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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1819 C79/, no. []
1819 11 Feb 59 Thomas Jenkins of Sidmouth, Devon but then residing at Omagh Tyrone, Ireland, esq; Charles Greenwood of Auberys in Hillingdon House in the parish of Hillingdon, Middx, esq v. Robert Herries re. sale agreement 21 Dec 1816, sale of messuage, lands etc called 'Bulverton' in par. Sidmouth by Thomas Jenkins to Robert Herries of Lymouth [Lynmouth], Devon. C79/295, no. 3 [2]
1819 2 March 59 The Reverend Archibald Adair Brice clerk & Martha his wife formerly Martha Porter spinster; Courtney Boyle Brice; and William Adair Brice infants by the Archibald Adair Brice their father v. Francis Haultain re. will 20 Aug 1795, of William Porter of Shepperton, Middx (father of complt. Martha); purchase for £6,000 of lands and hereditaments for benfit of dau. Martha. C79/295, no. 4 [3]
1819 5 May Edward Ayshford Sanford esq & Henrietta his wife late Henrietta Langham spinster the eldest daughter of Sir William Langham baronet deceased and Charlotte Langham spinster the youngest daughter of the said Sir William Langham then an infant by the said Edward Ayshford Sandford her next friend v. The Honorable George Irby; The Honorable Reverend Thomas de Grey, William Jones Burdett esq; Sir James Langham baronet; James Hay Langham esq; Dame Augusta Priscilla Langham widow; William Gosling; William Ayshford Sanford; Henry Sanford; and William Henry Rowland Irby esqs re. marriage agreement 14/15 Aug 1795, Sir William Langham [1771–1812] and Henrietta Elizabeth Frederica Vane [d.1807]; manor or lordship of Cottesbrooke, Northants and divers other lands etc. C78/2087, no. 6 [4]
1819 12 May 59 George Burn, John Ord & Ann Selby Ord his wife (Ann being the surviving administrator of Dorothy Barrell late of Alnwick, Northumb, spinster) v. James Burn; William Watson; John Grey; John Carr; Jeffreys Burn; Thomas Reed & Elizabeth his wife; James Bell; George Taitt; George Burn an infant; and James Burn the younger re. will 19 Dec 1799 of George Burn of Millford [?Mitford], Northumberland; ?Whitredge Hall, par. Norham, Northumberland. C79/295, no. 5 [5]
1819 13 May 59 George Collins of Donnington, Sussex, farmer v. Mercy Pelley; Daniel Fogden; William Brewer; Thomas Brewer; John Denman & Susannah his wife; Peter Aylwin & Elizabeth his wife; and Joseph Brewer re. marriage agreement 18 Feb 1783, William Harris and Sarah Collins; property in Donnington, Sussex. C79/307, no. 1 [6]
1819 12 July Mary Jane Hansard v. John Kemeys Gardner Kemeys; Richard Samuel White; James Somerville Fournes; John Wiltshire Colthurst Bateman & Jane Sarah Gardner his wife; and John Pearson; and also against Richard Simison then out of the jurisdiction re. indenture 13/14 Apr 1756; John Gardner Kemeys and wife Jane had both married, before age 21, without marriage settlement; property in Jamaica. C78/2088, no. 1 [7]
1819 13 July James Keane and Thomas Dowling; Richard Dowling; James Dowling; Mary Anne Dowling; and Catharine Dowling infants by the said James Keane their grandfather on behalf of themselves and the seveeral other legatees and creditors of Patrick Keane gentleman deceased swho contribute to the suit v. William Tierney Robarts; John Meade; Thomas Edmund Fennell; Robert Hedges Maunsell; John Staunton; and Thomas Keane and also against John De Lora out of the jurisdiction re. will 1 May 1815, of Patrick Heane of Limerick; considerable personal estate and bequests. C78/2088, no. 2 [8]
1819 4 Aug Bigoe Charles Williams v. Sir Harry Neale baronet & Dame Grace Elizabeth Neale his wife; John Neale; John Corbet Neale; Sir John Gibbons; Thomas Harris since deceased; and Thomas Jones re. will 21 Dec 1774, of Robert Neale the elder, of Shaw House [?Melksham], Wiltshire; bequest to daughter. C78/2088, no. 3 [9]
1819 C78/, no. []