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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1812 C79/, no. []
1812 15 Jan 52 Sir John Lade & Dame Letitia his wife v. William Clulow re. alleged mismanagement of affairs of Sir John Lade [1759-1838] by the defendant. C79/293, no. 1 [2]
1812 28 Jan 52 Michell Leonard v. John Atwell re. agreement for sale 18 May 1810 by complt. to defendant, premises called 'The Crown' on Turnmill Street, par. St Johns, Clerkenwell [EC1]. C79/302, no. 3 [3]
1812 13 March 52 Lewis Buckle esq v. John Mitchell & Harriet his wife; Thomas Sibthorpe; Frank Thomas Gardner; Eliza Mary Gardner; Louisa Sarah Gardner; Elizabeth Gardner widow; and Richard Andrews re. indenture 9/10 Sept 1793, Thomas Peace of Rogate, Sussex; the impropriate rectory or parsonage of Rogate with all the great tithes thereof and his tenements in Rogate, Liss, Hants., and Harting, Suss., in favour of his sister Mary, wife of George Gardner and her children. C79/303, no. 1 [4]
1812 18 July 52 Mary Holcombe and Maria Aldridge v. Francis Edwards; Herbert Lloyd; David Jones; Philip Jones; William Bird & Elizabeth his wife; Susan Jones; Anna Maria Jones; and Joseph Mound re. marriage settlement 12 Sept 1769, Mary Holcombe née Aldridge and William Holcombe, now deceased; £775 bank stock. C79/293, no. 2 [5]
1812 25 July John Baldwin and Thomas Barrow v. John Fenton Cawthorne esq re. considerable debts of John Fenton Cawthorne [1753-1831]; property at Wyreside Hall, Lancs. C79/303, no. 2 [6]
1812 17 Nov Wadeson v. Henry Richardson the younger; John Barker; and William Richardson re. indenture 16 Sept 1801, debts of Thomas Simpson to the House of Simpson and Wetherill and to banking house of Simpson, Taylorson, Saunderson and Granger; provisions for payment. C78/2084, no. 3 [7]
1812 C78/, no. []