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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1829 C78/, no. []
1829 14 Feb 10 William Fynmore v. David Morley & Maria his wife; Harriet Morley; Maria Morley; Radigund Skinner; Alfred Rymer; and Charles Rymer re. will 20 Aug 1818, of Edward Rymer [d. Mar 1819] of Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, Middx; bequests. C79/318, no. 1 [2]
1829 19 March Charles Greenwood; John Drinkwater; Ann LeBlanc widow; and Thomas LeBlanc v. Thomas Ford re. sale 24/25 Dec 1794, by Henry Jones to Thomas Ford the elder, messuage, farm (called Woolspit) and marshland in par. Bowers Gifford, Canvey Island, Essex. C78/2092, no. 6 [3]
1829 29 April Ann Read widow and Sarah Collins widow v. Edward Walter re. will 21 Feb 1820, Sarah Bullen [d. Jun 1825], formerly of Westcott in par. Dorking, but later Worplesdon, Surrey; the will contains no disposition of her considerable personal estate. C78/2092, no. 7 [4]
1829 21 May Abraham Henry Chambers v. Edmund Waters and William Taylor re. dissolution of Opera House partnership; debts surrounding the King's Theatre or Opera House [Her Majesty's Theatre, SW1], Haymarket.[vide 1813 C79/303, no.4 and 1828 C78/2092, no. 3 ] C78/2093, no. 1 [5]
1829 4 June Caroline Robley widow; Henry Smith; William Blake; and James Cunningham four of the executors of John Robley formerly Russell Square but late of the Island of Tobago esq v. Charles Brooke re. John Robley's share in plantation at Studley Park, Tobago and agent for Golden Grove, Friendship and Cove plantations; formation of mercantile house 'John Robley & Co' with defendant. C78/2093, no. 2 [6]
1829 2 July Charles Rogers Cotton; Henry Edward Stables; and Stacey Grimaldi v. Sarah Long; Thomas Loathis Bright and Jabez Kidd; and Joseph Gaillard since deceased and Dorothy Carberry since deceased re. loan £5,000 7/8 May 1723 by John Long from complts. in certain proportions, secured on piece of land on Frances Street in Woolwich [SE18], Kent . C78/2094, no. 1 [7]
1829 16 July James Brookman v. Nathan Meyer Rothschild re. loan £5 million March 1818 arranged by Nathan Mayer Rothschild [1777-1836] for the Prussian government; monies allegedly due to Brookman from a series of transactions. C78/2094, no. 2 [8]
1829 9 Nov John Taylor; John Livingston; and William Potter v. Lancelot Graham re. lease June 1818 by the Company of Proprietors of the Liverpool Exchange, of building no.15. C78/2094, no. 3 [9]
1829 10 Nov Richard Cox; William Brookes; and Richard Wilkes assignees of the estate of Henry Charlton a bankrupt and Thomas Ensworth v. William Beechey re. sale £3,000 4 Jan 1810, by William Beechey of Oxford, livery stable keeper to Henry Charlton of Woodstock, innholder, freehold premises in St Aldates, Oxford. C79/318, no. 2 [10]
1829 17 Nov Sir William Augustus Brown baronet a lunatic by Trevor Hull Lethem the committee of the person and estate of the said Sir William Augustus Brown and the said Trevor Hull Lethem as such committee v. Elizabeth Claxton re. will 31 May 1779 of Dame Margaret Brown [d.1782], bequest to Sir William Augustus Brown [1764-1830] of £300 per annum; request for arrears of annuity. C78/2094, no. 4 [11]
1829 10 Dec 10 William Hartley and Robert Kirby on behalf of themselves and other unsatisfied creditors of John Atkinson late of Hornington in the parish of Bolton Percy, York City, deceased, the testator hereinafter named whose debts were not secured upon any of the estates of said testator other than the estate of Hornington or by his will otherwise directed to be paid who should come and contribute to the suit v. John Ikin; Benjamin Gray; Benjamin Scott; Thomas Boyes; Christopher Todd; Robert Atkinson & Mary Ann his wife; Thomas Laycock; Anthony Thorpe; Thomas Atkinson; William Laycock; Hannah Atkinson; and the Attorney General re. will 1 Apr 1807 of John Atkinson, property at Hornington, Wighill and Tadcaster, Yorks. C79/318, no. 3 [12]
1829 C78/, no. []