deceased) and David Gryffydd John Powell, Anna Maria Hughes, Joseph Young, and Sidney Madocks re. praying that an account might be taken of what was due to the complainant William Lloyd Roberts for principal and interest in respect of the debt of £18,752 due to him, and of the annuity of £500... C78/2123, no. 4 [33]
1845 8 Nov James Newman, Henry Carman, Thomas Dunn Colton, and William Rober Holt on behalf of themselves and all other inhabitants of Sutton St Mary [Long Sutton], Lincolnshire In re matter of Phillips Charity in the hamlet of Sutton St Mary in the parish of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire under an act passed 52 George III chapter 101 entitled "An Act to provide a summary remedy in cases of abuses of trusts created for charitable purposes" C78/2123, no. 6 [34]
1845 14 Nov Dame Amelia Caroline Jodrell [née King, 1790-1860] wife of Sir Richard Paul Jodrell [2nd Bt.1781-1861] by James King her next friend v. Sir Richard Paul Jodrell baronet, William Henry Haney, and George Morrison King re. praying that the trusts of the Indenture of Arrangement of 28 May 1836 might be performed, and that the defendant Richard Paul Jodrell, might be decreed to pay to the complainant what is due on account of the arrears of the two yearly sums... C78/2123, no. 1 [35]
1845 15 Nov William Nixon v. The Taff Vale Railway Company, Jacob Jenkins Nicholas (called Jacob J. Nicholas), Joseph Davis, and Tom Benjamin Batchelor re. praying that an account might be taken of all sums of money paid by the Company to the complainant & to David Storm before his bankruptcy and to said Jacob Jenkins etc. since the said bankruptcy and part liquidation & discharge of the two sums... C78/2123, no. 2 [36]
1845 22 Nov 9 Francis Glape [? Francis Glasse] v. Eliza Jane Marshall; The East India Company; Lionel Nathan de Rothschild; Anthony Nathan de Rothschild; Nathaniel Nathan de Rothschild; and Meyer Anselm de Rothschild; and Francis Ord Marshall (when within the jurisdiction) re. praying that the complainant might be declared entitled to the East India Bonds and also to the Dutch Bonds & all the personal estate to which Eliza Grapes [? Eliza Glasse] was possessed or entitled at the time of her death and that an account might be taken of the personal estate & effects of the deceased, received by the defendant Eliza Jane Marshall... C79/341, no. 9 [37]
1845 13 Dec The Reverend Charles Parr Burney doctor of divinity and Thomas Webster gentleman v. William MacDonald, Charles Thompson, Henry Mayer, Douglas MacDonald, Henry Urmston Thomson, John Abbiss, Mary Jane Phillips, and the Attorney General re. praying that the rights and interests of all parties interested in the estates, devised by the will of Robert Finch of Balliol College Oxford, clerk, deceased, might be declared by the Court & such estates decreed to be assured & paid as should appear to be entitled thereto... C78/2125, no. 8 [38]
1845 20 Dec Harvey Combe, Joseph Delafield, and William Delafield v. Mayor and commonalty and Citizens of London, John Hurcomb, John Eayres, and Henry Woodthorpe re. praying that the defendants might make a full discovery of all the matters mentioned and prayed that process of distingas and subpoena might be ordered to compel the said defendants to appear and answer the bill...

[rights of carrying coals, corn etc. for fees on river Thames between Yantlet Creek and Staines Bridge].

C78/2123, no. 7 [39]
1845 C78/, no. []