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1843 C78/, no. []
1843 13 Jan Thomas Weld Blundell v. John Gladstone; Thomas Stonor; Elizabeth Tomfrost; Edward Joseph Weld; Joseph Weld the younger; Charles Weld; William Weld; Frederick Weld; Edmund Weld; Henry Thomas Weld; Francis Joseph Weld; Philip George Weld; John Weld; George Weld the younger; Arthur Thomas Weld; Alfred Weld; Walter Weld; William Stourton; John Stourton; Marmaduke Stourton; John Vaughan; Alfred Thomas Vaughan; William Hall; James Massam; Charles Stonor; Thomas Watson; Nathan Lovelady; Robert Lovelady; James Haye; George Haye; Richard Bla____; Charles Rimmer; John Bushell; Thomas Coxhead; John Bullen; John ____; Martha Rushton; Thomas Sutton; Richard Tyrer; and Thomas Dickenson [faded document] re. praying that the will of Charles Robert Blundell might be established and the trusts carried out;... rents and profits paid to complt. C78/2134, no. 4 [2]
1843 16 Jan Thomas Chalmers Leslie v. Jasper Farmer Baillie, Phoebe Baillie, and Thomas Stead Carter, and Robert Campbell & Louisa his wife, Catherine Baillie, Catharine Begg widow, Mary Baillie, Margaret Baillie, Isabella Baillie, Sophia Baillie, Alexander Stevens, Thomas Baillie, Charles Baillie, Peter Crooks, and Thomas Baillie re. will 24 Mar 1819 and codicil of 1823 of David Baillie, late of the island of Jamaica but now of West Moulsey [Molesey] Surrey; bequests inc. books to Rev. Jasper Farmer Baillie of Great Rissington, Gloucs [absentee owner of slaves in St Catherine, Jamaica, 1823-1826 held in trust by William James Stevenson]. C78/2113, no. 1 [3]
1843 21 Jan Attorney General at relation of William Williams, Henry Roper, Richard Price, George Linnell, John Greene Sugars, Robert Johnson, Joseph Langham, and William Langford Fisher v. Wardens and Commonality of the Mystery of Grocers of the City of London, Henry Bicknell and the Reverend David Booley re. will [1556] of Sir William Laxton [c.1500-1556] praying that an account might be taken of rents and profits of properties; Oundle School. C78/2121, no. 2 [4]
1843 25 Jan Ann Wade wife of Charles Henry Wade by Walter James Baseley her next friend v. William Russell, Margaret Broughton, Jonathan Wooller, Charles Henry Wade, Charles Albany Wade, Emily Ann Wade, Thomas Wade, Frederick Wade, Henry Augustus Wade, Sarah Sophia Wade, Eliza Jane Wade, Caroline Wade, Frances Wade, and Edward Lewis Wade, Samuel Paull, James Ponsford, Gilbert Finlay Girdwood, and Edward Broughton, Robert Carr Foster, William Carr Foster, James Webber, Joseph Vernon, Thomas Benson, Frances Wigg, and George Wigg re. complt. seeking a declaration that £5,000 be vested in her, subject to the life interest of Margaret Broughton and children, if any. [estate of Albany Wade d.1806 of Durham, inc. real estate, mines and collieries in the North East]. C78/2113, no. 2 [5]
1843 25 Jan John Grove Hillersdon v. James Lowe, Maria Reade Hillersdon, Elizabeth Anne Hillersdon, Jouisa Sophia Hillersdon, Charlotte Mary Hillersdon, Louisa Grove spinster, George Snowden, Thomas Hodges Grove Snowden, Henry Grove Somerset, James Grove, Harriet Grove, Emma Grove, Harriet Goldie Grove, Amelia Penald Ankerville Grove, Harriet Spurgon, and Henry Offull Snowden re. will 21 Aug 1806, of John Hillersdon (d.1807, uncle of complt.) of Wimpole Street, par. St Marylebone, Middx; divers properties in Middx. and Essex. C78/2115, no. 1 [6]
1843 30 Jan George Benjamin Thornycroft v. Robert Crockett, John Mirehall Crockett & Frances Crockett his wife, Charles Warren, Thomas Garnier, William Garnier the younger, Anthony Chester, Richard Crockett, Edward Green, Thomas Hill, and others re. praying that an account might be taken by the Court of what was due to the complt. for principal & interest on the security of the mortgaged premises in the two indentures 18 Jan 1838 and 16 Jan 1838... C78/2113, no. 3 [7]
1843 31 Jan Anne Conolly commonly called Lady Anne Conolly v. William, Earl of Dartmouth; Edward, Lord Thurleigh; Stuart Mackenzie, Henry Seymour Conway, George Birug, William Birug, Robert Birug, and John Birug, Dame Anne baroness Berwicke; Richard, earl Greville & Henrietta his wife; Caroline Vernon; Harriet Vernon, Henry Vernon, and Leveson Vernon re. praying that an account might be taken by the Court of the estate of the testator the Earl of Stafford, and that Henry Seymour Conway should account for such part therof in his hands, custody or power. C78/, no. 32117 [8]
