C78 1809

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1809 C79/, no. []
1809 12 Jan 49 Thomas Maude esq the only surviving executor of Samuel Maude esq v. William Turton; Edward Turton; and John Turton re. loan £1,800 2/3 May 1788 by John Turton from Samuel Maude, secured on parcel of ground called Wind Mill close. C78/301, no. 4 [2]
1809 9 March John Taylor v. Sir Brook William Bridges; Edward Finch Catton; Fanny Cage; Sophia Cage; Edward Cage Brook; Henry Bridges; Charles Cage; and Christopher Hull re. sale £500 28 Feb 1651 by Richard Thornhill to Thomas ?Foynes manor of Langdon or West Langdon [Kent]. C79/291, no. 5 [3]
1809 19 July 49 Mary Wright widow v. John Wright; Ichabod Wright; and Samuel Wright re. will 1 Jan 1790 of Samuel Wright, merchant of Kingston upon Hull; bequests to nephews John and Ichabod Wright of Nottingham, bankers. C79/301, no. 5 [4]
1809 C78/, no. []