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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1827 C78/, no. []
1827 24 Jan 7 George Bengough v. Charles Lucas Edridge; Arthur Palmer; Charles Cadell Edridge; Henry Bengough; James Bengough; Henry Ricketts the younger; Richard Ricketts the younger; Ann Elizabeth Bengough; and Ann Ricketts the younger; Thomas Cadell; William Peter Lunell; John Evans Lunell; and George Lunell re. will 9 April 1818, of Henry Bengough of Bristol, property in Gloucs. and Hereford., considerable personal estate; conditions of trusts. C79/315, no. 4 [2]
1827 10 Feb 8 Thomas Lewis and Robert Andrew Stevens v. Henry Allnutt re. rights of complt. to tithes of corn, grain, hay and grass within distict called 'lower division' of par. Cookham, Berks; parsonage of Cannon [Cannon Court] in par. Cookham. C79/315, no. 5 [3]
1827 22 March 8 Priscilla Franks of Isleworth, Middx, widow v. Sir William Henry Cooper baronet and Dame Isabella Bell his wife re. will Feb 1785, of Aaron Franks and executors Moses Franks of Teddington, Middx. & Jacob Franks & Napthali Franks (all deceased); £10,000 Bank Stock, £9,000 East India Stock; loan by Moses F from Jacob F & Naphali F. C79/315, no. 6 [4]
1827 21 May James Bolland; Joseph Hare; and Matthias Roops knight v. James Cathrow Disney & Ann Nelson his wife; Sir Everard Home baronet; Joseph Birch; and the Amicable Society for a perpetual assurance Office re. banking partnership previous to Sept 1819 'Marsh, Stracey Fauntleroy & Graham' of Berners Street, Middx; monies due to executors on death of Henry Fauntleroy [executed at Newgate 30 Nov 1824]. C78/2091, no. 3 [5]
1827 18 June Thomas Scott; Thomas Ritchie; and John Diston Powles assignees of the estate and effects of John Willis, George Morss Jukes, James Grey Jackson, and John Langley bankrupts who lately carried on the trade or business of merchants in copartnership under the stuyle or firm of Willis, Jukes, and Company in Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London v. John Robert Wheaton and Thomas Garner Richmond re. memo of charter. 22 Aug 1809 Robert Bell Hilliard master of American ship 'Demon', Stockholm to London; cargo of timber, deal and deal ends; bankruptcy of charterers. C79/316, no. 1 [6]
1827 3 July James Sloper esq & Judith his wife v. Henry Fisher and Giles Fisher re. will 8 Nov 1791 of Henry Fisher of par. Walcot [now within Bath], Soms; bequests. C79/316, no. 2 [7]
1827 5 July Humble petition 28 Nov 1822 of Thomas Rees the younger of par. Llanfair Kilgeddin, Mons. in matter of Margaret Meyrick and Mary Davies. re. loan £1,000 7/8 Oct 1812 by Thomas Rees the elder from Rees Davies, secured on Pen-twyn Farm with land, woods etc. in par. Llanfair Kilgeddin. C78/2091, no. 4 [8]
1827 20 July 8 Thomas Fairthorne v. John Shepherd; James Chaplin; and James Hanley Chaplin re. ironmonger business, deed of partnership 15 May 1812, Wiliam Beck & John Shepherd; terms and conditions. C79/316, no. 3 [9]
1827 20 Nov Frederick Richard Hodges v. Charles Green, Edmund Francis Green, Edward Brown & Catherine his wife, Henry Hatton & Annette his wife, Henry Hatton the nephew Harriet Hodges, James Alexander Hodson & Sarah his wife, and Walpole Eyre re. to ask the Court that the rights & interests of complt. in real and personal estate of William Hodges be ascertained and declared; indenture 31 May 1806 concerning devise of property in Oxon. C78/2124, no. 12 [10]
1827 10 Dec Lucy Crump v. Richard Sparkes, John Sparkes; and Sarah Sherlock [vide 1822 c79/297 no. 4]

e. marriage agreement 19/20 Oct 1664 (sic), William Cross and Susan Clowes & messuage called 'Hurst' in Worplesdon, Surrey; complt. is lineal issue in tail in the fifth degree & general heiress in remainder.

C78/2091, no. 2 [11]
1827 20 Dec William Hengham and Richard Frend v. Charles Sandys; The Reverend Edwin Sandys; Mary Sandys; John Sandys; The Reverend Godfrey Faussett; Anne Faussett; Susan Faussett; Mary Faussett; Henry Godfrey Faussett; Emma Faussett; William Walton; Sir Robert Johnson Eden baronet; and George Carter re. marriage settlement 1/2 May 1760 Ann Pyott & Robert Thomas Pyott; annuity or rent charge payable to Charles Pyott out of closes of land at Bishops Lathers or Bishops Fields in par. Bishops Hill Younger otherwise Bishops Hill Newer, Yorks. and also of a capital messuage in the par. of Northborne, Kent etc. C78/2091, no. 5 [12]
1827 21 Dec The Attorney General at the relation of John Camden Neild esq v. The Bank of England [faded document] re. will 30 April 1803, Robert ?Farrell of par. St Andrew, Holborn; Bank of England stock, bequests. C78/2091, no. 6 [13]
1827 C78/, no. []