1843 1 Feb Attorney General by the relation of Thomas Henry Baron Foley, Thomas Philpott, Richard Francis Onstow clerk, Sir Anthony Lechmere baronet, Augustus Frederick Foley, Edward Thomas Foley, John Hodgetts, Hodgetts Foley, Edward Winningtgon baronet, Edmund Hungerford Lechmere, Henry Charles Philpott clerk, Abraham Turner, and others informants v. Thomas Pargeter re. praying that the defendant Thomas Pargeter might be decreed to surrender to complts., as trustees, the messuages or tenements and lands situated in the parish of Halesowen granted to William Parkes by indenture of demise 8 September 1695 [Thomas Foley's Charity]. C78/2113, no. 4 [9]
1843 1 Feb Thomas Goodchild, James Fenner, and Charles Jones on behalf of themselves and all other unsatisfied creditors of William Territt doctor of laws deceased v. Ann Catherine Territt, George Parkyns, William Byron, Thomas Nugent Vaughan & Francis Mary his wife, William Francis Forbes, and Sallly Musson (otherwise Sally Smith), and the Right Honorable George Arthus Hastings, Earl Granard re. praying that an account might be taken of the testator's [William Territt] personal estate and effects, and of such parts that had been possessed, got in and received by Ann Catherine Territt. C78/2118, no. 7 [10]
1843 11 Feb George Gibson v. James Russell re. request for decree that an alleged conveyance to defendant of piece of land, house and premises at Leamington Priors [now Leamington Spa], Warks. is fraudulent. C78/2118, no. 8 [11]
1843 23 Feb Thomas Raymond Barker & Eliza Jane v. Thomas Somers Cocks, John Bowden Morris, and Margaret Penelope Morris re. praying that it might be declared that the complainant Elizabeth Jane Barker having survived Margaretta Sarah Morris [wife of testator] or the complainant Thomas Raymond Barker, in her right was then absolutely entitled to one third part of the sum of £17,000 three per cent annuities comprised in by the indenture of 9 October 1802, appointed by the will of Sir James Nicoll Morris, [vice-admiral, 1763-1830 of Cosgrove Priory, Northants] the testator. C78/2113, no. 5 [12]
1843 23 Feb Joseph Bridge & Sarah his wife and William Brown Bridge an infant by his next friend v. Stephen Brown, Francis Whitlocke & Eliza his wife, Charles Fisher, and John Eley, Henry Unwin, and Alfred Brown re. praying that the will of the testator Stephen Brown might be established and the trusts thereof carried into execution and also the rights and interests of the several parties claiming under the will might be ascertained and declared & that Sarah Bridge or Joseph Bridge was entitled to a proper allowance for maintenance out of the rents and profits of the farms etc. mentioned. C78/2117, no. 4 [13]
1843 23 Feb Elizabeth Herring widow, Philip Herring, and Ann Zoe Herring infant by Philip Herring her father v. John Herring Clobery, John James, John Hancliffe, James and Thomas Pearse re. praying that the defendants make a full and true disclosure of the matters in the bill and that it might be declared that the complainants were entitled to have a specific performance of the agreement of 7 Feb 1826 etc. [family estates called Langstone & Lipscliffe, par. Brentor, Devon]. C78/2119, no. 1 [14]
1843 24 Feb Jean Baptiste vicomte Du Vigier & Marie Jeanne Emelie vicomtess Du Vigier his wife, and John Swarbreck Gregory v. Edward Herbert Lee and Henry Thomas Lee, Arthuretta Clarke Lee, Anna Maria Lee, George Bengough, and Elizabeth Tickell spinster and Sophie Fencault De L'Age, and Emilie De L'Age when they should come within the jurisdiction re. seeking a declaration that £1,527 6s 8d and interest were a charge upon the hereditaments and that an account might be taken of what was due to the complts... C78/2119, no. 2 [15]
1843 28 Feb John George Fordham v. George Fordham re. request that the Court direct that the agreement of 26 April 1841 might be performed. C78/2119, no. 3 [16]
1843 11 March William Lewis & Jane his wife v. David Thomas & Sarah his wife; Thomas Arnott, James Tanner, Jenkin Lloyd, Daniel Jones, William Thomas, John Llewellyn, Mary Thomas, Alice Thomas, Abel Anthony Gower & Martha Maria his wife re. a decree requested that the pretended will 20 Feb 1818 of Alice Thomas, deed poll or power of attorney of 8 Apr 1818 and indenture 25 Jan 1827... were fraudulent. C78/2113, no. 6 [17]
1843 14 March George Weare Braikenridge [antiquarian, 1775–1856], Richard Honnywill, and John Braikenridge v. James John Rowe, Philippa Louisa Rowe widow, Joseph Jeans Durbin, Henry Nembhard & Sophia Louisa his wife, Lucy Catherine Rowe, Julia Maria Rowe, Richard Preston, and William Braikenridge and William Henry Rowe, Octavius Benson Rowe, and Edward Stephen Rowe. re. praying that an account may be taken of what was due to the complts. under an indenture of assignment 30 November 1837 and an annuity of £300 etc. C78/2113, no. 7 [18]
1843 24 March William John Bankes and John Horace Thomas Stapledon v. Mary Frances Elizabeth [Stapleton], Baroness le Despenser [d.1891]; Robert, earl Roden & Maria Frances Catherine, countess of Roden his wife; Elizabeth Jocelyn, Frances Jocelyn, Robert Jocelyn, Strange Jocelyn, Frances Jocelyn, Robert Jocelyn, Strange Jocelyn, Maria Jocelyn (called by mistake Maria Bridget Jocelyn), Charles Brodrick, Alinia Frances Brodrick, Hercules Robert Pakenham & Emily his wife, Emily Pakenham the younger, Edward William Pakenham, Elizabeth Catherine Pakenham, Arthur Hercules Pakenham, Thomas Henry Pakenham, Mary Frances Hester Pakenham, Adelaide Stapleton, Anne Byam Stapleton, Jane Eliza Stapledon, Maria Catherine Stapleton, Frances Stapleton, Henry Maxwell & Anna Theresa Hester his wife, Francis Jervis Stapleton, and Francis George Stapleton. re. praying trusts of indenture of appointment and release 8 August 1826 might who carried into execution and that the rights and interests of the parties in the manors and hereditaments might be declared and that a proper settlement of conveyance might be settled prepared and executed. C78/2116, no. 3 [19]
1843 31 March Joseph Bridge & Sarah his wife and William Brown Bridge an infant by Joseph Bridge his father and next friend v. Stephen Brown and Henry Unwin (since deceased), Francis Whitlock & Eliza his wife, Charles Fisher and John Eley re. a petition praying that the cause might be referred back to the Master whereby he should inquire whether or what sums were proper to be repaid for repairing or rebuilding the farmhouse called 'Pages'. C78/2116, no. 7 [20]
1843 1 April Richard Caton Borrell v. William Dann, Thomas Kennington, and George Babb re. praying that it might be decreed by the Court that the alleged price in the Bill agreed to by the said defendant George Babb for the complainant's life estate in the hereditaments and premises was a grossly inadequate price. C78/2113, no. 8 [21]
1843 26 April University College, London v. Rebecca Bacon, Edward Baldock, James Morris, and the University of London re. praying that the complainants might be declared entitled to the legacy or sum of £10,000 East India Stock, subject to the life interest of the said Rebecca Bacon. C78/2113, no. 9 [22]
1843 2 June John Lett and William Thomas Lett on their own behalf and on behalf of the unsatisfied creditors of Samuel Silvester deceased v. Oratura Silvester widow re. praying that an account be taken of the debts due to the complainants and the other creditors of the intestate (Samuel Silvester), then remaining unpaid, and that an account might also be taken of all the personal estate and effects the said intestate, at the time of his death, possessed or had title to. C78/2113, no. 10 [23]
1843 5 June The Reverend John Medley clerk and Josiah Iles Wathen [d.1881, Croydon] v. James Bulkeley & Eliza his wife, Thomas Bacon, and Edward Thornton re. praying that it might be declared that the several indentures of 18 June 1840 were valid security to the complainants for the annuity of £375 and that under and by virtue of the indentures, the complainant Wathen as trustee for the complainant Medley, was entitled to receive & have paid to him the annuity of £200. C78/2124, no. 4 [24]
1843 15 June Sophia Dupuy v. Matthew Truman re. praying that the defendant, Matthew Truman, might be compelled by decree to transfer to the complainant, Sophia Dupuy, such sums of government annuities that are terminable in January 1860. C78/2119, no. 4 [25]
1843 23 June George Woodroffe v. James Frederick Nugent, Daniel Frederic Beckford Long, The Reverend Philip le Geyt, Nugent Hodges Nugent, Hodges Nugent, William James, Joseph Drury, William Hardyman Colyer, James Colyer, Sir Henry Wilmot Seton, James Garden Seton, William Mordaunt Maitland & Jane his wife, James Daniel & Eliza Martha Pasley his wife, Henry Chester, and Susan Jane Woodroffe re. praying that it might be decreed that the complt. was tenant for life under the will of George Woodroffe of all the manors, hereditaments and premises [in Surrey] mentioned and that the defendants be decreed to deliver up to the complt. all title deeds, muniments and writings thereto. C78/2113, no. 11 [26]
1843 23 June Nathaniel Newman Jefferys [1788-1873] v. Amos Coates and Edward Love Griffiths re. praying that the defendants might answer the premises and that an account might be decreed to be taken of what was due for principal and interest upon the security of the mortgaged hereditaments & premises by virtue of the indenture of the 28/29 August 1839. C78/2119, no. 5 [27]
1843 23 June 7 Robert Jordan v. Jeffery Bevington Lowe; Richard Davis; and Richard Jordon; Thomas Jordan; William Jordan; Thomas Tooley & Rebecca his wife; Sarah Smith widow since deceased; and John Stow & Mary his wife re. praying for a decree that the complt. was absolutely entitled to the leasehold estates & premises at Little Compton [Warks.] bequeathed by the will of the testator John Jordan etc. C79/341, no. 5 [28]
1843 26 June George Osbaldeston v. Charles Simpson, Charles Proby Bowles, and Edward Chinery re. praying that the defndts. be decreed to deiver up promissory notes of value £9,000, etc. C78/2114, no. 1 [29]
1843 1 July George Thompson, George Thomas Whitgreave, John Goodrick Gosllin, John Henry Dorones, and William Cory v. Stephen Geary, Richard Cuttill, Frederick Yates, John Ellis, Robert Honner, James Tate, John Robson, John Whinrey Spencer, Alexander Brymer Belcher, Jose Warren Storie de Alba, and John White re. praying that the memorandum of agreement might be rescinded and annulled & might be declared not binding on the complainants and that the company or partnership might be declared dissolved etc. C78/2114, no. 2 [30]
1843 3 July David Lewis v. Edward Hamlin Adams re. praying that an account be taken of all titheable matters and things which arose from any lands occupied or enjoyed by the defendant within the parish, since the month of March 1829. C78/2114, no. 3 [31]
1843 3 July Attorney General at the relation of named inhabitants of the town of Manchester v. George Harry, earl of Stamford and Warrington; Thomas, earl of Wilton; and others re. praying that an account be taken of the charity estates in the Information, and that a scheme of permanent admin. of the charity estates be set up [Manchester Free Grammar School]. C78/2130, no. 9 [32]
1843 8 July Samuel Tyson v. Sir Peter Pole baronet, Peter Free, Edward Down, Henry Sykes Thornton, and John Smith re. praying that an account might be taken what was due to the complainant, and the defendant John Smith, as such assignees in respect of bills of costs headed 'Messrs Down and Company'. C78/2125, no. 3 [33]
1843 19 July Sir William Thomas Stanley Massey Stanley baronet v Joseph Bond re. praying that the bills of exchange, promissory notes & checks mentioned might be delivered to the complt. to be cancelled, and that in the meanwhile the said Joseph Bond might be restrained by injunction from negotiating, or disposing of, or parting with the same bills of exchange, promissory notes and checks etc. C78/2114, no. 4 [34]
1843 28 July Andrew Godfrey Rahn & Isabella his wife, John Martin, and Frances Wood widow v. Aaron Chapman re. praying that an account be taken of the personal estate and effects of the testatrix Elizabeth Woodcock, which had been possessed or received by the defendant Aaron Chapman, or any other persons, and a like account of the debts and funeral and testamentary expenses of the testatrix... and that it might be declared that the complts. were entitled to one moiety of her estate, etc. C78/2114, no. 5 [35]
1843 3 Aug Henry, duke of Beaufort and Charles Cavendish Fulke Greville [1794-1865] and John Drummond v. Richard Mansell Phillips [faded document] re. contract for purchase of Lot 5, and request for an order that defdt. should pay to cplt. £202 10s. C78/2133, no. 4 [36]
1843 3 Nov William Lloyd Roberts and Henry Wright on behalf of said William Lloyd Roberts and all the creditors of William Alexander Madocks deceased, who should contribute to the suit

v. Eliza Anne Madocks, Eliza Anne Ermine Madocks, and Mapicks Humphreys Edwards (since deceased), and David Gruffydd John Powell, Anna Maria Hughes Joseph Young, and Sidney Madocks

re.praying that an account might be taken of what was due to the complt. William Lloyd Roberts of principal and interest in respect of the debt or sum of £18,755 17s 9d reported due to him, and of the annuity of £500 and the judgement for securing the same... C78/2123, no. 3 [37]
1843 4 Nov Charles Claydon v. Edward de Boos clarke, Duchesne Benjamin Wilmer, Henry Mortlock, John Tippetts, William Freeman Coe & Mary Coe his wife re. praying that an account might be taken what was due and owing to the complainant or trustee in respect of the sum of £2,645 and interest, on the security of the freehold, copyhold and leasehold hereditaments and that which was due, might be ordered to be paid by the defendants, or one of them. C78/2114, no. 6 [38]
1843 6 Nov The Mayor and Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Gloucester v. Sir Matthew Wood baronet, Jacob Osborn (called Osborne), and John Surman Surman and the Attorney General re. praying that an account might be taken of what we due for principal and interest on the legacies or sums of £140,000 and £60,000 in codicil [James Lord, testator] of July 1835, and that the defndts. might be decreed to pay to the complts. what was due. C782120/, no. 3 [39]
1843 7 Nov Edward Pinkett, and Thomas Edward Pinkett and Francis Frederick Pinkett children of said Edward Pinkett v. John Wright, Henry Robinson, Robert Murray, Thomas Barnewall, William Blount, Charles Weld, Michael Ellison, George Charlwood, Edward Edwards, Robert John Bunyon, Walter Blount, Caroline Pinkett, Charles Plumley & Louisa his wife, and William Thomas Reynolds re. praying that the defendants John Wright and Henry Robinson might be removed from being trustees under the indenture of settlement and that some proper persons might be appointed instead of them, and that the trust funds and premises vested in the defendants might be transferred to such new trustees. C78/2114, no. 7 [40]
1843 23 Nov George Watts on his own behalf and for all creditors of John Hunt Watts late of Ham, Wilts. v. Francis Richens Watts and Thomas Cowdeny & Ann his wife re. praying that you will and codicil of the testator John Hunt Watts the son, might be established and carried into effect and that an account might be taken of his personal estate and effects, which had been received by, or come into the hands of, the defendant Francis Richard Watts as executor. C78/2114, no. 8 [41]
1843 20 Dec David Barker and Samuel Barker v. John Josiah Buttress, Michael Pease Calvert, and Sarah Barker re. praying that an account might be taken of all the estate and effects of the testator Jonathan Barker not specifically bequeathed, and of how much thereof had been received by, or come into the hands of the defendants. C78/2116, no. 4 [42]
1843 20 Dec Foster Lechmore Coore and Thomas Fitzgerald (surviving executors of Frederick Richard Coore) v. Richard Lowndes, Robert Langley Appleyard, and Thomas Wright Vaughan re. praying that an account might be taken what was due to the complts. for principal and interest on their securities, and that it might be declared that the same was well charged upon on the estate and property comprised in or subject to the trust of the indenture of 19 December 1798... C78/2116, no. 5 [43]
1843 C78/, no. []